Title: Bokura No Ai

Author: Eldan Aranye

Rating: T

Pairing: Natsu x Lucy

Summary: A dark guild threatens to destroy everything that Lucy has grown to love. Will she make a sacrifice? Or will Natsu be able to save her from her dreaded fate?

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairytail or any of its characters, Mashima-san does. :D


"Master Thanatos, we have found the Heartfilia girl." The messenger murmured to the ground. Although his voice was rather low, the man sitting on the high throne in front of him nodded. He was clad in blood red robes, his cloak fastened by a silver brooch modeled after a skull. He wore a black crown, adorned by a single red ruby in its center.

"Where is she?" The man named Thanatos asked, his eyes never leaving his henchman. The messenger continued to keep his head and voice low as he answered.

"She is currently in Magnolia. She is a member of Fairytail, master." Thanatos raised a brow at the response.

"So she is a Fairy? I have a feeling things would get quite interesting when we finally execute our plan." The man in blood red robes laughed, his voice echoing in the vast hall of his castle-like guild. He then stretched out his hand and reached for the black orb resting a little way to his right. It was perched on top of a slender golden stand, its entire body held in place by magic. Thanatos placed his hand on top of the sphere, which immediately began to glow under his touch.

"Fenris…" The master of the guild called out. The sphere glowed once, after which a male voice sounded.

"Yes, Master?" came the answer. Thanatos smiled eerily as he gave his command.

"Get the Heartfilia girl. We must have her now for our plans to come to fruition. It is time," here the cloaked man's expression turned into a darker, more sinister one.

"For our dark guild Thanatos to rise and devour those who oppose us. And we will begin," an evil smile crossed the master's lips.

"With those foolish Fairies."


Author'sNote: What evil awaits the Fairies? Why is Lucy being targeted by the dark guild? Find out in the next chapters. :D

For this story, the template I will use will be different from the previous ones that I have followed. You will understand why as we progress. So…this will be the last time you would be seeing my A/N AFTER the body of the composition (just for this story, that is). See you next time!