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He wouldn't stop crying.

Ed was exhausted and was currently rocking Alphonse on his shoulder while trying to finish the report for Mustang. Gracia had taken Elysia out to buy groceries and Hughes was currently at work. So Ed was by himself today. He was glad he was finally given some air to breathe.

Ever since the episode at the graveyard, Gracia and Maes were practically breathing down his neck.

"Damn Alphonse! What is wrong with you today?" He set the pencil down and pulled his brother into his arms, cradling him while checking him over. He wasn't sure what was wrong with Alphonse. Al was fine a few hours ago playing on the floor without a care in the world.

Then he started crying and wouldn't stop. Ed already checked his diaper and fed him. There wasn't anything else to blame his crying on. Ed sighed and laid Al's check on his shoulder and rubbed his back.

"You need a nap." He swayed while walking and rocked Alphonse while looking at the alarm clock that was on the nightstand. He had a few hours before Mustang would call him for progress. Edward was working his hardest in trying to produce something for Mustang.

He already explained the reasons behind the dates. The day Roy came over to check up on him they sat down and actually talked. Ed didn't curse or insult Mustang and Mustang didn't tease him about his height. It was awkward but Ed was serious about finding out what had happened that day in the apartments. He closed his eyes and smiled at the fact Al's was now crying softly.

There was ringing from downstairs and he cursed quickening his pace to get down in time. He picked up the phone looking out the window in case it was for Gracia.

"Hughes residence, Edward Elric speaking." He stuck the phone in between his left shoulder and ear while rubbing Al's back trying to get him to stop crying and fall asleep.

"Hey Ed! It's Hughes!" Ed smirked softly knowing Hughes was trying to evade work yet again.

"Sorry Mr. Hughes, Gracia and Elysia are at the store right now." He commented dryly as the man on the other end chuckled.

"Good, I want to tell you I went through every single date on that list you gave us. I have a stack of files at my desk on every single date. Some of this stuff isn't pretty; I'll take it home to you." Ed's eyes glistened as he looked out the window again. It was barely 12 in the afternoon.

He couldn't wait that long.

"I'll be there in 15 minutes." With that Edward hung up and went to find his jacket.

"You idiot, I told you to stop holding it so tightly." Laura chided as she wrapped up Edwards bleeding palm. The blonde had a frown on his face while she continued to call him an idiot.

"Sometimes I wonder how you manage to stay alive. You're so accident prone." He couldn't deny that. Ever since he was a child he really hadn't been able to keep his balance and it usually resulted in scrapes, bruises, and cuts. When he trained under his teacher Izumi she had been rough and he was constantly bruised or hurt in some place.

After she tied the ribbon she smiled and rubbed the top of his head. "Go get Alphonse something to eat while I finish up here." She started to walk back to the kitchen when he felt his heart thump painfully.

"Laura! Don't!" He said extending his hand to her as she walked through the door. He walked slowly feeling his throat squeeze. He put his hand on the door knob and twisted pushing it open with all his might.


Her body was on the floor her eyes wide and vacant blood spilling on the floor. He felt his heart drop and his stomach twist into a knot as the blood reached his feet snapping him back into reality.

Edward sat upright in bed sweat pouring down his forehead as tears prickled in his eyes. He didn't recognize the dark room and clapped his hands ready to transform his arm into a blade until his mind commanded him to stop. His hands fell to his sides as he took in a shuddering breath and fell back onto the pillow.

His hair was damp tangled. He closed his eyes before resting his metal arm on his forehead enjoying the feel of the metal. He opened his eyes again and stared at the ceiling trying to block out the images of his dream. He could deal with this.

It was just another nightmare. Ever since her death his nightmares were getting more vivid. He rubbed his forehead closing his eyes. Maybe he could ask Gracia if there was something he could eat to stop nightmares.

A whimper made his eyes snap open as he looked to the side of his bed where Alphonse was laying on the portable crib Hughes and Gracia set up for him. Ed grumbled some profanities but decided there was no way he was going to be able to sleep anyways.

He kicked off the covers off the bed and walked to the crib looking at Alphonse who was crying now. He picked up the baby rocking him before walking to his door and opening it. He was pretty sure Al wanted a bottle to help him sleep.

Maybe he could steal that pack of cookies Elysia hid in the bottom drawer. But he was pretty sure Gracia saw and threw it away. This family was all about healthy foods something Ed despised. But he was starting to learn how to live with it. Once in the kitchen he placed Al into his metal grip and started to make a bottle.

