Artemis was walking through the zeta beams to hear the Boy Wonder say, "Let's play a game."

"What game?" I asked, mildly curious.

"Truth or dare." He said, grinning. "Rules are these: 2 chickens per person, a dare can be shot down without a chicken if the majority of the group thinks it's inappropriate, and if you are asked something in truth that you don't want to answer, you must do a double dare of the groups choosing."

"Sounds fun, I'm in!" said Megan cheerily.

"I guess I'll play too." said Superboy.

"Indeed, it sounds amusing, I shall play too." Aqualad says.

"I'm always up for a challenge." I said, smiling. I never back down from challenges.

"I guess if Megalicious is playing, I will." Kid annoying said, winking at the green skinned girl. I rolled my eyes and we sat in a circle: Me next to Robin, who's next to Megan, who's next to Conner, who's next to Kaldur, who's next to Wally, who's on my other side. Robin started us off.

"Arty, truth or-"

Before he could finish, I said, "Dare."

He smiled. "I dare you to dance with someone in this room blindfolded." Megan went to get me a blindfold and I tied it behind my head. I slowly stood up and made my way to the middle of the room, feeling with my arms and legs. There was a creak as someone came up to me, grabbing my hands and playing then on their shoulders, and dropped there's to my hips as someone turned the music on.

"Well, it's not feminine, so not Megan. They're taller than me, so it's not Robin. Kaldur always has these cold clammy hands, but these aren't it. They have a lot of muscle, so I'm guessing Conner." I said, breaking it down. A laugh was heard across the room. Conner's. Oh crap.

"So I've got a lot of muscle, do I?" said a voice right in front of me. It can't be. Sure enough, when I took off the blindfold, it was Kid Perv. I groaned and walked to my seat.

"Megan, T or D?" I asked. She thought for a second before making a T with her fingers. "Who'd you rather date id u weren't dating Superboy, Kaldur or Wally?" I asked.

Wally was smirking until the Martian girl opened her mouth. "I'd have to say Kaldur. No offense, Wally." she said, looking oh-so-sweet. Yuck. She turned to Conner. "Truth or dare?" He replied dare. "I dare you to… Go make us cookies!" She said. Good, we all know she can't make them herself, I thought to myself. He went to the kitchen.

"Wally, truth or dare?" He bellowed from the kitchen. Dare. "I dare you to hug Artemis as tight as you can." Of COURSE I'm going to be dragged into this.

"Chicken. I'm not touching that thing." He said. I crossed my arms over my chest and glared. "Rob, T or-" The Boy Wonder, like me, immediately answered dare. "I dare you to call Zatanna and tell her you love her." He said. The Bird Brat glared, did as he was dared, and immediately hung up. The game went on and we watched as both Wally and my chickens went down. It was Conner's turn, daring me to kiss Kid Idiot. I sighed, quickly leaned forward, and kissed the speedster. I planned on pulling back, but he was a great kisser. Who knew?