Chapter 21

Randal ducked out the back of the house with a hushed curse, his arms tightening around the squirming toddlers in his arms. The auburn-haired boy glared up at him with sullen blue eyes, his round face twisting with pain when Randal simply tightened his grip. The other child, a blonde with flashing violet eyes, wriggled uncomfortably and attempted to hit the man with chubby fists.

"Dammit!" Randal hissed. "Stay still you damned brat or I swear I'll split your skull before we even get to the riv-"

"You will stop speaking to my son like that right now, da~?"

Randal stiffened at the sound of the voice and slowly turned around, only to nearly be blinded by the thick purple aura that surrounded the towering Russian in front of him like a second skin. Another figure appeared out of the purple smoke, his bright blue eyes glowing fiercely beneath worn glasses.

"Put down the kids now, asshole," America whispered coolly. "And we might just kill you quickly."

"And if I don't?" the other man snapped.

"Then we will kill you slowly and wait until your screams are all that remains of the pathetic human being that you used to be," Russia replied simply, his violet aura thickening the longer Randal continued to clutch his eldest child. "Let go of my son. Now."

"Make m-"

"You will let go of Big Brother's child now before I stab you~"

Randal's already-wide eyes nearly popped out of his skull when he felt the tip of a knife cut through the fabric of his thick black shirt. He turned slowly to look over his shoulder, his lips falling open into a large "O" when two blonde women returned his gaze with murderous intensity, their delicate hands clasped tightly around twin daggers and a large pitchfork respectively.

Ukraine shot the man a sweet smile and reached out to pat her younger sister on the shoulder.

"You should really let go of my dear nephew now, дорогою (dear)," she crooned. "Your little friend didn't listen to us and... Well, Yao and Yong Soo don't exactly have much patience for threats. Do you want to test ours?"

Randal frowned and reluctantly handed over the two boys to the woman with the pitchfork, his eyes narrowing furiously when the struggling blond settled down and flashed the... generously-endowed woman a small smile.

"Salut tante (Hi, Aunt)," he greeted quietly.

Ukraine smiled softly at the boy and nuzzled her cheek against his soft hair. "Здрастуй дорогий (Hello, sweetheart). I'm so sorry we took so long."

"Katyusha," Russia called sweetly. "Please move the children out of the way."

Ukraine nodded and flashed Randal a wicked smile as she backed away with Belarus at her side. Randal gulped and slowly turned to face the two furious male countries, his eyes focusing on the image of a limp body lying on the ground several feet away.

This isn't over, he thought scathingly as the lead pipe came towards him.

The world exploded in bright flares of pain interspersed with hissed curses in Russian mixed with English. For one brief moment, the beaten man caught a glimpse of four bloodied teenagers standing over him, their pale faces dark with sadness and a grim sort of satisfaction.

Then everything went black.

Twenty-one Years Later

Alyson Eleanor Kirkland-Jones (New York City) paused before entering the room, her lips curving upwards into a wicked grin when she saw the heavy blackout curtains that had been drawn across the windows. She crept into the room, her green bunny-shaped slippers padding quietly against the polished wooden floor before they reached the cushioning silence of a worn black carpet. With a practiced flick of the wrist, the American swept the curtains off of the windows, allowing bright sunlight to flood into the room in a warm golden glow.

"Aaaaggghhh! Bloody hell, turn it off! Turn off the fucking lights, God damn you!"

Alyson giggled and launched herself onto the bed that had been pushed against the back wall of the room, her knees smashing into the larger teen that was huddled beneath the black-and-red plaid blankets with a satisfying thud.

"Rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty~!" she sang cheerfully. "It's time to wake up!"

"Alyson..." Aedan Shakespeare Kirkland-Jones (London) growled, his voice muffled by the pillow that was currently pressed against his pale face. "I swear to God, if you don't get the hell out of my room in the next ten seconds-"

"Finish that threat and I'll tell Mum and Dad where you went last night," Alyson interrupted sweetly. "I'm sure Mum would love to know how close you and Fritz came to getting chucked into an insane asylum after you ran through most of Central Park screaming about zombie Fruit Loops."

Aedan's mouth snapped closed with an audible 'click', his bright blue eyes narrowing dangerously. His older sister giggled and ruffled his already-messy golden-brown hair before she danced out of the room, her long blonde hair swinging merrily across her shoulders. She glanced back into the room moments later, her glasses flashing in the sunlight that continued to pour into the room.

"Don't take too long getting ready, got it?" she chirped. "We've got a meeting today~"

Aedan groaned and fell heavily back into the pillows, his sister's laughter ringing in his ears.