He was getting pretty talented in making bottles with one hand, especially since it was his left. He didn't feel up to heating a bottle with Alchemy so he started the stove and put the bottle of formula milk in the pot letting it boil in water.

Once he finished he found the cookies Gracia bought for Alphonse and sat down beside the cabinets and put Al down as he handed the now wide awake baby a cookie. Al munched on the cookie not paying attention to his older brother. Ed rubbed his face and stared at the fridge.

He was doing better now. He managed to get everything in order after her death. He still thought about her every day. It was the small things that would make him smile. Every time he did chores he would remember Laura bitching at him.

But every time he thought about her he would find himself furious. He wanted to find who killed and he wanted to make them pay severely. He wrapped his arms around his shoulders and bit his bottom lip trying to keep in a growl. Mustang had told him he would help Edward search for anything he needed. Edward did feel slightly bad for not being completely honest with the Colonel.

But he didn't want to risk the Colonel telling him no and shutting him out of the archives. He wanted to find her killer and he felt completely selfish because of it. He wanted to kill her killer to give himself closure. He wasn't doing it because it had to do with him or his brother.

He was doing out of his own free gain. He wanted revenge and he wanted it badly. He buried his face in his knees as he laughed at his thoughts. He really was an idiot. He remembered his teacher lecturing him about Revenge. Once someone died they were dead and there was nothing you did to bring them back.

She told him to stop acting like a child.

He thought he had grown up when his mom died but he realized he hadn't changed. He was still the same kid who cried when he fell down a tree or got teased by the kids at school.

When he entered the military he thought he had been prepared for everything and he was starting to see how wrong he was. He was still an immature brat that didn't understand anything.

"I'm such an idiot." He mumbled to himself as he took in a deep breath. "I really haven't grown at all. I'm just a kid."

With the words out in the open he felt the weight of them fall on his shoulders again. He was a child who ran away from home and got a very harmless young lady killed (She wasn't exactly harmless but he wasn't about to say anything about that now).

"I never thought I'd see the day Edward Elric admitted to being a kid." Ed jumped looking up in surprise to see Maes standing in the doorway of the kitchen a smile planted on his face. Ed didn't have the strength to glower at the older man so he settled on pouting and laying his chin on his knees.

Maes shuffled over to him before taking a seat on the floor beside him. Alphonse was currently gurgling happily while stuffing another cookie in his mouth.

"What are you doing down here?" Ed asked softly as Maes looked at him with an amused grin.

"Gracia asked me to get a glass of water for Elysia. I didn't expect you to be up so early." Ed leaned his chin on his knees again before he let them fall into a comfortable silence.

"Ed, I don't know what has you so upset but is it really so bad to be a kid?" Ed blinked looking at Maes in confusion before the man continued.

"Ever since I met you I never thought of you as anything else but a kid. You're a stubborn hot headed brat and you have a good heart. You fight for what you believe in and you have the ability to protect the ones you care about." Maes gave the ground a thoughtful look before he looked up and met Edwards wide golden eyes. "If you don't want to be a kid, then okay. But when you start to call yourself an idiot because you're a kid then something's wrong. The Edward Elric I know wouldn't call himself an idiot because he realized he was a kid. No." Maes smirked when Ed blushed softly at the praise Maes was telling him.

"Edward Elric would get up and kick Mustang out of his chair and demand to get the information he needed to find his goal. He wouldn't let anyone call him a kid because he acted like a kid sometimes. He'd beat that man to a pulp and then act like nothing happened. The Edward Elric I know wouldn't be sulking in the floor of a kitchen because he had a bad dream." Maes shook his head and gave Edward a soft fatherly look.

It was the same look Roy wore when he was tired of dealing with Edward sometimes.

"No, the Edward Elric I know would bounce back up and tell the world to, pardon my language, fuck itself." Ed looked away a smile on his face as he lowered his arms from his legs and took a deep breath.

"I get the point Mr. Hughes." He muttered under his breath glowering at Maes who was chuckling. Ed got to his feet silently and tucked a piece of his golden hair behind his ear.

"I won't let it bring me down. You're right. I should beat people into pulps for calling me a kid." Maes paled significantly at Edward's words as a mischievous grin lit Edwards face. Edward faced the pot of boiling water as Maes caught his breath.

"Glad to see you back." Maes said as he rubbed the top of Edwards head making the blonde glare at him.

Edward didn't say anything as he shut the stove and bent down to pick up Alphonse. He didn't realize until the morning that Hughes never picked up the glass of water he was supposed to get for Elysia.

"Did you really have to come?" Hughes asked while rubbing the back of his head. Edward had just arrived wearing Alphonse on his back thanks to Fuery's child carrier.

