Katherine Swanson or Kit as she preferred to be called and had been going by since the age of six stood in the BAU and watched as the agents went about their business, some of them were arriving whilst others were getting settled into the day's work with cups of coffee and catching up with co-workers to avoid the paperwork on their desks. Today was going to be Kit's first day at the prestigious Behavioural Analysis Unit and she was supposed to be meeting the Unit Chief, an SSA Hotchner however Kit couldn't see him anyway and she had no idea where his office was. As the few times they had met, Agent Hotchner had come to see Kit at her former unit or outside the bureau altogether. Kit had been to the BAU countless times but that was many years ago, well more like twenty years ago when she was a kid and the office where the unit was based had long changed from what she had known. It was more modern, an office to reflect the change in technology and times. The one thing that was the same was that there was still agents working here as the BAU was one of the most sought after assignments in the bureau. Deciding that she could no longer stand around looking like a lemming Katherine decided that she had to ask someone where she could find the seemingly elusive Agent Hotchner. So walking around Kit looked to find someone to ask until her eyes settled in a tall and rather lanky looking agent with brown hair making his was out the kitchenette and back to his desk. The agent in question looked fully invested in his coffee and made his way back to his desk, Kit followed him but waited until he had sat down before she stood in front of his desk. And moments later the agent looked up at her and Kit realized that he was actually very cute with his brown hair and puppy brown eyes.

"Hey there handsome I'm sorry to bother you and your cup of coffee but I'm looking for Agent Hotchner, you think that you could possible help me out?" Kit asked in a friendly tone making sure that she was smiling.

"H-Hotch? He's around somewhere…"

Kit watched as the agent stammered over his words clearly surprised that she had approached him and she found it cute the way he was reacting to her not to mention it was quite funny how uncomfortable she had made him with one sentence. But Kit knew better than to laugh as that would probably make things worse and the last thing she wanted to do was embarrass her new co-worker. At her last unit things hadn't exactly been easy, even before she had arrived Kit had somehow managed to make the wrong expression on them all and the last thing Kit wanted was a repeat of that. "Any idea handsome? Not that I don't have anywhere to be but a location to the whereabouts to Agent Hotchner's would be very helpful and I'd be eternally grateful."

"I couldn't say–"

"Agent Swanson, I'm glad that you could make it on such short notice." A voice interrupted and Kit turned to see Agent Hotchner come down a short flight of stairs from what she know took to be his office. The tall, dark haired and constantly stoic agent walked over to her and held his hand out which Kit shook in a confident manner.

"It's no problem at all Agent Hotchner."

"Please call me Hotch."

"Only if you call me Kit then." Kit replied as she detested being called Katherine, it was a very nice name and her parents had gone to an awful lot of effort to name her that and it suited her in a way. People often said that she looked like a Katherine, however she much preferred to be called Kit as she thought it was much better suited to her personality much to her mother's dismay.

"Okay, well if you'll follow me to my office Kit we can talk some more." Hotch began as he turned his back and made his way back towards his office and Kit would have followed straight away but she had business to finish with her new friend.

"Thanks for all your help you've been a doll, see you later handsome." Kit said turning to back to the agent she had been talking to, giving him a cheeky wink which caused him to turn a shocking shade of red. Now Katherine couldn't help but quietly laugh at that before she turned once more and followed Hotch into his office, shutting the door behind her and taking a seat. This morning Kit hadn't been nervous, she had been calm and collected not to mention a bit excited but now sitting here in Hotch's office, Kit was now nervous. Kit knew if her mother could see her now, she'd probably laugh her ass of because she always used to say that Kit didn't know the meaning of being nervous.

"Thank you for coming in this early Kit, did you bring a go bag with you?"

Kit nodded and gave the said go bag in her hand a little shake. "I did and I just want to thank you once again for giving me this chance, it's one thing being here in the early days of the BAU and to now be working here."

"What does your stepfather think about you being here?" Hotch asked and Kit took a baited breath, she knew it was only a matter of time before her stepfather came up considering who he was. Kit wasn't too surprised as her stepfather and his position in the FBI seemed to constantly follow her around like it was her damn shadow. Kit was so used to it that she was beyond the point of getting angry whenever someone brought it up.

