A figure made its way through the darkness of the night. The figure was small short and obviously in a rush. The harshness of boots hitting the ground was enough to snap a living animal awake for the night. Though they would only b able to catch a glimpse of the figure making a getaway from whatever he was running from. He reached a familiar post where the only entrance would be to hand a slip of paper to a man who was about to leave the said post. The man was bleary eyed as he ra a hand threw the graying hair on his head. He blinked heavily as the short figure stood in front of him. The man gazed down and saw golden fiery eyes gazing at him in response.

The child's face was framed by golden luscious locks. A red over coat and hood had been tossed over his head in an attempt to cover his face. On his right arm was a small bundle with a dark blue blanket wrapped tightly around the shape. The boy placed a beat up brown suitcase onto the ground as he shoved hands into his pockets and tossed that ticket into the man's face. The man said nothing to the child as he let the kid pass. His job was merely to read the tickets and grant access to the trains. He had no obligation to worry about the train's passengers. The boy tossed his suitcase in first not caring of the damage done on the case as he leapt into the train quickly and quietly. The man stifled a yawn as he shut the train's door and helped prepare the train for departure.

In the inside the blonde was walking down the train decks and softly sat into a seat his suitcase landing harshly at his side as he mindlessly slid down a breath of relief escaping his lips. A small hum had him look up startled as a young lady sat up from her position. She took in the blonde blinking her gorgeous green eyes. Sandy blonde hair framed her face as she rubbed one of her eyes in a sleepy manner. Movement from the bundle in the boys' arms startled him into staring away from the lady as he pulled the blankets down and he slowly pushed the blue blanket so he could stare at the tiny face that peeked at him with watery eyes. He swallowed as brown gold eyes gazed at him wordlessly. The child's face was small and plump, his checks a faint pink color as a blue pacifier sat in his mouth. His hair was short and lazy brown blonde color. The baby's small hands reached up as he showed a quick sign of discomfort. With a pop of the blue pacifier flew out of the child's mouth as a long piercing wail startled a few people awake. The blonde panicked and before he could make any movements to comforting a child the young lady in front of him moved forward.

"Would you like some help?" She asked softly as the boy looked up and frowned not sure why a lady would help. His eyes were cast on the small girl laying a heap of blankets beside the kind young lady. She looked to be about a toddler. His mind fought against letting the lady help. But seeing as the crying was making more people wake up he nodded in defeat. The women smiled as she reached over grabbing the baby boy from his arms as she made gentle movements and rocked the crying baby. "There, there. You're okay. No one's hurting you." She murmured as the blonde stared at the woman who magically made the baby shut up.

"My name is Gracia Hughes. This is quiet a young baby you have." She stated as she smiled at the child muttering a few sweet nothings. She placed the pacifier in the child's mouth as she looked up at the blonde expectantly. "M-My name is Edward. That's my younger brother Alphonse." He swallowed as he gazed away from the lady his tongue numb with a quick lie. "I missed the early train and had to stay behind for a later one. My uncle is waiting for us in Central." He stated. A small fib never hurt anyone. The lady smiled and nodded. "I take your Uncle is taking care of you two young boys?" She stated as he swallowed his throat tight with what seemed to be soreness. "Y-Yes. Since Alphonse was born." There were two meanings to the lies he spilled to the young lady. She however made no move to show she understood them.

"What a cute baby you are." She mused as Edward tightened the coat around his body. Without the warmth of the child on his shoulder he was left in warming his own body up. "If you like I can watch him for you while you take a nap?" She offered. He loved the woman's kindness. She was smiling a smile that seemed to out shine the sun. But he refused to show weakness to the kind young lady. Even though his heart wanted it. "No." he abruptly his words sounding harsher then he had planned. "I-I mean it's alright I can watch him. I had slept before coming tonight." He said. He hadn't. In fact he had stayed up and thought before flinging clothes into a suitcase along with childcare items. Then he grabbed all the cash from the counter top and left the house. He had made a quick decision that would change his future in the long run.

"Nonsense! You look exhausted. I insist." The woman made it hard for him to stand his ground. She looked up her green eyes reviewing the stiffness in his shoulders as his lips came in a straight line. She knew with one more push the boy would give in. But she knew it would be wrong to torture the boy like that. So she smiled and reached over to pat his knee. "How about we take turns? I watch him first. Then you watch him. How does that sound?" She questioned as the boy let out a breath. The air forced blonde bangs to flash away from his face only to have it attack him with more harshness. He brought a gloved hand to his forehead and brushed his bangs away as he gave a quick nod in agreement. She smiled and softly rocked the baby glad for the agreement.

He woke up to the startling halt of the train. Instead of like all the other passengers he enjoyed the train rides. Sure he felt the aching in his back the rest of the day. But it soothed him into sleep. He sat up right on the seat nearly falling off the seat. He looked around wildly as he realized he was warmer then he should have been. The train had a slight draft going around. He gazed downward seeing a pink blanket draped over his body. He fell asleep after Gracia had made the deal. The sly woman didn't wake him once. He looked to the side seeing the young lady lying down in a slight awkward position. On her chest rested a sleeping baby. The young ladies daughter was asleep though she seemed to be stirring. Before he could react Gracia opened her green eyes dazedly and looked around as a hand fixed its way across the baby's locks. "M-Miss Hughes, were here." He said his voice filled with drowsiness and sleep.

She yawned sitting up as she popped her body into position. She smiled as she held the child. Edward didn't speak a word only stand up as he folded the pink body that was warm from his current body heat. His lips were in a tight line. "Good morning Edward." She stated with a small laugh as she handed the baby to the boy's expectant arms. He was careful his eyes analyzing the babies face again before he looked at Gracia a small tint of blush on his checks. "T-Thank you." He said with a slight bow. She smiled waving him off as she picked up her daughter and her duffle bag. "It was my pleasure Edward. I hope to see you and you brother again." She said as Edward gave a nod grabbing his suitcase. "Yes Ma'am." And with that he hoped off the train waving to the kind young lady as he looked at Alphonse. "We can't let anyone else get involved." He whispered as he planted a strained kiss on the baby's forehead.