This is a story about something that happened quite a while ago when your parents were still teenagers. As a matter of fact, this story happens to be about a pair of teenagers who would be parents, were they still alive. Alas, they are not, and so somewhere out there, Harry Potter remains an orphan due to a sad chain of events involving a prophecy, a nosy eavesdropper, a mad man with a wand, and a betrayal.

The purpose of this story is not to ponder the injustice of their untimely deaths, but to uncover the moments leading up to it. It is a true but not often acknowledged fact that life is made up of an infinite number of moments; moments that shape the world and the people in it. They shared many moments, James and Lily. Some were sparked with tension so extreme, it was a wonder they managed to even be in the same room at the same time; some were spent trying to hide their glances at each other from the other side of the room; and some were spent peacefully and wonderfully, such as one particular moment spent on the grounds of Hogwarts under the moonlight.

Our story starts in the year of 1976 on a particularly sunny summer afternoon, upon a train that chugged merrily through the green pastures of Scotland. There were a great many people on the train, as well as a great many compartments, but perhaps the most silent compartment was the one at the very end of the rumbling train.

In it were four boys, two of whom were dark-haired, and two of whom were not. Their names were Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin and Sirius Black and James Potter, and they were perhaps the best of friends that ever were. So it seemed, at any rate. However, the Marauders (they had nicknamed themselves as this back in their Third-Year, when they'd begun to look for more ways to cause mischief than refusing to wear the stiff Hogwarts collars) were not having a good train ride.




"Sirius, throw a Bean at me one more time and Merlin help me, I will Avada your arse right out of this compartment," Remus Lupin said quite angrily into the silent compartment.

He usually was a nice boy, the sort of boy that greeted everyone he met with a 'Hullo' and a pleasant smile. He had light brown hair that was combed neatly and curious amber eyes that were currently shut, as he rested his head against his seat. Those were the first words Remus had spoken the entire train ride and considering the fact that they were threatening the end of his best friend's life, it was obvious it would not be a fun one. The boy that sat opposite from Remus glanced at him, then back at Sirius. He was James Potter, and he was feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the atmosphere of the compartment.

He wished Sirius would stop being such a prat too; he kept flicking Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans in every direction he could find. It was incredibly exasperating, but James was in no particular mood to get into a row with his best friend.

"I'm just bored is all," Sirius said lazily, sprawled across his seat. Sirius did everything lazily. He walked lazily and spoke lazily, giving off the impression that he was a boy who didn't care much about anything. It was untrue, however, for he cared about a great number of things: his friends, Quidditch, causing mischief, and Hogwarts, among others. "You need to lighten up, Moony."

James, who saw Remus clench his fists, decided it was finally time to intervene.

"Padfoot," he warned, "don't be such a git, alright? Remember this is his time of the month?"

Sirius snorted in a rather undignified manner. "Yeah, well, turning into a werewolf doesn't necessarily mean you have to act like you've got a giant stick up your arse."

James glanced at the window of the compartment door to see if anyone was listening - a habit he'd picked up over the years - but said nothing. The tension in the compartment grew as Sirius scowled up at the roof. It wasn't clear to the three boys just what was irritating Sirius so much, though they expected it was because he was uneager to see his family. Still, he'd never been this plainly ill-natured.

They were right to some degree. Sirius was just, to put it simply, not having a good day. He'd woken up to find that Peter had accidentally taken his best tie down to breakfast, and so he'd spent the better part of his morning looking for it. When he'd finally realized what had happened and rushed down, breakfast had been over and only a few eggs remained. After that, he'd run into his little brother, who really wasn't so little anymore, and as they usually did when they ran into each other, they'd gotten into a pointless spat. It reminded him of the countless others they would have when he returned to his house today, including the rows he would have with his parents, and it put him in a foul mood that would surely last the rest of the day.

He flicked another Bean so hard it ricocheted off the window and landed not too far away from James' head. Suddenly, to James, leaving the compartment seemed like a good idea. After all, it had only been a couple of hours on the train and they were already at each other's throats. Plus, Remus did need his rest.

"Padfoot," James said, rising from his seat. "What do you say to finding something entertaining to do?"

Sirius turned with a glare and sat upright. "Like what?"

"Well, we could–"

"A nice prank on the Slytherins, yeah?" he said, a gleam in his eyes. It was usually what they did when they were bored, but at the moment, James wasn't really in the mood to cause any mischief. All he wanted to do was get home and maybe play some Quidditch.

"Er, I don't know…"

"Oh, don't be a wuss, Prongs," he said, bouncing up from his seat and heading towards the door. "Come on, it'll be fun. Do you have your Cloak on you? I was thinking we could turn Snivellus' underwear a nice shade of pink. That is to say they aren't pink already..."

James sighed heavily and followed Sirius out of the compartment, thinking of the numerous, highly detailed ways he could murder him later.

They peered through the compartment windows as they headed down the corridor, searching for any one of their Slytherin rivals. They had so many that it was a surprise they didn't find one in the first few compartments they checked. Rather, James pulled a funny face in the window of a random compartment filled with little Second Year girls, causing half of them to jump up, squealing.

Laughing, he turned and continued down the corridor until a compartment door slammed open and a girl bounced out; she seemed to be in the middle of a laughing fit. The two Marauders paused in their tracks, as she was blocking the corridor. James stared as she shook with laughter, her long wavy red hair jumping up and down her back, and her green eyes crinkling so that it almost looked like they were shut. James didn't know what it was... there was just something about her that made him want to do something completely idiotic to impress her. It was like being around Veela...

Could it be? Was Lily Evans, for that was her name, part-Veela?

Oh. No. She was Muggleborn. Right.

"It's rude to stare, Potter." Lily's voice interrupted his thoughts and he focused his attention at her, grinning.

"I can't help it, can I?" he said truthfully, stuffing his hands in his pockets before realizing how sappy that sounded. "Don't worry, you can stare at me all you like," he winked.

She didn't find it funny. She rolled her eyes and began to walk back into her compartment, not even deigning to give a response.

"No?" he called after her. "How about we both stare at each other?"

She slammed the door behind her. James' shoulders slumped as he realized that he had just had another unsuccessful conversation with Lily.

"Tough luck, mate," Sirius clapped him on the shoulder, though James could tell he was trying hard not to smile. Great. It was fantastic, really, that his romantic failures had lifted his best mate's gloomy spirits.

"What is with her anyways?" James snapped, rounding on him. "She acts like I murdered her bloody grandmother or something."

Sirius shrugged and continued down the corridor. "She's just a girl, mate."

As James glanced through another window, he noticed he had clenched his fists and slowly released them. "Yeah. Right. Just a girl."

Sirius threw him a strange look, clearly baffled by his attraction to Lily. Then again, the two boys didn't have much time for attempting to figure out the inner workings of a girl's mind—they were too concerned with causing mischief most of the time to pay so much attention to the opposite sex… and their make up... and the giggling... he thought them to be a bit scary actually.

Lily Evans was different from other girls though. She didn't giggle, she laughed. She didn't slather stuff all over her face and she was still pretty. She was smart. She was kind, even to slimy Slytherins like Snape that didn't deserve it. She was nice to everyone.

Except, of course, to James.

"Prongs," Sirius whispered, gesturing for him to come over. He was grinning widely, having spotted some Slytherin targets. "The Cloak?"

James stared for a moment. "Yeah," he said, suddenly in the mood for a few pranks. "Yeah, I have it."

"Brilliant," Sirius grinned. "Now let's see just exactly how greasy Snivellus' boxers are."

Notice: This story has been edited from first to third person.

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