was nice enough to set up a bed for me on the couch. I tried not to think about the fact they left their door open, and a light on.

It was nice to relax for once, this couch was much more comfortable than anything i've slept on in a long time. I closed my eyes and cleared my mind for the first time in a long time. It was so peaceful

"Rose" someone whisperd in my ear. I jumped off the couch ready to fight and nearly screamed. It was dark but i could barely make out Daphne's face. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you."

"What are you doing?" I asked

"I wanted to talk to you." she gestured upstairs. I follwed her to what i guess is her room, we snuck in, making sure the door didn't squeak. JJ was already there and sitting on her bed.

I took a seat quietly at her desk and she next to her brother. I felt so out of place here, of course i was pretty used to feeling like that, but still...

"I know youre hiding something else." Daphne said, well, no need to beat around the bush I guess.

"I don't know what youre talking about..." I say, biting my lip. yes i do know what she is talking about actually. But i can't bring myself to admit to them.

"I can read your thoughts moron, i know what it is! i just was you to say it!" JJ looked extremely confused, wipping his face back and forth between the two of us. I wish i could just read their minds too! He thought. "Just say it." Daphne said seriously.

"Yes, ok? I can cause pain too! But of course I didn't tell you! if i did would you have trusted me?" They both looked to their feet. They wouldn't have, I wouldn't have!

"That doesn't mean i trust you now... I mean you did keep that from us." Daphne looked ashamed of herself to say this. I could tell she wanted us to be friends but,that's probably impossible.

So does that mean shes as strong as her sister? she could fight her off then.. right? She could protect us and we could stop going to sleep at night wondering if we'll wake up or not. I could tell Daphne heard it too, JJ's thought. He's right in a way, but also completly wrong.

"No." I began. "Well, yes, sort of. You see Olive can make you think your leg is broken, or your skull craked open. But my pain is emotional, I can make you really depressed or feel like everyone hates you and things like that. So in a way, because I can read minds and she can't, i'm more powerful than my sister.

"But, remember how I said her mind would bend in on itself, and cause her pain? So does mine. I don't understand it but somehow it'll feel like I'm in everyone's head at once, the room spins around me and i scream and fall to the floor. i can't hear anything or see anything. All i can feel are the thirty million voices in my head, shattering my eardrums and corrupting my mind. And it happens much more often than Olive." They both sat there, they didnt know what to say. I didn't know what else to say either so i just got up and headed for the door. When my hand reached the doornob, i felt a hand on my shoulder. Daphne spun me around and hugged me. JJ got up and joined us too. I dont know hw long we stood there, just hugging, but it felt like an eternity. For the first time in a long time, i felt wanted.

Reluctantly, i made my way downstairs to my "bed", only to find the one person in the world who could have ruined this moment for me.

"Olive." i said with a straight face.

"Rose, how nice to see you." She said, and hugged me.