"Of course! I don't have anything better to do and this is what I wanted to know to begin with." He picked up the first folder on the stack and realized it was a very old file.

"Can I even take these with me?" He asked while flipping through it quickly.

"No, but it won't look suspicious since there's a copy of all these files in the archives. I was planning to get them out later tonight." Hughes said truthfully as Edward put his hands on his hips and thought.

"Well it isn't going to easy but I might have a way to pull this off. Pass me that coat and a few books."

Hughes had managed to give Edward a whole stack of books and his coat. He managed to create a large bag and stripped the books by transferring the words. It was easy to do and he was pretty sure he had never seen Hughes so amazed.

He managed to put the last book into his bag when the door opened startling Edward and Hughes who were afraid of being caught in the act. From the way the man held himself it was obvious he wasn't a nice guy. He looked huge and had narrowed black eyes.

"General." Maes said saluting the man as Edward blinked saluted to the man even if he was off duty. The man gave him a cold stare and Ed tried to keep a scowl from showing on his face.

"At ease. I've come for the files I requested." Ed shuffled out of the way as Maes continued to keep up with the general. Ed didn't know who he was and he didn't want to find out. He picked up the bag ready to send a glance to Maes but instead caught the fierce stare of the General.

"You are Edward Elric the Fullmetal Alchemist, correct?" Ed blinked before giving a nod. The General's eyes lingered on the bag Edward had in his right hand.

"Might I ask what you have in there, Major?" He asked suspiciously as Edward made sure to glower at the man before putting on a wide grin and setting the bag on the floor.

"I asked Major Hughes to put some Alchemy books together for me. I've been researching on some subjects I've been interested in!" he put in some cheer into his words but let the dangerous glint in his eyes show.

"Mind if I check, Fullmetal?" Ed shrugged and opened the bag watching as the General pulled out a book and read the cover. When he didn't find anything suspicious he put it back into the bag.

I'm not an idiot, Edward thought while looking away smugly. I made sure to pick all the books related to Alchemy to copy the records onto.

He also put the folders on Maes desk to look like he had been working on them. "Very well. I hope to see a detailed report on these studies of yours, Fullmetal."

He gave a nod to Edward who smiled stupidly to pull on a façade.

"Of course!" with that he slipped out of the room and smirked inside at Maes who sent him a wink. With all the books and files in his care he set out to return to the Hughes residence and get to work.

"Welcome Roy!" Gracia said joyfully as Ed looked up from his desk. He had been working on some research when he realized someone had entered the household. He almost growled when he heard the voice of the Colonel.

He put his pencil down and rubbed his eyes trying to look a little decent. He peered at the clock on the nightstand and frowned realizing it was dinner time. Roy was going to stay for dinner. He sighed and laid his forehead on the desk wondering what the Colonel wanted from him now.

"Edward! Come down please!" It was Gracia and he glowered at the desk before getting up and grabbing a rubber band from his bed. His hair was currently down and he didn't want the colonel to see him dressed like he was.

Even though he usually wore his hair up he liked to wear it down whenever he was doing something interesting. He usually put it into a pony tail when it started to slap him in the face. He arrived downstairs to see Gracia smiling and pointing to the living room.

Walking into the room Mustang looked up from staring at the ground and looked Ed over a smirk on his face.

"Well, don't you look like crap." Edward ground his teeth and went to sit down on the couch in front of the colonel. He crossed his arms over his chest and glared at the black haired man in irritation.

"Cut the crap, what the hell are you here for, besides torturing me?" Ed stated stiffly as Roy chuckled to himself. His eyes darkened slightly as he leaned back on the couch.

"You know what I'm here for Fullmetal. I thought I made it clear over the phone the night before." Edward stiffened slightly before gazing away from Mustang.

"I want to know what happened that night."

Mustang didn't miss a beat as he analyzed the boy's reactions. "We only know what we were told. The only thing I can tell you is that whoever it was wanted your brother but got the next closest thing instead."

Ed's eye twitched in anger as he glared at Roy. "You haven't figured anything out yet?" He ground out.

Roy frowned and leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees. "I know your mad Edward but you need to listen to what I'm saying. Revenge isn't the answer."

Ed glared suddenly standing up in anger. "What the hell do you know? Someone didn't die because of you!" His outburst was unexpected but Roy had enough experience to keep the shock from spilling on his face.

"She didn't deserve to die! She should have lived and it's my entire fault she died! The least I can do is find the sick bastard who killed her and kill him!" Roy shook his head and reached into his back pocket pulling out something he had brought with him just in case. He threw the watch at Edward who gasped and caught it barely.