"Damn my life," he moaned.

"...Papa is going to kill you."

Daniil Immanuil Braginski-Williams (Toronto) settled back into the plush brown armchair with a small pout, his bright violet eyes flashing defiantly beneath his pale blond hair.

"I didn't do anything wrong," he muttered sullenly.

Katerina Ivanova Braginski-Williams (Moscow) sighed heavily and shot a martyred look at her older brother. Marc (Vancouver) merely shrugged, his expression strangely amused despite the circumstances.

"I still want to know how you managed to convince them to give it to you," Marc mused. "Most tatoo parlors ask minors for their parent's permission, you know."

Daniil scowled, a light purple aura rising up around his slim shoulders. "I'm almost 16..."

"You don't look it," Marc pointed out cheerfully, his smile widening when the younger boy's aura thickened.

"How do you plan to hide it, anyways?" Katerina asked hastily, her lilac eyes flickering uneasily between the two brothers as she slipped a red headband onto her head. A small smile spread across her lips as her pale fingers brushed against the white maple leaf that had been embroidered into the fabric before moving to the warm pink scarf that had been wrapped around her neck. "It isn't exactly subtle..."

Daniil glanced down at the his exposed stomach, his eyes focusing on the double-crested eagle that had been tattooed onto the skin just inches above his left hip. "Simple: I just won't take my shirt off in front of maman (mama) for the next few centuries."

"And what happens in the summer when we visit Uncle Alfred in Florida?" Marc pointed out. "Or are you planning on avoiding beaches for the rest of your life?"

"You two are making things way more complicated than they need to b-"

"Daniil Immanuil, ce au nom de Dieu est sur votre peau? (What in God's name is on your skin?)"

The three siblings jumped at the sound of Canada's voice and slowly turned around with varying expressions of guilt, their eyes widening when they caught sight of Russia hovering curiously over Canada's shoulder.

Ivan's eyebrows disappeared into his white-blond hair when he caught sight of his son's tattoo, a shocked smile making its way onto his lips.

"Мне нравится (I like it)," he stated simply. "Although... next time you might want to get a maple leaf, Danitka. It might make your punishment less severe."

Daniil managed a weak smile, the blood rising into his cheeks when he caught sight of the exasperated look in Matthew's eyes.

"Uh... Désolé (Sorry)?" he offered hesitantly.

Marc chuckled and subtly dragged Katerina out of the room as Canada began to scold their younger brother, his violet eyes meeting Russia's with an amused twinkle before they ducked into the kitchen.

"Maybe we should start on those pancakes, eh?" he whispered.

Katerina smiled and nodded before straightening the glasses that had slipped onto the edge of her nose. "Danitka can make it up to us later, da?"


"Hermana (Sister), I really don't think that this is a good idea." Isabella Maria Carriedo-Vargas (Madrid) whispered fearfully, her hazel eyes locked fearfully on the dark wood of her brother's door.

"Aw, c'mon Bella!" Margarita Luciana Carriedo-Vargas (Barcelona) scoffed. The olive-skinned girl tossed a lock of her long auburn hair over her shoulder before sending a scathing glare in the direction of her twin. "It's Cielo. per l'amor de Déu (for God's sake)."

"You know papá doesn't like it when you use that language," Isabella pointed out quietly.

Margarita's expression darkened at the mention of her father, her bright green eyes flickering away uneasily. "It's my language... And stop trying to change the subject, will you?"

The older twin smiled sheepishly, only to have the smile slip from her lips as they turned back to the door.

"...I still say that we should let him sleep."

"Mare (Mom) told us to wake him up," Margarita reminded her smugly. "We have a meeting today, remember?"

Isabella flinched, her eyes widening in unmistakeable fear. "¿Tenemos que ir? (Do we have to go?)"

Barcelona's expression softened. She reached out and clasped her sister's shoulder, her lips curving upwards into a tentative smile.

"Don't be afraid," she told her gently. "...Todo irá bien (Everything will be okay)."

"Why should I go, anyways?" Madrid murmured. "No one even notices I'm there, and when they do they only ask me how I'm going to fix my economy..."

"You need to go because you're important," Margarita snapped fiercely. "You're the capital of España! Now c'mon, we need to wake up that lazy-ass brother of ours."

"No, wait, Rita-"

Margarita kicked open the heavy wooden door, a wicked smile already plastered across her face.

"Aixeca't I brilla, mandrós! (Rise and shine, lazy!)" she crowed triumphantly. "Come on, wake up you dam- Oh my God."

