The Hunt

I kept running and running. The slush of melted snow in my boots leaked out on the snowy path, making my escape harder with every dangerously slick and haste step. Something cut the air right by my ear and vibrated on the miss shot of my head to a tree, where the arrow, I had unintentionally dodged, wagged is feathered end at me as I ran by. Parading shouts of dismay came from the burly men with arrows at the ready and sharpened daggers that chased after me. The snow only slowed me down by twenty percent when I had to jump over a colossal snow bank.
The rioting shouts rubbed my ears numb as their mixing sounds of footsteps, breath, shouts and weapon clattering got louder and overwhelming my senses. I ground my teeth down and dove under a familiar ground passage by a briar bush, not shedding a drop of my precious blood by the double edged thorns. Once I dug my way up at the other side if the abandoned fox tunnel I silently weaved around other various snow saturated thorn bushes. Then the yelling came back at a tenfold and I was running again. It was a never ending nightmare.
Then there was a breakthrough of the forest on a clear land that led straight towards a fall off the edge cliff. Without a thought or a care of what laid ahead I kept running and running towards my doom. But as I took that final step of land, I froze.
Should I jump and make sure my pursuers do not catch me?
Should I let myself be turned in and be killed and gutting as the animal I was?
No, I was the wolf right? In this hunt I make the decision, o one else can make it for me.


I let my head loll back and opened my mouth open wide before letting out a loud howl that began to echo across the mountains.

I'am a

Then I face the ledge of the cliff with open eyes and a new kind of braveness after my call.


And jumped.