Odd ambled down the street, engrossed in texting.

So u like the Subdigitals? So do I! He texted.

Odd in my heart I know we are made for each other she texted back

We should meet up!

We should! The excitement is making my head dizzy

Where do u want 2 meet? When?

Soon baby, when my heart tells me is right

Or when your head does LOL

Yes, when my head and heart say it is right we shall meet

Odd sighed. She texted like no girl he had ever met. Or texted. He could tell she was special right then and there.

So she texted u go to school around here? Kadic?

Yeah where do u go?

Around here

We should do an exchange so I can go 2 u're school or u can cum 2 mine!

I would love that! Oh Odd, I knew in my heart and in my head that u were right for me! I knew it!

Again with the heart head stuff. What r u, a head of lettuce? LOL

Actually, Odd, I AM! MWAHAHAHAHA

From around the corner bounced a huge head of lettuce, laughing sinisterly.

"AAAAHHHHHHHH!" Odd screamed, and bolted.

The lettuce chased him all around town, the whole daylong.