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These all take place in the same Universe as my Appointments story. Some are events mentioned in that story, others are just one shots that didn't fit in a Chapter. They will not be in an particular order time wise. Some will be super short. Most will be pure fluff without plot.

Liara sat on her cot, enjoying the silence that filled the room. It had been five days since "The Battle for the Citadel." Five days since Shepard and her misfit crew defeated the greatest threat to the known galaxy. And five days and one night since she and Shepard joined.

The night before Ilos had been magical for the young scientist. The way Shepard had kissed her, the way their bodies fit together, the feel of the human's skin against her own. Just thinking about that wonderful night made her pulse quicken.

For the past five days the Commander had been confined to the med-bay, her injuries far more sever than anyone had guessed. How Shepard had been able to speak with the council just hours after the attack was beyond Liara. Once the adrenaline had worn off how ever the spectre collapsed. Garrus had to carry their leader back to the Normandy for treatment, Liara and Ashley Williams limping dose behind. No one came out of the fight unscarred, but Shepard's body had paid the largest toll.

For five days the med-bay was a hive of activity, brass, council members, ambassadors from all races wanting to thank the hero of the day. During this time Liara hid in her make shift quarters, nursing her own wounds and catching up on rest. But at night, after Dr. Chakwas had cleared the visitors from her med-bay, Liara would sneak out and sit next to the exhausted commander.

Sometimes they would talk quietly about trivial matters, such as the latest gossip, or scuttlebutt as Shepard insisted it be called, or the would read the outrageous news stories being told about their mission. But most nights Liara simply held her Commander's hand and watched over her as she slept. For five days she had stood watch over her lover, but not tonight. Tonight Shepard was being released to her quarters.

For five days neither of them mentioned "that" night. And now Liara found herself at a loss. Should she go to her tonight? Should she give Shepard some space? Humans were still hard to read for her. So quick to give you their opinion, to take charge of any situation, and yet so shy about sharing their feelings.

It was getting late, almost 2000 according to the ship's clock. Liara stood and straightened her tunic. "The commander should be gone by now," she thought to herself, "a cup of tea might settle my nerves."

Moving towards the door she was startled when it opened a fraction of a second early, reveling a tired and bruised spectre who was sporting a lopsided grin. "Going somewhere doctor?" Shepard asked, leaning heavily on the door frame.

"Commander... I was just going to find some tea. I thought you would have been back in your quarters by now. I mean, I hoped you had been released... NOT that I was avoiding you... I just... by the Goddess what I am trying to say is..." Liara stopped herself from babbling and tried to look any where but at the grinning woman in her doorway.

Shepard just chuckled, "Well, since we have established that you aren't avoiding me, and I have indeed been released to start my two weeks of convo leave, how about you escort me to my quarters and we enjoy that cup of tea together?"

Liara bit back a grin, not wanting to seem too eager, "Are you sure Shepard? You need to be resting."
"Yeah, come on. I've gotten use to our nightly chats. Change into something comfortable and I'll get the tea and meet you in my quarters," Shepard said smoothly before doing an about-face, and leaving. Giving the asari no chance to argue.

Shaking her head Liara moved back into her room and changed in to some loose fitting pants and a t-shirt. The human clothes had been given to her by doctor Chakwas when she first arrived onboard the Normandy.

Arriving a few minutes later Liara smiled as she entered the captain's quarters. It wasn't the first time she had been here since that night, but It was the first time the room hadn't been empty when she arrived. She first came to fetch the commander clean clothes, then it was to find an ODS that had been required.

One day, finding herself unable to stand the confines of the med-lab or the arguments between Shepard and some unknown Alliance Admiral, Liara retreated to the empty quarters and allowed herself to release the tears of grief, pain and of relief Into a pillow that still carried Shepard's unique scent.

"Hi," was all she said as she came to sit across to the commander who was seated at the small round table in the center of the room.

"Hi," was the response she was given as she sipped the cup of tea that had been placed in front of her.

