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Artemis was running out the doors of Gotham academy. She couldn't believe she was running away from her problems, but that's exactly what she was doing. The girls at that school were snobbish and didn't have a nice bone in their body. They looked down on her because she didn't live in the nice part of Gotham, but in the slums. They called her cheap and constantly told her she was ugly and useless. She'd shake it off, usually. But today was bad. Last night there was a break in at her house by her sister. She threatened Paula Crock while Artemis was with the team. When she came home to find her mother with a gash on her cheek, she never felt more useless in her life. She ran to the old out-of-order telephone booth and zeta-beamed to Mt. Justice.

"Megalicious, did you make any cookies for me today?" said an irritating voice from the kitchen. Wally, of course. I was not in the mood today. I tried to sneak past the kitchen to the training room, but he caught me. "Ugh, IT'S here." He said, scrunching up his nose like he smelled something awful.

"It doesn't please me to see your face either, Kid Moron." I said, walking into the kitchen for an energy drink.

"Hey Artemis, want to try my cookies?" Megan said.

"Nah, I'm gonna go train some more." I said, turning on my heel and walking out. I went into the training room and shut the door. I started bench pressing. 200 lbs. is my limit. That didn't distract me enough. I grabbed my bow and went to shoot at a target. I took a deep breath, pulled back, aimed, and shot, letting my breath go with the arrow. It landed straight in the middle of the target. I went to retrieve it and shot again. Eventually, my arms ached and I literally dropped my bow and began to cry. I felt a cool wind and I turned to find Wally, staring at me in pity.

"What's wrong?" He asked softly.

"Nothing." I said, my voice rough. I hate being pitied.

"Obviously not," He said, pulling me into his arms, "cause I've never seen you cry before." I tensed up. I awkwardly leaned on him, my head lying on his shoulder.

"Adjusting to a rich kid academy from a slums school isn't easy. They find me "ugly" and "useless", and I'm starting to think they're right." I said.

"First off; you are BEAUTIFUL, don't you remember how many times I called you that in Bialiya? Second, you are the most bad ass, independent, stubborn, most powerful girl I've ever met. How could you possibly think your useless?" He asked, those green eyes staring into mine.

"I thought you hated me?" I asked, slightly confused.

"Not exactly." he said, kissing me softly. He looked at me again and whispered, "You're my spitfire." He wrapped his arms around my waist and mine snaked around his neck. He kissed me a little harder. I smiled into the kiss.

"So this is your true feelings? Thought you liked 'Megalicious.'" I said, maybe a tiny bit jealously.

"She and Supey are together, they balance each other out. Kind of like you and me." He said. I smirked. Who would have guessed the "Wall-man" had it in him to be the sweet guy in front of me?

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