"I haven't told him yet but I will eventually, it's that for most of my career people naturally assume that I've got to where I am because of his influence and position in the bureau and I wanted to do this own my own. I know my stepfather will be very proud and supportive of me once I tell him but whilst we keep our personal relationship separate from work, I worried that given his past history being a BAU team leader he may have tried to pull strings if he learnt that I wanted to join the unit. I just want you to know Hotch, that's not what I'm about. I have made a conscious effort over the years to keep my work and home life separate because I want to be judged on my own merit and skills as an agent not just because my stepfather is the director of the FBI." Kit explained as that was her big dirty little secret that her stepfather was Jack Flicker; Director of the FBI and former BAU team leader. Jack had married Kit's mother almost twenty years ago, way before he had become the director but that didn't stop the rumours that he had helped Kit get into the bureau given her age when she had been recruited.

Hotch nodded and Kit wasn't couldn't read him too well as he seemed to be a pretty aloof person based on her previous encounters with him but she was sure he was convinced by her statement. "I'm glad to hear that because you'll get no preferential treatment here Kit."

"I'm not expecting any, which is why I'd prefer it if my stepfather's position in the bureau wasn't mentioned to anyone in the unit because as far as I'm concerned it has nothing to do with my being in the BAU, for the time being at least. If a time comes where the team and the unit need to be informed then I will tell them." Kit stated.

"Agreed." Hotch replied before pausing for a brief moment. "Would you like to meet the rest of the team? I haven't gotten round to telling them about your arrival but they'll be grateful to have you here."

"I'd love to." Kit said as she got up from her seat and she followed Hotch into the conference room where the rest of the team were waiting and introductions were soon made. Several sets of eyes were set upon her including the agent that Kit had met earlier and he swiftly avoided her gaze when their eyes met. Poor thing, Kit had probably freaked him out but it was kind of funny that they were going to be working in a closer capacity than what Kit had first thought. She knew she was going to have to apologize for embarrassing him later on when she got a free moment.

"Everyone I'd like you to meet Agent–" Hotch began until an older looking Italian man who Kit knew from her past stood up with a surprised yet bemused look on his face. Dave Rossi was an old friend of her step-fathers and Kit had known him for about close to twenty years now.

"–Well I'll be damned Kit Swanson." Rossi said as he stood up from his seat in the conference room and made his way over to hug Kit, who had to put down her go bag to hug him. "Do you still go by Kit or is it Katherine now?"

Kit let out a heartfelt laugh as she let go of Rossi and gently slapped his shoulder. "You really must be getting really old if your asking me that old man, you know that it's always Kit, I know it's been a while Dave but you know how much I hate being called Katherine."

"You two know each other." A woman with a friendly face and long black hair asked and Kit nodded her head as she resisted the urge to grin like cat because she was going to be working with the infamous Dave Rossi. It was like Christmas had come early for Kit.

"Oh yeah, we go way back..." Rossi replied answering the question of a tall dark haired female agent who seemed to pick up on the fact that Kit and Rossi seemed very friendly and familiar with each other. Kit grinned as Rossi turned his attention back over to her. "So what are you doing here kiddo? Last time I heard you had left the innocent images unit to go into crisis negation and you were causing quite a bit of waves there…"

"Agent Swanson is joining our team." Hotch announced much to the surprise to the rest of the team except Rossi who had a rather smug look plastered on his face.

"No offence Agent Swanson." The muscular African American agent asked Hotch and Kit took no offense as she knew that her sudden appearance on the team without the rest of the team's knowledge wasn't going to go down too well at first. She was used to people being not happy to have her around and Kit was more than used to ignoring it in order to get on with the job. "Why didn't you tell us you were looking to bring a new member to the team."

"I wasn't but then I heard Agent Swanson was looking to leaving hostage negations and come to the BAU I saw an opportunity, her background in hostage negotiations and her speciality in sex offender cases in particular children in relation to her time in the innocent images unit and her time the D.C. field office would be a useful addition for the team." Hotch explained and the team seemed to accept this as a blonde hair woman with blue eyes came forward and held out her hand towards Kit with a welcoming smile.

