Alright so I'm taking a little brake from my other story forbidden love. I just love this story idea and I hope you do to. I'm not done with the other story I just have writers block and wanted to write this.

I woke up this morning and started to get ready for school. I'm a junior at Degrassi Community High school. I got out of bed and went to my closet. I put on a pair of black skinny jeans, my Dead Hand shirt, and black converses. I ran a brush threw my hair and went to Frankie's room. I walked over to her bed and hovered over top of her little body. I started to nudge her gentle until I saw her eyes slowly open and a smile appeared on her face.

"Good morning. Good morning. Good morning." I said in between giving her kisses on her forehead and both cheeks and tickling her. She was laughing so hard.

"da-daddy stop p-please!" she said in between laughs.

I stopped and looked up at her.

"Come on kiddo I have to get to school and you need to go to Aunt Fiona's. You know she told me she had a surprise for you today."

"A surprise let's go!"

She started to jump out of bed when I pulled her back by her waist and threw her up in the air spinning her.

"I think you should get dressed first. Go grab an outfit and I'll put it on you brush your hair and teeth. Oh and grab breakfast."

"Alright daddy."

I put her down and she went through her closet. Frankie is my 5 year old daughter and the best thing that could have happened to me. I am a single dad but what happened to Julia is another story for another time. Frankie ran to me with a pair of ripped denim skinny jeans and a band tee that said "The Drug in Me is You" (song by Falling in Reverse, her favorite band) she definitely was my child when it came to her sense of style. I changed her, brushed her hair and teeth, and grabbed her pop tarts on the way out the door. When I opened the door to put her in the booster seat she said "Good Morning Morty." I couldn't help but chuckle. Morty is the name of my hearse and Frankie loves him. I started to drive to Fiona's house. She was one of my best friends and watched Frankie on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. She was already out of school and was one of my best friends. She dated my cousin and was there with me while I had to deal with the whole Julia issue. When we got to her house Frankie was struggling to get out of her seat. She never was patient. I opened the door and she smirked. She looked up at me and I saw those beautiful blue eyes that she got from her mother.

"Need some help there Frankie?"

"Actually I enjoy wrestling with the seat belt like it's a snake."

"Hey watch the sarcasm there little girl" I said as I unbuckled her.

"Well I did learn from the best" she said before running to Fiona. She was right. She did get my sarcasm. I started to walk over to where Fiona and Frankie were.

"Hey Fi I'll be over around 3 to pick her up."

"Make sure you are on time Eli I have a college class at 3:30 today and I can't be late."

"I promise I'll be on time. Love you Frankie have a good day you two." I got in the car and headed to Degrassi.

The school day is always the same. I go to science, gym, computers, math (my worst subject) lunch, social studies and ten English. Right now I was on my way to English. It was my favorite. The only problem is that I think my teacher, Ms. Edwards is starting to suspect something. I didn't tell any of my teachers about Frankie but they still know. Ms. Edwards is new though. She wasn't here when Julia was. I was tired as fuck because Frankie has been sick the last few days and last night she kept throwing up before she went to sleep. So I had to clean everything. I love how she wakes up feeling great today. I love seeing my girl happy. I walked into the class room to see Ms. Edwards reading a book. I took my seat and put my head down since I was early.

"Oh Eli I didn't even hear you come in." said Ms. Edwards.

Ms. Edwards was a young teacher she only got out of college 3 years ago and yes I'm going to say it she was hot. She had sexy little cinnamon curls that sat on her shoulders and the most amazing eyes. When I look at her eyes I think of Frankie.

"Ya I just wanted to come sit for a few minutes." I said.

I looked back down and heard footsteps. When I looked up Ms. Edwards was sitting in the desk in front of me. She had on a sexy little black dress with a white cardigan. She sat there and our eyes locked.

"Eli. Is there something going on at home? You are always so tired and I've heard student and teachers talk about you having a….child." she looked down almost like she was sorry for me. I was about to say something when students started to come in.

"Can I talk to you after class please." I asked her. I figured I could trust her. She was my favorite teacher.

"Of course you can." And with that she went back to her desk

I was listening to her teach lesson when we were interrupted by the speaker.

"Excuse me could you send Elijah Goldsworthy to the office?"

"It's Eli not Elijah." I said coldy as I stood up.

"Could you just come to the office?" the speaker said.

"On my way."

"Come on Simpson! I can't have detention today I have to do after school!"

"I'm sorry Eli you know the rules. You were late to class you have detention. Now I'm sorry but I have another meeting to attend. Go to room 408 for detention."


I can't stay for detention today. I need to pick up Frankie. When I got back to English the bell rang. Once the room was clear I went and sat in front of Ms. Edwards desk.

"Now Eli what is it you were saying?"

"Okay it's true. Have a daughter. She's 5 and her name is Frankie and I'm in big trouble because I have to pick her up but I have detention."

"wow okay can't the mother pick her up or…"

"Her mom Julia doesn't want anything to do with her. When she found out she was pregnant she wanted to abort the baby but I wouldn't let her. Once she was born, Julia moved to the states with her brother. Ms. Edwards I'm screwed! I need to pick her up but I don't want to get into more trouble!" I was panicking. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I cry when I think about Julia.

"Eli you need to calm down" Ms. Edwards reached out and grabbed my shaking hands.

"I'll go pick Frankie up and bring her here. If you feel comfortable with that."

"Ms. Edwards are you sure you don't mind?"

"I'm sure Eli and call me Clare school hours are over."

"Thank you here is the address. Just bring her back here."

I was half asleep when I was awoken.

"Daddy!" it was Frankie.

She jumped in to my arms and hugged me.

"Hey kiddo. How was Aunt Fi?"

"Awesome. We made cookies!"

Just then the bell rang. I walked over to Clare.

"Thank you so much Clare this means a lot to me."

Frankie jumped out of my arms and threw her arms around Clare.

"Thank you Clare! I like you and you are a lot of Fun!" she yelled as Clare bent down to pick her up.

"Well your thank you Frankie I like you too. And Eli it really is no problem. In fact are you doing anything tonight?"

Wow wait is she asking me out?

"Um no actually Frankie and I were just going to watch movies."

"Well would you and Frankie like to come have dinner with me at my house?"

"Yes yes yes yes !" screamed Frankie

"I would love to." I said and smiled at her. She smiled back and we started walking to the doors.

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