Random spurt of inspiration for this drabble. I was missing Tyson and Ella. I heard the phrase 'little things' somewhere or other in the last few hours, so now you all suffer. Inspired a great lot by Jackie-Lyn on for her Tyson and Ella picture, it's amazing. Trying to figure out how to leave a comment to her 'bout that... Enough drabbling about this drabble!

Disclaimer: Info from wiki, because I don't know the factoids Ella knows. Characters from Rick Riordan.

The Little Things

Since Percy had told Tyson one day, when they were both alone in the city without even Annabeth around (which Tyson knew was a rare sight) and told him about Ella's gift and how and who would want to hurt her, Tyson had been keeping an eye out on her. And not just because she was pretty. Because she was too pretty to lose to ugly people. Pretty inside (and out). People ugly inside.

Ella was hopping around New Rome. She was like a sparrow, hopping small steps forwards when she wasn't flying. Her hair bounced up a little every time and landed a bit away from the exact same spot.

She stopped at a flower garden. She held out her hand, and her finger traced the contour of a single little petal.

"Corolla," Ella muttered. "An assembly of all the petals of a flower..." Her fingers traced the other flowers and she tilted her head, and her copper red hair fluttered to the side. "Sepals, separate set of leaves under the petals…" She said. Her finger moved to leaves under the 'corolla'. Tyson had never noticed those there before. Tyson didn't really notice flowers and such. Ella did though. Ella noticed the little things.

"Calyx, all the sepal." She said, her finger going around the flower like she was winding up a jack in the box. "Perianth, combination of sepal and corolla."

Tyson picked up another flower and handed it to Ella.

"Perianth for Ella," He said. Ella picked it up from his hand, very carefully, but when one of her claws scratched Tyson's hand, she curled her hand back away from him even if it didn't hurt. She was scared of that. Tyson just put it behind her ear, and she smiled and waved her hand from side to side to get used to the stem behind her ear.

"Pretty Perianth for Ella. Thank you Tyson - gratias tibi- merci. In English. In Latin. In French. Language of love…" She said. She turned back to the flowers and counted the petals and started muttering about the family classification of roses and the makeup .

Nothing ever went straight with Ella, she zig-zaged along her own way and stopped for you when she saw you. She stopped for the little things- the little big words that nobody knew about, the factoids nobody bothered to memorise, the little details that people didn't see-because how many times in your life have you stopped to look at a flower to see the petals underneath? Ella had; and she even knew it was called a sepal. Little things.

Ella hopped forwards some more and stopped to turn around and look at him.

"Tyson?" She asked. He smiled.

He was one of the little things.