"Well it's great to have you here Agent Swanson, I'm Jennifer Jareau but everyone calls me JJ and I'm the teams communications liaisons which basically means I deal with the media and the local police agencies. " JJ said and Kit took the offered hand and shook it.

"It's a pleasure to meet you JJ and please call me Kit, like I said to Dave it's always just Kit. I tend to avoid going by full name of Katherine unless I really have to and generally then it's only when I'm getting into trouble with my parents or dealing with some kind of formalities. Even then I'm not too much of a fan of being called by my first name but I will answer to it." Kit replied with a bright smile, she wanted to make sure she got off to a good impression with her new co-workers. As like Dave had said, she had caused a bit of waves at CNU when she had joined as people weren't happy about the director's step-daughter joining the unit and it had made her whole time there rather problematic.

"I'd also like to introduce you to Derek Morgan, Emily Prentiss and Dr. Spencer Reid." Hotch said continuing with the rest of the introductions point to the African American agent first, followed by the dark haired female agent and then lastly the agent who Kit had spoken to earlier. And she was surprised that the awfully cute agent she had made very uncomfortable was a doctor as he looked way too young to be a doctor. But then again this was coming from the woman who was recruited by the bureau straight out of college when she was twenty years old so who was she to make assumptions?

"It's nice to meet you all and it's nice to see you again Dr. Reid." Kit said with a smile, which seemed to set Dr. Reid off again and everyone else seemed to pick up on that.

"You know each other?" Hotch questioned.

"We met briefly earlier and Dr. Reid was very helpful." Kit explained not going into details as the least she could do was spare Dr. Reid from further embarrassment. In the space of five minutes Kit had probably embarrassed him at least three times and they had barely been introduced! Moments later the greeting were pushed to the side as the team got to work on their newest case which was a series of murders in Oklahoma in which all the victims were female who had been sexually assaulted before having their heads decapitated. They were flying out to Oklahoma and an hour later, they had all boarded the jet and on their way to Oklahoma.

"Took you long enough kiddo, I always said you belonged in the BAU." Rossi said after the team had gone over the case again on the jet and threw about a couple of theories. Kit couldn't help but laugh as recalled the years of badgering that Rossi had sent her way when it came to joining the BAU.

"I know and I never listened, kept telling you that you were a crazy old man." Kit murmured in agreement.

"Have the two of you worked together before? Rossi you said the two of you went way back." Emily questioned.

"Not exactly, I've know Kit here for close to twenty years now and back in the old days Kit used to run around the BAU like it was a playground." Rossi explained. "The BAU has always been in her blood and I always knew she'd end up here so it came to my surprise that after her first two years in the bureau she ends up in innocent images unit."

"That's true and then a long story short I ended up here but I'll promise to fill you in later. But tell me about you? Here I thought you were living the dream in retirement with your fancy writing career with millions of books sold and all the book tours. Then the next I hear your back at the BAU, that's a first Dave as I can't remember anyone leaving the BAU to retire and then come back a few years later."

"I had some loose ends to tie up so I asked to come back and the bureau agreed because the unit was a man down after Gideon left." Rossi explained, referring to Jason Gideon. Like Rossi, a legendary profiler and downright famous in the bureau as everyone knew who he was until one day he abruptly quit the BAU.

"Yeah I heard about Gideon, it's a shame given everything that he'd accomplished but I see the unit hasn't suffered." Kit said quietly nodding her head.

"You worked with Gideon?" Morgan asked.

"Not worked exactly but I knew him growing up as my stepfather used to work in the BAU and when I joined the bureau I took a couple of Gideon's classes and he attempted to recruit me into the BAU and I took the classes to become a profiler. But an opportunity arose for me to join innocent images but we stayed in touch and he told me there was always an opening for me at the BAU. I just never felt like I was ready to do so until now, too many things to do before then." Kit explained leaving out several key details that she wasn't willing to get into now.

"How long have you been at the bureau now Kit? What is it now eight years?" Rossi asked.

Kit laughed as she punched Rossi lightly in the shoulder. "Like I said your getting old, it's been seven years Rossi, I'm sill twenty seven. But it's almost eight years."

" That's right, your birthday isn't until March."

"You joined the BAU at twenty?" Morgan asked clearly impressed.