After a few moments of silence, in which Liara fidgeted nervously with the tea cup, all the while feeling the human's steady gaze being directed at her, the scientist asked, "How are you feeling commander?"

"So, we are back to Commander now, are we Doctor T'Soni?" Shepard asked, her eyes fixed on the woman across the table.

Liara blushed slightly, "I'm sorry Shepard, I find myself unsure of how to address you given the events that have transpired between us. I am unfamiliar with human culture, as you well know, and I find myself at a loss as to how to proceed. I have done some research on human relationships..." stopping mid-sentence when she heard the chuckle coming from her companion, she raised her grazed and gave the human a confused look.

"I'm sorry Liara, I'm not laughing at you. Of course you did some research, you are a scientist to the core. May I ask what you found?" Shepard asked, a smile on her face.

Giving her friend a half hearted glare the asari stood and started pacing around the room, "Well, I came across a number of different sources on human relationships of both the romantic and platonic variety. I understand that most races view asaris as female, even if that is not 100% accurate, and in some human cultures and religions our relationship would be viewed as taboo."

Turning back to face Shepard, who was nodding with interest and trying to contain her laughter, Liara continued, slipping into her lecture voice, trying to detach herself from the subject at hand, "I also learned that humans will sometimes take on multiple partners, or engage in what was termed "recreational sex" for purely physical reasons, and are not always looking for a committed relationship."

At this, the commander frowned, but before she could speak, the lecture continued, "I believe this was called a 'one night stand' or a 'fling'. Upon further investigation, I learned that in times of increased stress or fear, these types of physical relationships are common due to the endorphin release in the human body following orgasm. In essence, the pre-battle mating can be seen as a type of stress relief to calm the nerves..."

Looking down at her fidgeting hands that we grasped in front of her, Liara look a deep breath, "I guess that at the conclusion of my research, I am left wondering now, more than ever, where our relationship stands Shepard. I will not ask you for a commitment, or pressure you into something that you do not desire..." she trailed off softly.

Standing, Shepard made her way over and stilled Liara's hands with her own. "First, let me say you are absolutely adorable when you go into science mode and start speaking about human mating in the same voice you use to talk about the Protheans." Winking, she brought the small blue hands and placed a chaste kiss on the back of the knuckles.

"Second, don't think for one minute what we shared was a 'fling' brought about by stress, I'm not, was not, looking for a one night stand with you." With that she wrapped her arms around the maiden's slender waist, and pulled her close.

Liara wrapped her newly released hands gently around Shepard's neck, her fingers teasing the short hairs there, "Well then, how would you classify our current relationship status Shepard?"

"Ryan," Shepard said, "It's not the best first name, but I'm stuck with it. I'd like you to use it Liara."

"Ok, Ryan..." the name felt funny as it left her mouth, for months she had become use to Commander or Shepard, even in her private thoughts, but Liara would try.

"As for our relationship," the commander said softly, leaning her forehead against Liara's, "I don't know what to call it. But I do know I don't want it to end, and I don't plan on letting you go anytime soon. We just saved the galaxy babe, I think you will agree that we have earned the right just to enjoy ourselves for a while..." With that, she leaned in and kissed her lover deeply, her hands applying gentle pressure to the small of her back.

Liara enjoyed the kiss. It was slower, and deeper, than those shared before Ilos. Their tongues didn't battle for dominance, but danced together, both giving and taking pleasure. The pressure at her back led her to press her hips into Shepard's, her nails raking across the human's neck, pulling her closer. Only the need for air broke the couple apart. Breathlessly, the young asari smiled and opened her eyes, ", I am at a loss for words. That are an amazing kisser."

"I'm just getting started," Shepard said with a grin. Slowly, she ran her hands under the back of the t-shirt, digging her fingers into the warm blue flesh, and leaning her head closer she whispered in a husky voice, words that had never before left her lips, "I love you Dr. Liara T'Soni."