Isabella grimaced as her twin's expression morphed from sadistic glee to wide-eyed horror, her slim hand raised modestly in front of her eyes as she inched into the room behind her sister.

"Lo siento, hermano (I'm sorry, brother)," she offered quietly. "Y (And)... Achilles."

Cielo's amber eyes narrowed into furious slits at the sight of his sisters, his cheeks flaring a bright, nearly impossible red. The slim Italian started to sit up, only to freeze as the small movement caused his white sheets to fall from his naked chest to pool around his bare hips. An olive-toned hand reached out to tug lazily at a lock of Sicily's dark hair, its owner's sleepy features nearly unreadable aside from the small glimmer of amusement in his chocolate-brown eyes.

"καλημέρα (Good morning)," he greeted the younger girls easily. "Is it... time for the meeting already?"

"Dannazione (God dammit)," Cielo groaned. "Remind me to tell your sister that she needs to make these damn things later in the day."

"I-It's already noon, ass-hole," Margarita snapped, her cheeks still red as she struggled not to stare at the well-defined muscles of Athen's bare chest and arms. "Not our fault you two stayed up all night..."

"Not all night," Isabella informed her pleasantly. "Achilles didn't get in until around one in the morning."

Margarita stared at the other girl for a long moment, her emerald eyes widening in a mixture of awe and horror. "You... knew...?"

Madrid flashed her sister a beatific smile, a surprisingly-wicked gleam in her eyes.

"Who do you think unlocked the door?"

"...Why the hell are we always the first ones here?"

Magnus Friederich Vargas-Beilschmidt (Berlin) sighed and shot his twin a martyred look. Francisco (Milan) merely chuckled and threw an arm around his sister's shoulders, his blue eyes twinkling merrily in the sunlight. He flashed a cheerful smile at the security guards that were standing in front of the United Nations building, only to frown slightly when a auburn blur rushed past him.

"Niccolo," he hissed warningly. "Don't-"

Niccolo Rafaelo Vargas-Beilschmidt (Florence) only smirked, his golden-brown eyes wide with unconvincing innocence as he skipped up to his mother's side. Italy smiled down at his youngest son and reached out to ruffle the boy's hair, apparently oblivious to Germany's skeptical glance. Ludwig glanced over his shoulder towards his three older children, his chin lowering in a small nod towards Magnus. Berlin sighed and glanced towards his sister, his eyebrows raised expectantly.

Louisa Vittoria Vargas-Beilschmidt (Munich) rolled her eyes and stormed up to the nearest security guard, her hazel eyes flashing dangerously beneath her cropped blonde hair as she held out a calloused white hand.

"Übergeben Sie es (Hand it over)," she snapped irritably.

The guard shifted guiltily before handing over a small slip of paper. Louisa simply raised her eyebrow before continuing into the building. Francisco chuckled and clapped the guard on the shoulder on his way to the door.

"You should thank us, you know," he quipped cheerfully. "The last time someone tried to call that number, they ended up stranded in the Alps for two weeks."

"I'm still not sure how he managed that," Magnus mused. He paused when he caught sight of a dark-haired teen waiting patiently for them in the hallway, her chin-length black hair tucked neatly behind her ears. "Hallo (Hello), Sai."

Saichi Cassandra Honda-Karpusi (Tokyo) flashed Berlin a small smile, her moss-green eyes glinting with something that could almost be called mischief as two dark-haired teenagers stalked into the building behind the twin brother flanked by two nearly-identical teenage girls.

"おはようございます (Good morning), Achilles," she greeted quietly. "Cielo... Did you two sleep well?"

Cielo rolled his eyes and muttered something about idiotic younger sisters before he continued to stalk down the hallway after the younger girls. Achilles flashed his sister a sleepy grin and reached out to pull the cursing Italian into his chest.

"...Can we take another nap now?" Athens mumbled.

"We have a meeting, dumbass," Cielo snapped.

"...So we can?"

Sicily rolled his eyes and dragged his boyfriend towards the meeting room, his lips curving upwards into a small smile when the sounds of Niccolo and Louisa arguing poured into the hallway.

"Will you two shut the hell up? Dio, it's too damn early for me to have a headache!" he yelled into the room.

"Stay out of this, Vetter (Cousin)!" Munich screamed back. "Why are you so late?"

"I'm not fucking late, potato bi-"

"Finish that sentence, Cielo, and I'll kick your ass," Berlin called coolly.

"Kesesese~ Wow, already?" Andras "Fritz" Hedervary-Beilschmidt (Budapest) laughed, his silver hair glowing in the dim light of the hallway. The Hungarian stepped back to let his bickering parents into the room, his red-brown eyes glittering wickedly when a man with chocolate-brown hair and irritated violet eyes stepped carefully into the building, his fingers curled surreptitiously around the slim hand of an angry Swiss man.

