As it turned out, the jewel was definitely cursed, but by another spirit: the spirit of Nerissa. She was found out and the Guardians had to go through a series of difficult missions to defeat her. But thanks to Phobos's insight, her end came quicker than it could have, and saved the Guardians and Meridian a lot of hassle.

Skelliclyde was never of again, but Elyon had found a powerful Mage to always watch out for any floating spirits, and of course her friends were on the lookout too.

Despite helping Elyon find out Nerissa, there were still many things that Phobos had to do to prove his innocence. The people of Meridian had been uncomfortable with the thought of an open and friendly Prince Phobos. They were too used to his old image of arrogance and sadism. But after two years of convincing, Phobos finally started to gain supporters.

Galgheita and the rest of the town had decided not to tell Elyon about Cedric rescuing her since it was not shortly after that he had put the facade of a lying snake monster. But after two years of proving himself and his friend, Elyon announced to all of Meridian the true story, and the new generation and even some of the old were shocked. Phobos had actually saved Elyon, and all of Meridian!

He was re-accepted into the royal court as the Prince, and Cedric was retitled Lord. Phobos and Cedric spent most of their time together. The sad and heart-breaking memories began to fade away. The two realized they were and always would be the truest of friends.

Miranda cried hard when she found about her past, and apologizied to Elyon and even to Phobos. But Phobos said he was the one who should apologize for not being able to prevent London from raising her. Cedric too apologized for submitting to London. In the end, Miranda was forgiven by Elyon and the rest of the castle, and Phobos could see a friendship developing between the two.

Phobos insisted they have a day to remember Queen Weira and King Xaden, and no one argued against it. Elyon made the official date her birthday.

Even though Elyon, Phobos, Miranda and Cedric had all lost their families, the four became as close to a family as any of them would ever have. Meridian lived in peace, and all dark pasts were forgotten.

And here ends the story of Prince Phobos.