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Ritsu sat up and immediately groaned. His back side hurt, a lot. He remembered waking up and going to do the dishes… then suddenly Takano burst in…. He blushed at the rest of the memories that came flooding back. Towards the end, Takano said, "You know, if you wanted me to come home that quickly, you could have called, though the pictures were quite sexy… But if you were going to do that, you should've at least had the ears…." He had no idea what he had meant by that. Takano stirred slightly, but didn't move. He decided to get up, but when he went to stand up, a hand shot out and grabbed his hand, pulling him back down to the bed.

"Where do you think you're going?" Takano said, pulling Ritsu into a spooning position and wrapping his arms around him.

"Takano-san, you-you bastard! You were just pretending to be asleep!"

"Well, I was hoping for a good morning kiss…."


"I guess you aren't very manly then. Men can kiss their lovers all the time…"

"Sh-shut up! First of all, I am manly! Second of all, we're not lovers!"

"…..Then what do you call the man you just slept with, dated, and gave your key to? I guess you just really aren't that manly….." That was it. Ritsu had to do it. He couldn't resist, he always felt the need to prove himself. Against all odds, he did it. He turned around and kissed Takano, right on the lips. He'd meant for it to be a light one, but Takano pulled him closer to deepen it.

-Knock knock, door opens-

"Ohhhh Riiiiii-chaaaaaan!" Takano instantly scowled. Footsteps were getting closer to the door, and Ritsu realized that he and Takano were only covered by a thin sheet. And they were in a rather…. intimate position. He was about to move back, but Takano tightened his grip. Again, Ishikaru walked in on this…awkward scene. But this time his face showed no signs no recognizing it.

"Ri-chan! Guess what?"

"Er, I… what?"

"Isaka said you start being my editor this Saturday! Today's Friday! He said that tomorrow there will be a big party thing for all the authors and editors so go to, and he said I could go with you! It'll be like a date!" And with that he was gone again. He heard Takano let out a low growl at the word 'date'. Sometimes, I really don't like you, Ishikaru.

Half an hour later

Ritsu sat up for a second time, back side even more sore after Takano's 'claiming' him. After showering and changing, he asked Takano,

"What is the party for? Why didn't you tell me about it?" Wow, I sound like a jealous lover… GOD DAMMIT! He could tell Takano sensed that in his tone too. His eyes flashed mischievously.

"Don't worry; I was planning on asking you to accompany me. Some might call that a date…"

"That is not what I meant! What is it for?" This time he saw…a flash of guilt?

"An author is retiring…"

"Oh, which one?"

"Ah…Mayoki Ishima…."

"That's my mangaka! Why didn't you tell me?" He was actually really pissed off. He liked Ishima-san. She was always nice, and was pretty good at keeping deadlines. He hadn't even heard she was planning to retire!

"…." He looked a little bit regretful.

"Whatever. Just go to work." Regretful look gone, he smirked.

"I don't have to. Because of the party, we got the next three days off. So now we can spend the weekend together. Sort of like a honeymoon—"


He sighed and continued to cook breakfast. He made sure to make enough for Takano as well. For some reason, he couldn't help but feel comfortable like this. Like this was how it should be. Gah, I must just be a bit lonely. But that little voice just had to chime in, 'Or maybe it's because you love him~'


"Breakfast is ready."

"Yeah, I can see that." Takano said from right behind him.

"Ah! Don't do that!" Takano feigned a hurt, innocent look.

"Do what?"

"…. Just shut up and eat."

They ate in silence, each stole a glans at the other when they thought they weren't looking.


Ritsu's phone vibrated on the table, making them both jump.

Call from: Nonisku Ishikaru

Before he could answer it, Takano's hand shot forward and grabbed it. He smirked at Ritsu an answered,


"Ono—oh, Takano-san! What are you doing with Onodera's phone?" Asked Isaka. Too stunned to say anything else, he said,

"What are you doing with Ishikaru's phone?"



"So anyways, is Onodera there? Or were you in the middle of something?" He asked evilly. Takano could hear the grin in his voice. He was tempted to say yes, but he knew Ritsu would get mad at him, and he really didn't want to fight.

"Here he is." Ritsu snatched the phone out of Takano's hand.


"Ah ha! There's Onobu! I—"

"It's 'Onodera', sir."

"—have something to ask you. Can you go into the other room so Takano can't hear you?" He wanted to ask why, but instead he just did what was asked of him. Suddenly, Isaka's voice was serious.

"Onodera, you are aware of the fact one of your mangaka is retiring, right?"

"Um, yes—"

"And that you are now going to be the editor of one Nonisku Ishikaru?"

"Um, yes sir, but—"

"I have a favor to ask of you. You can say no, but it would put me in a tight squeeze. Only editors with real talent could do it." He said, knowing that Ritsu would accept it now. He'd sensed the drive and the need the younger male had when he first arrived at the company. He almost felt guilty for doing this, but this was really his last hope. He really did believe that Ritsu was capable, and nothing has gone wrong in the recent past…. I have to do this.

"What is it?" Ritsu asked eagerly.

"A new mangaka has just transferred into our company. He is a bit… eccentric. I think you could be good for him though. His name is Kanoba Ikimoto."

Ritsu thought for a moment. He has had a few eccentric authors and mangakas in the past. He managed fine. With that in mind, he said,

"Okay, I'll do it." Isaka hesitated, wondering if he should say more. He decided against it. He didn't want Ritsu to back out now. He also felt a pang of guilt. I really hope nothing goes wrong…

"Good! You can meet him at the party tomorrow!" He said cheerfully.

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