Edward looked away from Roy to stare at the watch in his hands. It was a state Alchemist watch but Edward knew for a fact that it had seen better days. It looked like a bullet had hit it. It was cracked and broken looking beaten and destroyed.

"That watch reminds me why I shouldn't give into revenge. I've thought about revenge a few times but that watch always stops me." He looked forward not looking at Edward who was gaping stupidly.

"In the Ishbal rebellion all of the Ishbalan in Amestris who were soldiers were killed. I had a friend in the academy who was an Ishbalan. A very nice guy who became best friends with me and Maes." Roy closed his eyes a grim smile on his face.

"I couldn't kill him and because of my hesitation I got shot." Edward fell back on the seat swallowing the lump in his throat. Mustang never talked to anyone about the time in Ishbal and Ed didn't expect to be told without a fight like he usually did before.

"Maes killed him in the end. That watch saved my life. He was fed up with revenge for the men we killed in the war. Revenge can turn anyone against each other. I don't want you to be on my team if that's all you can think about. It's not healthy."

Edward stared at the broken watch before tossing at Roy who caught it effortlessly. "I know what you mean Colonel Shit. Revenge is an endless cycle. But…" He swallowed and brought his knees closer to his chest before staring at Mustang directly in his eyes.

"I need this. I need to see who killed her and I need to see him die before I can let her memory rest in peace."

Roy took in a deep breath at the determination in his eyes.

"If you can grant me the chance to find this person I will do all I can to push you on top. I will give you all of my skills and nothing will stop me from helping you." Edward swallowed a gag at his next words.

"If it makes it easier to understand I will be your faithful dog."

Roy smirked at Edward's choice of words before he pocketed the destroyed watch. "I understand what you want to do Edward. I have no intention of stopping you. I just want to know if you want to go through with this."

Edward looked up with another determined gaze.

"I do. I am going to find out who did this and I'm going to settle the score to let her rest. It's the least I can do for her after all that she has done for me."

Edward was laying in the living room with Alphonse on his chest reading a book when Hughes got home. Alphonse had fallen asleep yet again and Edward had no intention of waking his brother up. He had been holding the book up with his right hand for awhile now.

He had a few false starts with his left hand when he managed to drop the book on his face repeatedly. His face still stung from the repeated hits and he found himself cursing gravity.

"I'm amazed you managed to play Basque Grand so well."

Ed didn't look up and continued to read over the page as he answered, "who the hell is that?"

Maes rolled his eyes as he entered the living room and sat down on the couch looking down at Edward who was on the floor.

"The general from earlier in my office." Edward gave a grunt showing he listened and Maes reached over and plucked the book from his hands.

"These dates all had major battles recorded in them." Ed said not sounding mad about his book being taken away. Ed rested his right hand and frowned at the hard thump that sounded when it met the ground.

"I've noticed. I was flipping through them and I couldn't help but notice all of them were revolts with the military and civilians or around the outskirts of Amestris." Ed frowned and stared at Maes while sighing.

"I'm wondering what this has to with that old bastard. Some of them he just placed stupid remarks to the dates as if something occurred that day." Ed blinked suddenly having an idea as he looked off to the side and pointed to a book. "Hand me the blue one."

Maes frowned in confusion but did as told. Ed opened the book above his head and flipped through the pages before he found what he had been looking for.

"This battle was different. The dates he added a comment too there's a huge chunk of information missing. Hand me the red book." He put the blue book down and waited for Hughes who was starting to catch on.

"Are you saying something happened at the battle that was taken out of the records?"

Ed gave a nod snatching the book from the man before skimming through it. "You can't notice too well but it happens near the end of the battle. Right when it's about to become horrible something happens and the war is suddenly over." He couldn't explain what it meant at the moment but at least he knew he was getting somewhere.

"Do you think there linked?" Maes asked while Edward put the book down and sat up carefully cradling Alphonse to his chest.

"They have to be. That old Bastard wouldn't have written them down unless they were." With that he peeked at Alphonse who was sound asleep and curled up into his brother's chest comfortably.

"I'm going to put him to bed. If you want I can show you some other stuff when I come back." Maes looked up giving a smirk.

"Don't think you're going to do this all by yourself Edward. You can rely on me and Roy's team sometimes. We want you to find your dad as much as you do. I'm always going to help you." Edward rolled his eyes but smiled telling Maes he appreciated the thought.

"That's good to hear. I was beginning to think I'd have to solve this mystery by myself and then let the Colonel take all the credit."

"Cut the colonel some Slack, pipsqueak! He only did that twice!"