When the team arrived in Collinsville they all split and hit the ground running, Kit went to the medical examiner's office with Rossi, whilst Hotch and Morgan went to the site where all the bodies were found with the detective who requested their assistance with Emily leaving Reid and JJ to go to the Collinsville PD along with Chief Strauss to set up and begin on a geographical profile. Having Strauss coming along was the last thing Kit needed at the moment but there was nothing she could do about it as not only was Chief Strauss the section chief and could essentially end any of their careers but it was also Kit's last week at the BAU. Not matter how annoyed Kit was at Chief Strauss presence right now, she chose not to focus on it and let it affect her, she had a job to do plus once this week was over there was a good chance she'd never see Chief Strauss again.


"Yeah, Rossi?"

"So are we going to talk about this?" Rossi asked Kit as the two of them walked back over to their car after finishing up with the medical examiner. He wasn't referring to what the medical examiner had told them but rather the fact that after this week Kit would no longer be working in the BAU and it was clear that he wasn't too happy about it. And Kit understood why Rossi wasn't receptive to the news, he had told her for years that this was where she belonged and she didn't want to leave but she had to.

Kit sighed. "There's nothing to talk about Rossi, someone has to leave the unit and there was no way it could be Reid. This team depends on him too much so it has to be me. It's the way things are, you know better most people the rules the bureau have on employee fraternisation. Reid and I can't work on the same team, let alone the same unit."

"Look Kit, I like Reid but putting him before you career? Is that wise? You belong here in the BAU and you know that as much as I do and I'm having a difficult time believing that your just going to walk away without a fight or at least considering your options." Rossi questioned.

"I have no more options Dave that's the thing, especially with Strauss sniffing around and being here with us. She isn't exactly fond of this team and with my relationship with Reid coming out in the open it's put us all under more scrutiny. I can deal with that as you know that there's always been a spotlight on my career and me because Jack is the director. But Reid? He wouldn't be able to deal with that and I don't want him or you and the rest of them team to deal with that when you've done nothing worth the scrutiny. I love being here but I need to do this Rossi."

"I can speak to Strauss–" Rossi began.

Kit shook her head. "Hotch tried already, which I should have told him not to. I came into this unit not wanting any special favours or to be treated any differently because of who I am and who I'm related to. Any other agent in my position would accept this inevitability and do what has to be done, so I am."

"Are you sure?" Rossi asked and the mood around the two of them changed, he was being deadly serious with her about it. In such few words he was asking her if she was a hundred percent sure of what she was doing and if she wasn't then it was okay not to do what she was doing. Rossi's genuine concern struck a chord with Kit as he had always been more than a colleague given that she had known him since she was a kid. David Rossi had always been there for her, always ready with advice and being someone who she could look up to and admire. He was a huge part of the reason why she had joined the FBI and the BAU.

"Reid's not perfect Rossi, I know that. He's socially awkward to put it lightly, he rambles constantly, sometimes speaks too fast and fixates on thing amongst many other things. I'm not perfect either. But he's perfect for me. I want to do this. Thirty years from now I don't want to look back and just see my career, I want something more than that and I want it with Reid. I love him. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think I had a future with him." Kit admitted, she knew that Reid was a recovering drug addict, that his dad had walked out on him and his schizophrenic murder after a childhood friend had been killed. Katherine Swanson knew Spencer Reid wasn't normal but she loved him wholeheartedly.

"I'll ask you again, are you sure about this Katherine?"

"Yes I am." Kit firmly replied and Rossi nodded, a clear sign that he had accepted her decision and giving her a small smile, the two of them climbed back into the car.

"Any idea where you're going to go?" Rossi asked.

"No idea. Innocent images want me back and I've had offers from both violent crimes and major thefts units so I won't be at Quantico but I'll be at the D.C. field office. I've got to make a decision soon as I have to tell Hotch by the end of the day." Kit shook her head as she climbed into the driver's side of the car, shutting the door behind her and proceeding to switch on the engine.

"What does Reid think?"

"He feels bad about it all despite the fact I've told Reid that he shouldn't, I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself. We both had time to prepare that I would have to leave but we never actually talked about where I'd go in detail and by the looks of it we won't have the time to. Whatever I decide Reid will respect my decision." Kit quietly said.

"I'll miss you."

Fifteen minutes later Kit and Rossi arrived at Collinsville PD to find Reid still busy at work on a map, Emily and JJ had just finished talking to some of the local cops and Chief Strauss was sitting down just silently watching them. Moments after Kit and Rossi walked into the room that the team had set up in Hotch, Morgan and the Chief of Police who had called them in, walked in behind them. "Learn anything about where the bodies were found?" Emily asked.

