Requested by TParadox of TvTropes.

Before we begin to talk about this story, let me tell you a little about me.

I started in one school, from kindergarten to third grade before moving. Bad move. I gained a good reputation during my time there, everyone knew me. The people were nice, and I was nice back. But in the new school, I got a kick in the pants by real life. The people got more diverse, and I needed to toughen up.

The connection to this story?

Roxanne had been plucked away from her school, and placed in a new one. She climbed up the rings of popularity at her old school, but here? She might as well hang out with the geeks.

Then again, she's a dog-human-hybrid, and she went to a human school now. Even in the world of superheroes, she still got ridiculed. Names like 'Dog-Girl' and 'Barker' could be heard when she entered any given time she entered a hallway.

Those names were the nicest compared to the others.

She tried to be sociable. The students continued with their assaults. Teachers either ignored her, or placed her in the back. The consolers weren't helping. And her dad forbid her to talk to anyone back home.

This wasn't home.

Finally, she broke. She held a week.

She went around the side of the gymnasium, to the part where she would be alone.

She cried. All of her emotions, bottled up, just gushed out. If anyone heard her, good. Let them all know that she broke. Maybe they will give up, just ignore her. But what's worst? Being mocked, or being ignored? If only she could turn invisible…

"What's wrong?" Roxanne looked up from her hands to see a tall, long-haired girl looking at her. Unlike the faces of contempt, laughter, and disgust, this one seemed…nice.

"What do you want?" Roxanne's voice was cracking. "Come to mock me?"

"No, I came to eat lunch." The girl sat down next to Roxanne, opening a brown paper bag. "You want some chocolate pudding?"

"No. I tried the pudding, it was dog pudding."

"Oh, Daniel always does that to everyone."

Roxanne stopped crying, but remained quiet. The girl started to eat a sandwich. "I'm sorry. I'm Violet Parr."

"Roxanne Martin." Roxanne got out, not wanting to talk to anyone from this school.

"Still don't want this pudding? I told mom no, but…"

"Sorry, no."

Violet looked into Roxanne's blank face. "Listen, when my family moved here, it took a week and four days to get people to stop taunting me. Just keep a good stiff upper lip for a couple of days, and everything will be fine."

"Why? I could go back home. I have friends!"

"…then what about me?"

"What about you?"

"I'll be lonely…" Roxanne, finally looking up and looking at Violet. She saw something like herself. Alone, and sad.

"Fine. I'll stay." Roxanne cleared her eyes with her shirt. "For now."

"Pudding?" Violet again extended the pudding cup and spoon. Roxanne took it, though slowly and gingerly.

They ate in silence.

"You have some pudding on her face…" Violet said, pointing to a small blotch of chocolate pudding on the right side on Roxanne's lips. Before Roxanne could get to it, Violet shot forward and licked it off.


"Sorry…" Violet started to rub her left arm. "I just think you're cute…"

Roxanne leaned in fast and kissed Violet on the lips. "Well, I think you're beautiful."

The two just starred at each other for a bit. Then, in a flash, they jumped forward and locked lips, and started to roll around, engaging in a tongue war, feeling each other around.

"There's a small shed that used to belong to the now dead janitor." Violet said, breaking the kiss. "There's a bed…and I have the keys."

"Did you come here…to have sex?"

"…no. But you seemed lonely, and I keep the keys to have a quiet area of study."

"Alright. Come on, sexy…"

They have missed two periods, but…Roxanne had a good study buddy.

Really good study buddy.