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"Kyler!" Spyro yelled

"something's wrong with him!"

As everything fell out of hearing and sight, Kyler could here them screaming for him to stay awake and other such things. When everything finally go white he could feel himself fall on the ground. Once again it was happening, he could feel the stinging that was in his rings.

He than appeared in a dark hallway with a very bright light at the end. There was some trees sitting there, and someone standing there. From the looks of it, there was a human standing just in front of the light for him to not be visible.

"Kyler….walk on" a soothing voice echoed.

"we will help….help…help"

Kyler did nothing but began to walk at this person and when he got close enough to reach out and touch it, everything flashed and the person turned into the dark monster that had done these things to him.

"walk on… walk on…"

"Kyler! Wake up Kyler, wake up!"

All the voices were beginning to make Kyler feel like he was going to explode. The monster was in his face but turned around and started walking into the light which was now red. Kyler turned to run and saw another person with a bright light behind him and ran to it. Everything flashed again and he began to wake up.

"Come on now, wake up."

Breathing heavily, Kyler got to his feet, or paws as he remembered. Looking at everyone was looking at him with surprise. Everyone but Ignitus who was very calm and aware of what was going on. With trouble standing, Kyler looked at everyone with a blank expression. He showed absolutely no emotion.

"Wow, you sure gave us a scare." Volteer joked slightly.

"Well we can see that it has been a while since it was placed on him" Ignitus began

"What are you talking about?" Spyro asked

"The Excalore curse, is a complete and dark curse that is placed on people who have cheated death and survived the normal course of time. Clearly if it wasn't for us, you my friend would have died."

"So I should be dead now…" Kyler spoke up

"No, but you would have died from the infection you were running from. We saved you without meaning to do so but knew of your dangers."

"How do I stop it? Its really getting into my mind."

"There is only one dragon we know who has dealt with this curse before… a very peculiar dragon we know…"

Spyro looked up instantly and made out the name of who it was without speaking.

"Yes, Spyro you know exactly who I'm talking about…"

"Please, can I go?"

Ignitus and Volteer exchanged looks of judgment then Ignitus spoke once more.

"Yes but you will only have twenty-four hours to get back, and you must take him and his friend to her for the help he needs. She's the only one we know that can work with dark magic."

"Thank you!"

" This is urgent though, if the other Elders see you tell them why. I don't want to see this fellow die, especially after we altered the course of time to save him."

"Alright, Kyler you follow me and we will get your friend to go with us. You might want to be the one to wake her cause she also wont believe that this is 'real'."

"Yeah ok,"

They walked into a hallway that also had rooms in it that were still a pale blue. The third door on the left was being pointed to by Spyro after he stopped. Kyler slowly opened the door to see another dragon.

"Yeah we couldn't find her name in our 'Earth history book of time' so we went with Chrystal."

"Her name is Christa!"

"Yeah well, it doesn't exist, new world your in anyway, why not."

"I guess so…"

She began to stir and woke up. The two others watched in silence and shock as she woke. The Kyler opened the door and walked towards her. She tried to get up but couldn't, she too ad that problem. Kyler helped her to her feet and they began to speak.

"What is going on…?"

"Relax let me get this straight, this is real. Its me, Kyler, do you remember?"

"Yeah… I do…" She began to breath hard.

"You still tired?"


"Alright lets go, she will be fine, as long as we carry her."

"We don't have to, I can get us there in no time."

There was a purple was a purple flash and everything was changed entirely. When it stopped they appeared in front of a golden Monument of the citadel behind it. It was of Spyro. The sky showed dusk and was getting windy, when they walked inside carrying Chrystal in they were stopped by two guards. Spyro waved a paw at them and the stepped out of the way and opened the large doors. Inside was a lot of hallways and passages. By a spiral staircase was where Spyro pointed and the two dragons went up the stairs. It all led into a hallway and there were doors that led into rooms. Spyro led Kyler to one and opened the door and spoke.

"Listen you two stay the night here, I will tell my friend what's wrong and she will help you in the morning."

"Hey are you sure?"

"Yes, its been nice to see you Kyler, we may meet again…"

"what are you talking about?"

"I'm dead, and you aren't. I cant stay here long and your girl there is quite the sleeper, I have to go, you will get what you need in the morning."

"Alright…" Kyler spoke before the door was closed.

He saw two beds made of cushions and blankets and lifted Chrystal into one and got in the other. He went to sleep fearful of his nightmares.

Spyro let his paws off the door and went to another door down the hallway, it was black. He inhaled deeply and walked through the door…

A dragoness that has been through the worst of times was standing on the balcony of her room, looking at the sunset. Thought her bad times were the worst she could ever imagine, she spent them with the love of her life. Saving her life more than once, she would regret that he was dead forever. ' Spyro, why did it have to happen, why couldn't you have made it…? She thought for a while. It has been two years since and she still holds the grudge on the one who did it to him. There was a rustle and she turned quicker than a snake strike.

There was nothing in the darkness so she turned back to see a star lit sky. There was another rustle then a sound next to her. When she went to turn she saw another shadow next to her. From the moonlight, it was faint but noticeable. She then looked harder and recognized the shadow. She looked up and saw him, Spyro standing next to her looking into the sky as well.

"Sure is beautiful isn't it?" The familiar voice of him spoke

With a gasp she then went to embrace him and did so very hard. He looked down at the loving and caring dragoness of his life. She returned the look with a gaze of her emerald eyes that glimmered and shined in the moonlight. He then wished at that moment he could tell her everything and why but couldn't.

"Are you…?" she began

"No, I was sent to tell you to… well later, right now I want to talk."

" I'm sorry I didn't believe you, I knew I should have, I was still angry, I wanted revenge…"

"None of that matters now, its over and I just wish I was still around… I wish I could tell you how much I regret the things I did to you."

"No Spyro, you gave me everything a girl like me could ask for, there's nothing that will stop that from being a fact."

"Cynder… I love you more than you will ever know… nothing will change that."

" I love you too…" a tear began to fall, the a couple more from Cynder's eyes. They stayed embraced for a few minutes the separated.

" I was sent to tell you to help with a teen and his friend we saved from another dimension, His name is Kyler and he has the Excalore curse, you're the only one so…"

" I will…Thank you…"

"For what?"

" For making feel like the greatest person I could ever be..." Cynder spoke wiping the tears away

Spyro smiled and disappeared.

Spyro appeared by a tree in The Lands of Avalar. The tree had markings in it that read:



He too began to feel the stinging of his eyes, but no tears escaped to reality…

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