"Mi van, nagybácsik? (What's up, Uncles?)" Fritz called cheerfully. "Where are my favorite cousins?"

"Really?" Magnus commented coolly. "Then maybe you should call Kurt and Seb the next time you get thrown in prison, then, Ungarisch (Hungarian)."

"If he tries it, I swear to God I'll shoot him," Kurt Mozart Zwingli-Edelstein (Vienna) snapped, his violet eyes flashing beneath his short blond hair. Vienna glared at Fritz as he walked past, his left hand inching towards the handgun that was probably hidden in the waistband of his black skinny jeans.

Another boy with chin-length light-brown hair and sea-green eyes followed Vienna with a polite smile, his chin lowering in a respectful nod to the other four cities.

"Guten Morgen (Good morning)," Sebastian Bach Zwingli-Edelstein (Geneva) greeted them. "Have any of you seen Akiana?"

"L-Like, here I am," a soft voice called timidly.

Geneva's smile widened as he turned around, his eyes focusing immediately on the shivering blonde with shy green eyes that was half-hidden behind Poland and Lithuania. Akiana Laurenitis-Lukaçiewz (Warsaw) forced herself to smile at the other cities, her pale fingers tugging anxiously at the collar of her bright pink sweater.

"S-sorry we're, like, late," she whispered.

"Liet was, like, totally making us wait and stuff," Poland piped up dismissively as he dragged his husband after Switzerland and Austria, apparently oblivious to the half-exasperated look that Lithuania was sending his way.

"...Funny, I thought we were late because you insisted on making Akiana change her clothes, mylimasis (darling)..."

"Yeah, but, Liet I couldn't let her leave the house dressed in brown! It's, like, totally not her color!"

Akiana winced and flashed Sebastian an apologetic smile as the Swiss boy led her into the meeting room, her thin shoulders stiffening when loud yells spilled out of the open doorway. Magnus chuckled dryly and flashed his companions a small smile.

"...Should we go in before they start killing each other, or after?" he asked.

"We'd probably get more done if there were less of us," Saichi mused quietly.

"Ve~ I didn't know you had such an evil side to you, Sai," Francisco laughed. "You can go in if you want to, fratello. I'm going to wait out here until Aly comes. She told me that she was going to be a little late today. Something about Aedan having a hangover..."

"Ked af det (Sorry about that)!"

Fritz gave a loud cheer as a tall Dane with pale blond hair nearly skipped into the building, a silent girl with spiky golden hair and unreadable indigo eyes at his side. A taller blond boy with hard sapphire eyes moved silently behind the siblings, his arm wrapped gently around the shoulder of a smaller boy with identical blond hair and soft purple eyes.

Topi Vihtori Vainamönen-Oxenstierna (Helsinki) smiled and waved cheerfully at the German brothers, his indigo eyes gleaming behind wire-rimmed glasses. Davin Eduard Vainamönen-Oxenstierna (Stockholm) tried to smile as well, only to stop when Francisco and Fritz shifted away from his gaze. The Swede's cheeks flushed a delicate pink and he turned away, his eyes narrowing into a glare when his Danish cousin began to snicker.

"Hyvää huomenta! (Good morning!)," Topi chirped. "I'm so sorry we're late. Mom and Dad were going to take us earlier, but I, uh, slept in a little and Dav said that he could take me, but then Christian called and asked if we could give him and Freya a ride because Christian went out drinking last night so he was-"

"It's alright," Saichi assured him quietly. She nodded slightly as the blonde girl walked past her, earning a small smile from Freya (Oslo) in return.

"Yeah, Aedan decided he needed to show off his dad's bars again," Christian Bondevik-Køhler (Copenhagen) chuckled. "Too bad the lapsi (kid) got wasted after his second shot."

A hand came out of nowhere and connected with the back of the Dane's head with an audible "smack". Copenhagen yelped and glared sullenly at the British teen that had appeared behind him.

London returned Christian's glare with a scorching look before stomping down the hall, his cobalt-blue eyes narrowing into slits when Alyson's loud laughter echoed from behind him. The American teen winked at her friends and skipped cheerfully to Francisco's side, her lips pressing against his in a chaste kiss just as the three Russo-Canadian siblings came in behind her. Daniil rolled his eyes at his cousin's display, his lips quirking upwards into a shy smirk when he caught sight of Fritz.

"Hey," Toronto called casually. "You wanna see my new tatoo?"

