Alright! My first drabble for Kazuki and Tokiko, the couple from Buso Renkin I'm currently in love with. :3 I think you might like it but I whipped this up in about ten minutes. Please review! :3


He'd always wonder about her. More specifically, he'd wonder about the scar she carried with her on the bridge of her nose. It was a shade of pink he couldn't describe or even name.

He was mystified as how she could possibly walk around with such a mark. He'd never carried around a scar so he didn't understand. She'd allow him to place his fingers on it from time to time but that was all.


She understood the weight of carrying around such a scar. She didn't enjoy having people stare at her but she was slowly getting used to it. He understood that it was a very important scar and that only he was allowed to touch it.

She had a hard time comprehending his reason for touching it whenever they were alone but it wasn't a problem. She liked it very much, in fact. Maybe a bit too much. She now had the constant habit of putting her fingers on her scar whenever possible to find what amused him so much about touching it.

Maybe they would find out together some day.

Well, I never was one to write drabbles but this one was a first. Not sure if it's good or not. Tell me in your reviews! :3


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