"Kit's pretty smart, almost as smart as Reid so the bureau pulled a few strings to get her into the academy a few years early." Rossi explained pointing in the direction of Reid. "He joined the bureau when he was twenty two and has an IQ of 187 an eidetic memory, can read 20,000 words a minute not to mention he has B.A's in psychology and sociology as well as three PhD's in mathematics, chemistry and engineering."

"Wow, that is amazing… I was just smart enough to graduate high school was I was sixteen, no where in the leagues of you Reid. But three doctorates? That's impressive and that's coming from the girl with the one undergraduate degree." Kit said as she was absolutely floored by Reid's academic achievements and at such a young age, she knew there was no way that Reid was older than her. It also explained how Reid was so young to be a doctor. It seemed the good doctor was not only handsome but a genius to boot.

"Hadn't you retired by the time Kit started the bureau?" Morgan asked Rossi.

"Oh yeah he had but Rossi and I go way back, he's a friend of the family so we've know each other for abut twenty years now and we run into each other when my mom throws some party. Rossi has always been in my life someway or the other in fact he was one of the main reasons why I wanted to join the FBI." Kit said and both her and Rossi laughed.

"You give me way to much credit kid."

"Seriously this man is the reason why I've gotten so far in my career, Rossi was always giving me advice and would always be willing to help me out. When I was sixteen years old I told him that I wanted to join the bureau and Rossi was one of my biggest supporters when my parents were adamantly against the whole thing. Then when I spoke to him about the idea I was tossing around the idea of heading to crisis negotiation for a while after numerous cases of mine with sex offenders resulted in hostage situation. I figured working there would be good for a while, give me some experience a be a good tool to have under my belt. So Rossi took it upon himself to make sure that I knew what I was getting myself into and gave me advice and taught me everything I needed to know about the crisis negotiation unit and he wrote me this glowing letter of recommendation. I almost cried when I saw it, I even have it framed in my living room as it moved me that much." Kit explained as she glanced over to Rossi, he had never been like an uncle or a family friend to her when she was growing up. David Rossi had always a friend to Kit and she appreciated his advice on a lot of things, whether it was about her career or a good bottle of wine.

"It didn't do you the world of good as I heard they gave you a hard time down there." Rossi noted and Kit dismally nodded in agreement.

"Why?" Reid questioned finally speaking up, Kit had noticed that the good doctor had kept awfully quiet after they finished going over the brief on the plane.

"Various reasons. I was twenty five when I joined CNU and because of my age none of them took me serious and a lot of people had a problem with that. They tended to focus on that instead of what I could do and what I could bring to the unit. It's understandable but when it gets to the point it's interfering with the job it's not okay. There was also the fact that I was the only females agent in our office in a unit primarily dominated by men. Those were the two main issues and I had to fight a lot to get any respect from them which was barely given to me but it's never stopped me before. My dad says what I lack in male anatomy, I make up for plenty in other things…" Kit explained with a casual laugh.

"How is your father? It's been a few years since we've spoken but last time I heard he had been promoted to Colonel and you and your siblings had taken to calling him The Colonel." Rossi asked changing the subject as before it would go back to how Rossi and Kit knew each other as before they had taken off Kit pulled him aside to explain that the team were to be kept in the dark for the time being about her stepfather being the director.

Kit nodded and at the mere mention of her father, she burst into a wide grin as she was very proud of her father and he's achievement. Her father after all was one of her best friends. "He's good but he's no longer The Colonel now as Papa Swanson has been promoted twice since the last time you last saw him. For the last two months he's been Major General Swanson so he's now The General now. Every time we think he's close to retiring he gets promoted but the corps is his life and if he's happy then I'm happy…"

"So Swanson, why sex crimes as your speciality?" Morgan asked.

"It's simple really, I think that sex is supposed to be one of the best parts of life whether it's for reproduction or recreational use, it's supposed to be pleasurable and not be used as a weapon against men, women or children regardless of age, sex, race or choice of partner." Kit explained and Morgan nodded in understanding.

"Good day to join us then." Hotch noted.

"Just think of it like your first day of school Kit." Rossi assured her and Kit thought it was best not to mention that she usually skipped the first day of school.