Kit walked down the hallways of Collinsville high school with Morgan for company, she had some sort of epiphany in regards to all the victims and getting some information on them. Not Garcia could use her computers to gather information about the victims' social media, finances and whether or not they were on medication or seeing a psychiatrist. However there were something's that a computer couldn't give you, they couldn't tell you about a person or who they were in the past. Except maybe if you were looking at a unsealed juvenile record. That kind of information you had to get from people who knew the victims and the kind of information Kit was looking for, she knew she couldn't ask from grieving families. So she had to think outside the box, which brought them to the local high school.

"So any thought to where you're going to be transferring to?" Morgan asked as him and Kit made their way to the school office.

"Not a clue and as the day goes on I get even more unsure, I think I'm just going to end up writing all my choices on to a small piece of paper and put them into a hat and randomly pull one out. I'm not really fussed about where I'm going, I did say that I didn't want to go back to crisis negotiation but the more I think about it, the more appealing it sounds." Kit began before letting out a small chuckle. "Jeez I am such a glutton for punishment, I got given crap at crisis negotiation and yet I am tempted to go back there and have men undermine my abilities as a negotiator just because I'm a woman. I must really love Reid if I'm prepared to do all that…"

"Kit…" Morgan.

"Derek you don't have to tell me that I am making a huge decision and sacrificing my career to be with Reid because I know that. But this is the only way for everything to be okay and I'm coming to terms with that. Reid's not happy about what I'm doing and neither is Rossi, he thinks I've lost my mind doing what I'm doing and he doesn't really understand why I'm doing it. Then he is the man whose been divorced three times. But I think apart of him is dealing with it, he knows I'll be okay wherever I go." Kit stated and Morgan placed an affectionate hand on her shoulder.

"I know you will be Kit, I just wish things didn't have to be this way as you are just as valuable to this team as the rest of us." Morgan replied.

"I don't know about that…" Kit began before stopping in her step and looking at Morgan. "Take care of him, I know I don't actually have to ask you this as I know you will but that genius boyfriend of mine has this infuriating habit of getting into trouble. Spencer's gone through so much already even before he met me and not being able to keep one eye on him whilst at work is going to drive me insane. I just need to know that he'll be okay with me not in the BAU anymore…"

"Katherine nothing is going to happen to Reid, I'll make that pretty boy stays out of trouble." Morgan assured her and Kit couldn't help but smile.

"Good, can't marry him if I have to wrap him up in a plastic bubble. Might make things a tad bit awkward…" Kit said and it took her a moment to realize what she had just said and she couldn't quite believe what had just come out of her mouth. Kit had just mentioned marrying Reid to Morgan which was kind of a big no, as whilst she was leaving the BAU to be with him and have a future with Reid, marriage was something that wasn't anywhere on the table at the moment. Kit didn't even know where her career was, she didn't even know where her job would be next week.

"So your thinking of making an honest man out of Dr. Reid and having little Baby Genius' running around and tripping up all over the place?" Morgan asked and Kit could feel her cheeks burning slightly, that picture Morgan had just painted sounded really nice. The kids part especially as Kit had grown up with her crazy family and she adored them all and having a family of her own was definitely something that she wanted. Thinking about her and Reid having kids made her laugh as whilst they would probably be little genius' like their father, the kids would end up with her side of the family's loud, eccentric and exhausting traits. Then the lack of hand eye co-ordination

"I wouldn't get too far ahead but Reid and I are pretty serious about each other, I wouldn't be transferring out if I didn't think that our relationship was worth it It's all nice thinking about the future but really when I'm with Reid all I tend to think about is the present..." Kit quietly said.

"Can I ask you something Kit? Why Reid?" Morgan began and Kit couldn't help but frown at the question. "I don't mean it like that because you know I love Reid–"

"I get it Morgan and it's a question that I've been asked a lot and my answer is why not Reid? He's not like previous guys I've dated and I guess that's part of why we work so much. I know Reid is awkward to put it lightly but I find that be very endearing and sweet. Reid is always rambling and sprouting off information and it can be very annoying at times but we wouldn't be able to do our job without Reid knowing everything he does and he teaches me something new everyday. I know he has a past and some of it isn't pretty but no one is perfect and the way he looks at me Morgan and how he makes me feel is like nothing I have ever had before. Reid accepts me for who I am along with my dysfunctional family and he gets how important they are to me. For some reason Reid thinks that he doesn't deserve me when really it's me who doesn't deserve him…" Kit explained.

"You really do love him, don't you?" Morgan asked.

"Never saw it coming…" Kit admitted before deciding to change the subject as they had a case to focus on and given that this was Kit's last case with the BAU she wanted to make sure they caught the UnSub. "It feels weird walking down these hallways, kind of makes me reminiscent of my high school days."

"That bad?" Morgan guessed.

"I wouldn't say bad as it could have been worst but high school was a bit of a mixed experience to me, I was thirteen years old and fresh back from Japan and suddenly I was starting the tenth grade. It was very weird as I had grown accustomed to Japanese culture and it took a while to adjust. Most of my old friends were around but they were still in middle school so I had to do the whole making new friends things, however given my dad being around so much I was used to it. But I did feel like I lost part of my childhood in a way as I was doing the SAT's when I was fifteen and then going on college visits. I don't regret any of it but sometimes I wished that period in my time hadn't been so chaotic and seemingly rushed… What about you Morgan?" Kit asked.

"Wasn't easy at first but it started getting easy when I started hitting the gym and then made the football team. Speaking of high school what brings us here?"

"I'm glad you asked, someone here is killing these women and there has to be a reason why and we know that the victims are all connected. I'm pretty certain that the UnSub knew them too, all the victims were local girls born and bred went to the same school."

"And what? You think that the UnSub went to school with them?" Morgan questioned.

"Maybe. I don't know but I think that if we take a close look at all the victims we'll find our UnSub, some reason that group of girls were all killed and the fact that they've been friends since high school isn't a coincidence. You heard JJ say how they split up to go to college but then returned home and soon enough the killings began. I think it's all connected Morgan so I want to start from the beginning where they met; I want to find out everything about these group of girls. Families and close friend will be too caught up in what happened to tell us what we really want to hear, they'll instinctively want to protect the their loved one. So I figured why not talk to the teachers? There is bound to be someone here who remembers all four of them and provide us with some information."