Title: Bokura No Ai

Author: Eldan Aranye

Rating: T

Pairing: Natsu x Lucy

Summary: A dark guild threatens to destroy everything that Lucy has grown to love. Will she make a sacrifice? Or will Natsu be able to save her from her dreaded fate?

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairytail or any of its characters, Mashima-san does. :D

Author's Note: Natsu is covered in golden flames! Will he be able to defeat the master of Death?! And so we have reached the end of this story. It has been fun, writing this. Minna-san, arigatou!


"This won't do!" Erza mouthed as she gazed at the former human master of Thanatos. In a short span of time, Thanatos had grown into a size that could match Elfman's largest beast form. And if they would not be able to stop him, he would continue growing until he becomes a gigantic demon akin to Deliora.

"Invictus. I see. It is a spell that allows a user to become demon like, both in appearance and in strength." Makarov murmured as he gazed at the demonic master. Gray cast a glance at their master, his frame being supported by Juvia (who had heart-shaped eyes on her face).

"Wait, how is that even possible?" Makarov continued frowning at the creature in the sky as he responded.

"It needs quite a lot of magical energy. The probable reason why he tapped into the Celestial world is because it holds quite a lot of energy itself. But in order to do so, he needed a Celestial Mage to act as a medium." Titania, lifted her orbs at the monster floating high above them, her face formed into a frown.

"And so that was why they captured Lucy?" Makarov nodded. At that instant, they saw a brilliant flash of light, and then a massive yet beautiful aurora filled the sky. The next thing they saw was Natsu being engulfed in brilliant, golden flames. Makarov grinned.

"Looks like we still have a chance." He muttered. The rest of the mages who were on the ground all gazed up at the sky, all of them wishing the same thing.

"Good luck, Natsu."

Thanatos blocked the punch that came his way, but Natsu followed it up with a kick. The demonic master was thrown far back, but that did not stop him from sending out another attack. With a frightening roar, Thanatos summoned multiple spheres, which he then shot towards Natsu. The Fire mage was able to block some of it, but the rest of spheres were able to hit him, causing him to momentarily lose his concentration. At this moment, Thanatos attacked, clawing, punching and kicking the young mage in one continuous streak.

"You are no match for me, Dragon boy." A voice echoed. It was a mix of the old man's and that of a demon. Deep. Heavy. As if it were resonating in a cavern beneath the ground.

"Accept your defeat and succumb to my rule." But Natsu just glared at him.

"NEVER! Fire Dragon's Roar!" The Dragon Slayer thundered, sending a column of flames toward Thanatos, who was holding him by the scruff of his shirt. The demon had no choice but to fly back a couple of feet to avoid being hit by an attack.

"FOOL! WHY DO YOU KEEP RESISTING? I SHALL PLUNGE THIS WORLD INTO DARKNESS...AND YOU WILL NOT STAND IN MY WAY!" At this Thanatos summoned another set of spheres, all of them ready to attack and explode at his word. But Natsu only glared at the demon, his whole body reared to attack.

"I'LL KEEP ON FIGHTING, NO MATTER WHAT! I WON'T ALLOW ANYONE…" Natsu's entire body glowed even more as flames burst forth, licking and scorching the air all around him.

"TO RUIN THE LIGHT OF THIS WORLD!" And with that, Natsu charged head on toward Thanatos, who also moved forward, intending to ram himself against the Dragon Slayer.

"STELLAR FLARE…" Natsu began as he sped toward his opponent, his black orbs focused only on Thanatos and Thanatos alone. In his heart burned his strong desire. To protect his family. To protect his friends. To protect everyone. His flames mirrored this emotion, burning a golden glow, enveloping his body, lending him the strength he need to face the demon before him.


As Natsu collided with Thanatos, Thanatos' spheres exploded. But Natsu's flames prevailed, engulfing the demon within their burning hold. A large explosion then occurred, akin to that of a supernova in magnitude. Had they been fighting on the ground, the entire place would have been destroyed.

