Six Months Later

Kagome rolled over in her bed. Her face pressed against the pillow she let out a groan, there was a slow throb coming from her hips and her lower back. It'd been happening for an hour now. She flopped to the other side, hoping to get things moving.

"Stop shaking the bed." The grouchy voice on the other side of the bed was a complete gravel pit.

"Sorry, I'm uncomfortable" She said. Inuyasha rolled over and began to stroke her tummy. Talking to it softly, "Come on baby girl, stop making your mommy uncomfortable." He said quietly to it.

Kagome smiled and wondered how she was so lucky.

The jury had found Inuyasha Tashio not guilty on all charges. He'd been put on parole for three months and the police kept watching him. The police officer that shot through their window was sentenced to two years in jail for attempted murder.

The moment they let him out of the 'big house' there was a media rampage, and Sesshomaru took the lead. Stuffing Inuyasha in a suit and sending him fifty floors up in his sky scraper to be a partial partner in his business. So in front of everyone, Inuyasha was a legitimate business man, behind closed doors, he was a ring leader.

Meanwhile Kagome managed to last another six months of pregnancy she gained much weight, her stomach was protruding so far out that it almost looked unreal.

Inuyasha loved to talk to her stomach, he would stroke it and sing to it and read to it. And when he was stressed he would lay his big hand across her stomach and feel as their baby kicked and kicked.

Kagome thought that he would be slightly upset that he wasn't having a son, but that wasn't the case, he was ecstatic he was having a girl. Although he swore he was snapping a chastity belt on her.

He didn't even fight her on painting the baby room pink, he even picked out a pink and white crib and had a Winnie the Pooh mural painted on her wall.

He threw himself whole-heartedly into following his brothers footsteps since Sesshomaru is offering. He was immensely proud of himself for earning his brothers trust and hand in the work.

The media turned into a feeding frenzy after the case saying things like: "Can the Jury be paid out?" and "Why do we let people go just because they have children on the way?"

Hate-mail was sent their houses were egged and T-pd and security had to be set up and restraining orders, it was tough first three months. But now things were back to normal.

For the most part they continued on with life as usual. Kagome graduated from high school early for good academics.

She was going to school for early childhood education, she wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher.

Kagome rolled again, this time farther from Inuyasha, trying to get the pressure away from her hips, she felt like they were going to snap!

"Baby just relax." He mumbled before drifting back into sleep.

She stayed awake for a few moments longer before drifting back to sleep, uncomfortable, sleep. Last time she looked at the clock it read 1:00 a.m.

She jolted back awake at 3:00a.m. Feeling strange and slightly empty, deflated. She felt something warm running down her legs and then a gush of water.

"Ew Kagome, did you just pee the bed?" Inuyasha mumbled from his side of the large bed.

Not even looking up from his pillow where his head was buried.

"No!" Kagome said, confused and red in the face.

Then, like clockwork, pain followed.

It wasn't extreme or really even too painful, but it was like a prick. "Ow." She mumbled rubbing her stomach.

Her thoughts kicked into over drive. "Inuyasha!" She kicked him. "Inuyasha I'm in labor! Get up! Get up! Get the car!" She said, she swung her legs over and started to get up.

While Inuyasha panicked and rolled off the side of the bed. "What! Now?" he asked.

"Yes Now!" She said, pulling on pajama pants and started yanking clothes into a pink bag that she had been preparing for days now.

Inuyasha was pulling pants on and mumblings to himself: "I'm going to okay, I'm going to be just fine, Everythings going to be okay."

She gawked at him, "YOU'RE GOING TO BE OKAY?" She yelled.

He jumped and grabbed a T-shirt and pulled it on. He pulled the bag from her hands, grabbed his keys and his already packed bag and rushed them downstairs.

She had to walk slower but made it to the car by the time she got in their he was ready to go, "What was takin' you so long?" He asked.

"What do you mean? When's the last time you tried to walk down the stairs with a whale attached to the front of your body!" She screeched as he started up the car and pulled out of the drive way and onto the free way.

When she looked back at him he appeared to be doing her 'calm' breathing.

She slapped him on the back of the head. "What?" He snapped.

"Stop doing my breathing! You'll take all the air!" She yelled, "What? That doesn't make any sense!' He yelled back.

So they started doing the breathing together.

When they arrived at the hospital Inuyasha launched off again to get a nurse to get her a wheel chair. They were pushing her quickly off to labor and delivery into an elevator. Inuyasha was still stealing all the air.

When they had her settled in the room with all the monitors on they reviewed their plan with the doctor.

"I'm going for an all natural birth, no medication I just want to be all natural." She said.

For the first hour things moved along slow, pain and pressure.

During the second hour the parents showed up, bringing flowers and stuffed animals.

During the third hour she fell into uncomfortable, unstable sleep and she awoken only to the crunch of Inuyasha eating chips. She sat up quickly and stared at him.