"Ohonhonhon~ May I see it too, aru?"

Fritz grimaced and shot a playful glare in the direction of the two dark-haired siblings that had just walked into the room. Jian Li Wang (Beijing) winked suggestively towards his friend before continuing on into the meeting room, his expression brightening immediately the minute he opened the door.

"Louisa!" he cried jubilantly. "我的爱,你怎么样?(My love, how are you?)"

"Bleiben die Hölle weg von mir, pervers! (Stay the hell away from me, you pervert!)" Munich yelled.

Magnus sighed heavily and walked towards the meeting room, his cheeks flushing slightly when he caught Katerina's sympathetic glance. He smiled slightly in return, only to stiffen when Jian's sister giggled.

"Ah, l'amour," Jeanne Antoinette Bonnefoy (Paris) sighed. "And speaking of which... where is my darling Anglais (Englishman)?"

"He should be in the meeting room," Fritz mused, his eyes glittering wickedly. "Daniil and I will take you, right édesség (sweetie)?"

Daniil snorted but allowed the Prusso-Hungarian to pull him away. Saichi sighed quietly and followed them with Marc and Katerina by her sides. Alyson grinned and made to follow them, her emerald eyes widening behind her glasses when she caught sight of the small green fairy hovering a few inches away from her nose.

"Tink!" she called cheerfully. Francisco glanced back at her with a knowing smile and hurried after his friends, his curl bobbing cheerfully above his auburn head.

Tink smiled and flew closer to the American girl, her tiny lips curving into a sad smile. New York City frowned at the sight and reached out for the creature, her expression concerned.

"Something wrong?" Alyson asked quietly.

"No... No, I'm fine," Tink insisted. After a moment, the fairy added "You're late, you know. I've been waiting for you."

Alyson laughed and shook her head. "You're nuts, Tink. What, didn't you think that I would make it?"

"Of course not," the fairy scoffed. "I never doubted you...Ah, by the way, I think that last scream was your brother's."

"Eh, Jeanne probably tried to jump him again... but, yeah, I should probably go in there before they get into a fight without me again."


"Jesus, Aedan, would you lower your voice?" Alyson yelled as she stomped into the meeting room. "Or are you trying to give the security guards a heart attack again?"

"That was one time-"

"Really? What about that time three weeks ago when Niccolo smashed a pie in your face..."

Okay, so, a few things that I need to put down here before I officially declare this lovely fanfic finished, muahahaha!

1- Just putting it out there that I actually don't approve of violent revenge in real life but... eh, it seemed to fit here and I personally think that all of the countries have a nice violent streak in them. I'll leave it up to you guys to decide whether or not Randal and Henry were killed.

2- Obviously, there are a lot more kids at the end of this fic than there were at the beginning (I promise I'll go into their personalities more in my next fanfic, since a lot of you guys seemed to like Option 1). So... Yeah, here are the kids' names and their cities:

USUK kids: Alyson Eleanor Kirkland-Jones/New York City

Aedan Shakespeare Kirkland-Jones/London

RusCan kids: Marc Lucien Braginski-Williams/Vancouver

Katerina Ivanova Braginski-Williams/Moscow

Daniil Immanuil Braginski-Williams/Toronto

Spamano kids: Cielo Romano Carriedo-Vargas/Sicily

Isabella Maria Carriedo-Vargas/Madrid

Margharita Luciana Carriedo-Vargas/Barcelona

GerIta kids: Francisco "Cisco" Michelangelo Vargas-Beilschmidt/Milan

Magnus Friederich Vargas-Beilschmidt/Berlin

Louisa Vittoria Vargas-Beilschmidt/Munich

Niccolo Rafaelo Vargas-Beilschmidt/Florence

Giripan kids: Saichi Cassandra Honda-Karpusi/Tokyo

Achilles Taiyou Honda-Karpusi/Athens

PruHun kid: Andras "Fritz" Hedervary-Beilschmidt/Budapest

FranChu kids (that's a looonnngg story): Jian Li Wang/Beijing

Jeanne Antoinette Bonnefoy/Paris

SwissAus kids: Kurt Mozart Zwingli-Edelstein/Vienna

Sebastian Bach Zwingli-Edelstein/Geneva

SuFin kids: Davin Eduard Vainamönen-Oxenstierna/Stockholm

Topi Vihtori Vainamönen-Oxenstierna/Helsinki

DenNor kids: Freya Bondevik-Køhler/Oslo

Christian Bondevik-Køhler/Copenhagen

LietPol: Akiana Laurenitis-Lukaçiewz/Warsaw

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