Overwhelmed by the attack that he had just received, Thanatos immediately lost his consciousness, with only a single 'why' escaping from his lips before completely passing out. As the master fell to the lake below them, Natsu was caught by Happy, who brought him down to the shore. Lucy was already there, awaiting the return of her partner.

Natsu grinned at her, before collapsing on his knees. Lucy, on the other hand, ran toward him, enveloping him in a hug.

"Thank you…" Lucy murmured into his hair, her eyes closed as she savored the warmth that was emanating from Natsu's body. She felt the young man give a grin as she held him close.

"Thank you, too, Luce." He murmured. Never again would he allow anyone to hurt her like that. It pained him to see her being tormented, being tortured-that it was if he himself was the one being hurt. He would make sure that he would always be there to protect her, so that she would not have to experience that pain again.

"Hey, Lucy?" Natsu muttered as he got to his feet with the help of Lucy. The Stellar Mage looked at him with curious eyes.

"What is it?"

"You know that I'll always be here for you." He said in his usual bright yet reassuring tone. The blonde grinned back at him.

"I know. That's why..." Lucy then gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"I'll do my best to stay by you, too!" She grinned. As she pulled away, she saw Erza, Gray, Wendy and the rest of their comrades running toward them, their faces lit with smiles. Lucy smiled as she watched them approach. Once again, they fought for her sake. They fought, alongside Natsu, and had shown that their bond as family could overcome any demon or monster that world had to throw upon them.

Yes, that was it. They would always be there for each other. No matter what. That was the way of their guild. That was their strength.

That's what it meant to be a mage of Fairytail.

"Master, the council isn't going to make us pay for the damages that this small battle has caused, right?" Erza asked as they finally were able to see the damage caused by the attacking guild. Thankfully, no one in Magnolia got hurt (some Fairytail mages had made sure to protect the townspeople). Makarov just looked on with teary eyes.

"I hope so, Erza. I really hope so…" Makarov cried. Meanwhile…

"Is there something going on between the two of you?" Gray asked, his brow lifted at Lucy and Natsu.

"N-nothing!" Lucy cried as she tried to peel off a clingy Natsu off her.

"Uh-huh...Happy said that you guys were all lovey-dovey in a hidden pool somewhere in a forest. Did you two..?"

"NO! Natsu, stop hugging me!"

"But Lucy..! I just realized how soft you are! And Gray, shut up. I wasn't able to do anything that time…" Lucy's eyes widened at Natsu's words.

"Wait, what?! You were planning on doing something to me?!" The boy shrugged before releasing Lucy and standing up straight.

"Yeah, I was planning on making you more wet, but I wa-" Natsu was referring to how he was planning on dunking Lucy into a deeper part of the pool, but apparently, the blonde's mind had already jumped into a difference conclusion. The said Stellar Mage sent a powerful kick toward Natsu, sending the Dragon Slayer flying toward Erza.

"YOU PERVERT!" She huffed. Gray, on the other hand, was so busy laughing that he had a hard time standing up. As the Ice-make mage doubled up, Wendy piped up a question.

"So what happened to that Celestial Dragon?"

"I think he returned to the Spirit Realm." Lucy said with a grin. At that point, Natsu came bounding toward her, pulling her right in front of him, using her as a shield.

"Wait...wait, wha-?! EEEEKKKK!" Erza was charging headlong toward them, her Heaven's Wheel armor out and ready to attack. Lucy bolted out of the way, with Natsu hot on her tail. Lucy yelled at the top of her lungs...but even so, there was a grin on her face. Everything was back to normal. Well, almost...


Natsu: It's done already?!

Happy: Aye, sir!

Lucy: Eeehhh...so that was our only moment there? *pouts*

Natsu: Well, you can always come to my place, or I can go to yours…

Lucy: KYAHH! Stop saying suggestive stuff!

Erza: But you're blushing.

Juvia: Juvia is happy that Lucy-san is finally with Natsu…

Lucy: We're not together!

Gray: ...yet. ;)

Wendy: Ehh..?

*everybody turns to look at reader*


Happy: Oh! Watch out, author-san might draw this story! :D