"Are you seriously eating?"

"Yes why wouldn't I?"

"Because I cant eat. All I can have is ice-chips."

He looked at her weirdly, "Then eat ice-chips."

"I can't! You ate them all last hour!" She said. He looked sheepish.

Five hours later, the moment was there.

The doctor put her in position, putting her legs up in position and positioning himself.

"Aright Kagome, when I say push you push for ten seconds."

By this time she was covered in sweat from the hours of hard core contractions.

"Aright." Inuyasha put himself on her right side holding her hand.

"Alright Ms. Kagome, on one, two, three! Push!"

And she did, she pushed her little heart out, but nothing happened.

"Okay, One, two, three." She pushed a little harder.

"Alright you're crowning right now I need one good push to try and get her head out!" He was saying.

Inuyasha was stroking her face, mumbling to her trying to get her to push harder.

"Come baby, I know you can do it, one good push! Come on."

She screamed as she let out her good push, the babies head slipping out. She was breathing hard.

"one more good push please." The doctor said, Kagome did as she was told with tears streaming down her face and Inuyasha's hand in hers.

"Mr. Tashio, would you like to cut the cord?" The doctor asked. The babies cries erupted in the room, Kagome's head fell back on the cushion and she basked in the cries of her baby girl.

She saw Inuyasha cut the cord and the watch the nurses clean the baby, wrap her in a light green blanket and hand her over to Inuyasha, who cradled her to his body.

On a second look she noticed the tears pouring down his face.

"Your name is Light, cause you're the light of my life." He mumbled.

Light Leah Tashio

Six Years Later

"DaDa! Come get me!" Silvery pig tails tied with pink bows appeared from behind the sofa as Inuyasha chased around the little girl who was barreling around on her knees.

"Light slow down, you're going to get rug burn!" Inuyasha chased her around, she stopped and fell into a giggling mass of quivering little girl.

He scooped her up and flipped her upside down on his shoulder, she screamed and giggled. He reached up and tickled her stomach as it growled loudly. "Woah! Do you have a monster growing in there!" He teased as he led her to the kitchen and sat her on the counter.

"What do you want to make for lunch for mama and the baby?" He asked.

"And don't forget Daisuke!" She cheered.

"I could never forget Daisuke, but he's napping. Now tell me baby girl, are you excited to have another brother?" He asked her.

She nodded crazily, her pig tails swinging. "Yeah! But I wish that mama would have another girl so I have someone to play dress up with. I cant play dress up with Daisuke, he just puts the stuff in his mouth!"

"Well honey, Daisuke is only two – he doesn't know any better. Remember? He's just learning to talk." Inuyasha said.

"So you want mama to have another girl?" He changed the subject. Talking about Daisuke not being able to do things she does confuses her.

"Yes! So we can play dress up and have tea parties." She said.

"I thought you and Grandma only had tea parties?" He asked her. Pulling the fixings for PBandJ's out of the cabinet.

"Yeah we do, but PawPaw always interrupts and wants to play too" She wrinkled her little nose, an action she picked up from her mother.

"Why cant PawPaw play?" He asked, snickering. His father tried so hard to play with the little girl who always dismissed him because he was a boy.

"Cause he's a boy! And girls don't play with boys until they are forty." She repeated the phrase that every male in her life had told her since the day she was born.

He finished the sandwiches cutting them in half and loading them onto a plate.

He started up the stairs and she followed.

"You'll have to tell mommy that you want a sister." He said.

They turned the corner and walked down the hall to the master bedroom. They entered and Inuyasha took in the sight:

Kagome sitting on the bed, next to his two year old son Daisuke who was slowly waking, golden eyes slowly slipping open, Kagome's belly was large; Daisuke had a hand on it, probably feeling the thump thump of the baby.

Light hopped onto the bed, bouncing up and down waking Daisuke quickly.

"Mama! Mama! I know what I want for Christmas!" she called.

"Honey its march! Alright, what do you want for Christmas she asked, making room for Inuyasha under the covers.

"I would like a baby sister, pretty pretty please with pink sprinkles and water melon on top!" She pleaded.

Kagome laughed lightly, "Alright honey, we'll think about it. But this one has to be born first right?" She asked. "Just one more week and then we have to go to the doctor so that he can be born do you know what you want to name him?" She asked.

They were allowing Light to name their third child.

"I want to name his Akira, because that means bright, so then we are Light and Bright!" She said.

Kagome nodded, "I like that." She said. "I really like that." She said. And then turned a glare on Inuyasha.

"Who said we were having more kids?" She hissed at him as Daisuke and light conversed.

"I think it's a wonderful Idea, one more girl, one more boy." He said.

She sighed, "That's what you said last time. Alright, I guess – one more girl and one more boy." She smiled. He leaned down and kissed her swollen lips.

"I love you baby" he said.

"Forever?" She asked.

"Forever" He agreed.

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