Hotch shook his head. "Well we already knew that it was the dump site and that the victims were probably killed somewhere else. The field is pretty remote and off the main roads so it would be quite easy for the UnSub to dispose of several bodies without anyone seeing them."

"But you said it was a popular place, right Chief Hartley? So this field is pretty well known in town." Kit questioned picking up on something that JJ had mentioned during their briefing.

"It is, the kids all go there to party." Chief Hartley replied.

"Well it suggests that the UnSub is a local, they knew the area well enough to bury several bodies without anyone noticing." Morgan began. "What about you two? You get anything for the medical examiner?"

"Confirmed that the bodies found are indeed Brooke Mayer, Vivien Baker, Kelly Schuler and Gemma Tate. Medical examiner found no signs of sexual assault but traces of chloroform in each victims body and he believes that each victim was conscious when the stabbings began but eventually lost consciousness."

Kit looked at Rossi before finishing off where he left off. "Interesting thing is that each victim was a stabbed a different about of times and with each victim the number got higher. The first victim Kelly Schuler was stabbed 8 times, Vivien Baker 15 times, Gemma Tate 22 times and finally Brooke Mayer who we know was stabbed 27 times with the same serrated knife. "

"UnSub is escalating with each victim." Emily summarised.

"That's safe to assume." JJ replied.

"You know we could we could be looking at a female UnSub here given that there are no signs of sexual trauma and the attacks seem very personal, plus it could explain why the victims were all drugged with chloroform. UnSub couldn't overpower them so she drugs the victims." Kit said tossing that idea into the mix, her and Rossi had been discussing that theory on the way back from the medial examiners office and it seemed plausible.

"A female? You think a female is capable of doing all this?" Chief Hartley asked in disbelief."

"Quite possibly. Female serial killers are a very fascinating field. We don't have much information on them, but what we do know involves throwing the rules completely out the window. Take the signature, for instance. They don't torture or take trophies, take this case for example given that the amount of times the victim was stabbed variants with each victim we can't class that as the victims signature." Reid explained.

"It's just apart of their mo, right"

"Well the drugging and stabbing part." Rossi added.

"So do you think the UnSub is done or there are more victims out there?" Chief Hartley questioned.

"Like I've said with female serial killers, you kind of have to toss out the rules some female serial killers have a specific number of victims in mind but historically female serial killers have had victims in the hundreds. One of the ost infamous female serial killers dates back to the 17th century, Countess Erzsébet Báthory de Ecsed commonly known as the Bloody Countess was from the noble family of Báthory but history refers to her as the most prolific serial killer. There is no actual number of victims as she was convicted of torturing and killing 80 girls but it's speculated that her victim count could have been a high as 650 although there is no real proof to supporter that number–" Reid explained in an extremely fast manner which confused Chief Hartley in several ways firstly becomes over the overwhelming amount of information and the speed at which Reid had told him.

"Dr. Reid, I think Chief Hartley gets the point." Chief Strauss said and Kit just focused on the crime scene photos on the board to stop herself from laughing. She liked Reid's rambling very much, it was very sweet and quite attractive.

"You know we can also apply the drugging theory to a man whose physically incapable of restraining the victims." Morgan offered.

"True." Kit agreed.

"Any connection between the victims?" Hotch asked moving things along.

"Different jobs and they live in separate areas but from what we've found out, they all attended Collinsville High School and have remained friends ever since. Bank statements show that they dined out together and Garcia said that their phone records show numerous calls to each other up until the first disappearance." JJ explained.

"We didn't realize that the girls were missing, each one had sent a message to their parents saying they were taking off for a couple of days. After not hearing anything the parents came in and reported their daughters as missing." Chief Hartley wearily said.

"You wouldn't have Chief, each victim was supposedly out of town when they disappeared, case would have gone to the local PD of the towns they were supposedly at. No one would have made the connection between the disappearance until now." Kit assured him.

"These girls were all local girls, born and bred. Grew up together, went to all the same schools until they left for college and then came back. Someone here knows something and maybe who killed them." JJ said.

"We'll each take a victim, talk to co-workers, friend and family and figure try and figure out why they were targeted, look each separately and all four of them as a group…"

"Hotch, you mind if I take the High School? I have a hunch, there's always a couple of teachers who remember everything and everyone. Figured I could get something out of that." Kit asked.

"Do what you have to do."