We saw the government offical leave the Powel's house and made our move. I went around back while George waited for me to be hidden, and ran the doorbell.

"Geogre!" shouted and hugged him. "We were so worried! Come in!" she rushed him inside and shut the door but not before checking to make sure no one was watching them. I ran over to a window and watched them in the kitchen. I could hear her thoughts, she sounded so worried; are there more of them? When?

"Jim!" George shouted and ran to his best friend. He was out of breath and was stuttering. Poor man was scare to death.

"What's wrong?"Their children backed up a bit, as if he would explode. I guess the've seen a lot in one day. Then again, so have I.

"That plane, with the criminals on it..." he began.


"I was uh.. i was on it" He mumbled.

"What? speak up!" was getting scared.

"I was on the plane." he said and sunk down in a chair at the kitchen table. That's my que. I walked inside and all their mouths dropped. The kids scooted closer behind their parents. Another criminal?, I heard.

"Me too." I said. Now, I'm only 16, not much older than than their kids. Everyone looked really confused, thank good Geoge stood up and defended me.

"She's safe, I promise!" He looked at me and continued. "This is Rose. She was on the plane with me, I met her on my way here." They all looked at us with suspicion. But the daughter most of all, she had a quizical look on her face as if she knew my secret.

"George, how on earth did you get here so fast?" looked at with pity for a second but it quickly changed back to suspicion. Poor girl, but i need to keep my family safe.

"Well, uh." He was stuttering now. But in a second he was gone, I was used to this, yet the Powels had no clue. There was no time to panic though before he ruturned with a huge gust of wind holding a Chocolate bar. And he handed it to the daughter.

"So you're a.." Jim started but didnt seem to be able to finish what he was saying

"A super; with Stephanie's power."

Suddenly everyone seemed to remember I was here, and a threat. When george said they weren't too trusting, he wasnt kidding. "Look, i'm not here to hurt you at all, I atually need your help. And i'm not a criminal, I promise." They realxed a bit a the sincerity of my words. "Yes, I was on that plane with George. And yes, I'm a super." I can hear your thoughts... Now how am i supposed to say this nicely?

The daughter gasped. "You can do what? M-me too." she stepped a bit closer but her brother held her back. Can she read minds too? Awesome! Maybe this won't be as hard as i thought.

I spoke too soon.

"You can read minds?" asked. I just nodded in return. She has Daphne's power? I assume That's the daughter's name.

So, you can hear me? I heard Daphne think.

Yeah... I've never known anyone else that could do this.

This is so wierd, its like an entire new level of communication.. And you're NOT here to hurt my family?

Of course not! I was kidnapped with my sister and... yeah. I just have no where to go, and George said your family might be able to help. Why does everyone automaticly assume im dangerous? I guess in this world everything is.

Maybe. She said

Durring our conversation everyone stayed quiet, they were obviously extremely confused. "Dad, she's ok." Daphne said, and they relaxed a bit, its nice to see everyone trusts each other in this family... That's all I've wanted for a long time, my family. Maybe this is one step closer to it.