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Chapter 5

"OH MY RA!" Malik practically screamed when he saw his darker half walk into the living room behind Yugi.

"Is this a joke?" Ryou yelped, eyes trained on Bakura.

"Nope." Yugi shook his head. "They were the ones knocking. It would have been cruel to leave them out in the cold."

"Why?" Malik asked, still border lining hyperventilation.

"One," Yugi sighed, not believing he had to point out the obvious, "they're from Egypt. And we know how much Egyptian's love the snow."

"It needs to go to the Shadow Realm!" Marik spat out, and Malik had to admit to himself that he shared similar feelings for the white powder.

"For the last time," Atemu growled at his fellow dark, "NO!"

"Aw." Marik pouted.

Giggles made him glare at the hikaris, but they couldn't help it. Their darker sides couldn't manage to pout properly. It just made them look cute, something they despised.

"And two," Yugi continued when he got his giggles under control, "have you taken a good look at what they're wearing?"

The two still in shock Hikaris looked closer and all three felt their faces heat up.

Yugi blushed as he looked at Atemu, who was wearing a large golden collar that covered his shoulders and a minor part of his upper chest. A crown that was a cobra charm on top of the Millennium Symbol (A/N: The eye found of each of the Millennium Items) was tied to his head, letting his hair naturally spike up. A white shendyt was wrapped around his waist, a golden belt and sash holding it in place.

Ryou turned his red face away after getting a good look at what Bakura was wearing. The ex-thief, hopefully, was dressed in a tan shendyt, a robe that looked like it belongs to someone of high class, basic sandals, and a shepherd's head cover.

Malik turned his what-felt-like-a-sunburn face towards the ceiling so he wouldn't see Malik's dress choice of a white shendyt, basic sandals, and the cloak he wore in Battle City.

"So they were cold?" Ryou squeaked out.

"Damn right." Bakura said as he rubbed his arms and legs, trying to get some heat back into them.

"You don't see me running around in a skirt in the dead of winter in Japan." Malik added.

"Can you explain why you're back?" Yugi asked as he pulled some blankets out of the hall closet for the Yamis, stopping in the kitchen to turn on the kettle.

"In short," Atemu glanced up and gathered his thoughts, "we weren't whole. We needed our lighter halves, so paradise was 'a hell that was worse than anything else we've ever experienced'."

"That's what I said!" Bakura smirked.

"Wish I had thought of it." Marik grumbled.

"Well, you didn't." Atemu sighed. "Anyway, the gods decided to give us a second chance, but there was a catch."

"And that was?" Ryou asked, finally getting himself under control.

"Recognize these?" Bakura asked and pulled a figure out from under his blanket, Marik and Atemu doing the same.

"Our nutcrackers." Malik gasped.

"How did you get those?" Yugi breathed out.

"We were these nutcrackers." Atemu answered.

"Oh." Yugi said, and then fainted.

When Yugi woke up, the first thing he noticed was that he was in bed.

"Awake I see."

Yugi gasped and turned to see Atemu sitting on a chair next to his bed.

"I wasn't dreaming." Yugi whispered.

"No." Atemu sighed. "You were awake."

"Where are Ryou and Malik?" Yugi asked as he sat up.

"Showing Bakura and Marik how to use the Wii without them trying to send it to the Shadow Realm."

Yugi giggled. He could see that happening.

"You had me worried." Atemu said, catching Yugi's attention. "When you fainted. You wouldn't respond, so we brought you in here."

"How long was I out?" Yugi asked.

"An hour." Atemu held the nutcracker pharaoh out to him with a smirk. "Here aibou. You seem to have an attachment to this."

"Thanks." Yugi smiled. "You said that you, Bakura, and Marik were the nutcrackers. How did that happen?"

"Like I said," Atemu leaned back in his chair, "the gods decided to give us a second chance after Bakura's outburst. But we had to be an inanimate object, and one of you needed to admit you loved your other half out loud."

Yugi blushed and looked down as he remembered what he had said the night prior as he was falling asleep. He had admitted he loved the pharaoh.

"Was what you said last night true?" Atemu whispered, making Yugi look in to serious eyes. "That you love me?"

"Yes." Yugi whispered as he suddenly became interested in his fingernails. "I do love you, mou hitori no boku."

"And I you." Atemu whispered in Yugi's ear.

Yugi lifted his head and felt Atemu's warm breath breeze across his face. Both stared at each other, not sure if they should move. Taking a breath in, Atemu closed the gap between them and placed a chaste kiss on Yugi's lips.

As he started to pull away, Yugi followed and kissed back. They both got so caught up in each other, they failed to notice the door open.

"Guess it's official." Ryou whispered.

"Yep." Malik agreed and closed the door. "Shall we go prevent our new boyfriends from killing each other?"

"Good idea." Ryou nodded and glanced back at the door. "Merry Christmas Yugi."

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