I know I shouldn't be writing an author's note but this is very important.

Dear all,

Despite what you might think, this story has not been left unfinished. Actually, I've been working on it as an original novel for the past two years. I've found an interested agent and therefore, that means that I will unfortunately have to take Sucker Love down. I hope when it is published you will all read it and find out the twisted end I have instore for you (the fireworks were just the beginning, baby!). Please keep an eye on my profile for any news regarding it. I will leave this message up for two weeks from today and then I will be removing the story for good.

Thank you all for your support and your words of encouragement. Without you guys I simply would not have had the balls to turn it into a novel. Over 53,000 hits, 200 reviews, follows and favourites for a very small fandom. That is huge and as someone who has been on this site for years, it means so much to me. Thank you all so much for all the private messages over the years, for all the check-ups on what is going on. A big big thank you to Jandjsalmon- You are a wonder. As for my other story, it's just a bit of fun, not something I'm taking very seriously. This is my real story as far as I'm concerned. It's the one that I've put my heart into.

Once again, thank you all. Really, you guys inspire me.