Hey guys I just kind of wanted to kind of give you guys a little more detail on the story. Some of it will be sort of similar to the show, but not a direct similarity. It's obviously an OC fic. I haven't written in about 2 years I think it is, so if this is pure shit don't be too mean about it haha. Also, I'm not entirely aware of how long this is, so if you guys think my chapters should be a little longer just let me know. :)

* Disclamer: I do not own any characters from the show, just the plot and characters I invented.

Beautifully Creepy

I sighed as I unbuckled my seat belt. The smoggy LA air filled my lungs as I walked to the other side of the car to get my little sister out.

"Sissy?" she asked.


"Is that our new house?" she asked pointing to a small yellow home complete with a white picket fence and rose bushes.

"No, sweetie, our house is over there." I replied, turning her around to see where I was pointing.

"Oh...it's scary." she frowned as she hid her head in the crook of my neck.

I just rubbed her back and continued carrying her to the steps where our parents were waiting. The house wasn't all that scary, just unique and old. I probably should've found the house creepy, I mean it's named "Murder House" for Christ's sake. Marcy, our realtor, said there have been lots of murders and also suicides in the house. Mom and Dad still wanted to buy it, though for different reasons.

Mom wanted it because it was a "steal" seeing as it was half the price of the other homes in this part of LA. It's also one of the largest. Dad wanted it because he could work from the house Mondays through Saturday, then on Sunday he could walk down the block to the church to preach. Yes, I am a preacher's daughter, no I'm not one of the stereotypical ones. He's also a psychiatrist.

"Do I get to pick my room?" I asked feeling hopeful.

"No, but we gave you the second largest room to fit all your bookshelves in it and we also went ahead and painted it lilac for you." My dad replied with a smile. He knows me all too well.


"Yes, and Jasey's room is right next door..." Mom stated hesitantly.

"Yay!" Jasey shouted as she clapped her hands together. Four year olds.

"Yeah, woo-hoo!" I rolled my eyes.

Marcy opened the front door cutting Jasey's party short. Marcy led us into the kitchen to discuss the house and give us our keys. I knew I'd get bored, so I opted to excuse myself to do some exploring.

The house was beautiful. Marcy wasn't lying when she said the last people to live her were great at decorating. "Gay." I thought.

I found my room upstairs at the very end of the hallway on the right. Dad wasn't lying when he said my room was the second largest. All my furniture had been set out and arranged perfectly around the room. I smiled at how Dad remembered to paint my furniture black. Purple and black are my favorite colors, but only light purple or it's too dark.

I layed down on my bed and looked up to see that the ceiling had stars on it. Dad must've also had a hand in that. He likes to pretend I'm still Jasey's age. I'm sixteen, not four. Oh well, it could be cool.

"Sissy! Where are you?" I hear Jasey yelling from the other end of the hallway. Taking one last look at my room, I got up and walked into the hall to find her.

Wow. Across the hall from my room is the study, which means Dad is going to be seeing his psycho patients only three feet away from me. Greeeatttt. Turning my head the other way, I noticed Jasey's room really was right beside mine. I hear noises coming from inside so I decide to try and scare her. I tip-toed to her door and then jumped in and yelled "BOO!".

To my suprise the room was empty. I shrugged and looked around at her pink walls and white furniture. On the small bedside table beside her hello kitty lamp was a picture of our family. You know, before my slip up. We were actually happy and life wasn't shit then. I wiped the stray tears ,that I wasn't aware that had fallen, off my cheeks and left her room.

I decided to go look downstairs for her. I hadn't noticed on the way up, but our hallway is really long and narrow. I had just gotten to the stairs when I felt eyes on me. I turned around and didn't see anything suspicious. I was about to go downstairs when I heard something moving.

I turned around slowly, my adrenaline pumping. I walked back down the hall to my room, where the sound was coming from. I took a deep breath and opened the door. There ,sitting on my bed, was a random guy around my age.