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I glanced around expressionlessly at the boxes scattered in a disfunctional mess around my spacious room.

A soft sigh escaped my lips as I got up from the plush bed and knelt down to the nearest one labeled 'Personal'. The loud sound of tearing ripped through the room as I tore the tape off and threw the box open, smiling at the picture set at the top of the items within.

I picked it up with gently shaking fingers and held it in front of my face, taking in every detail. I shuddered at the smiles on my friend's faces, knowing full well they will never smile again. Not even Edward's crooked smile that took my breath away would be seen again.

I could sit here and blame myself for it for the rest of my cursed life. But I won't. They're dead and me pitying myself isn't going to bring them back! I furiously swiped at a tear that leaked from my brown eyes. I felt the air still and my room turned cold.

Not again...


I jumped to my feet and sped to the door, watching in horror as it slammed and locked from the outside. I kicked at it repeatedly, but when it didn't work, I ran to the window and tried to pry it open.

It wouldn't budge.

A figure separated itself from the shadow on my wall and took a step closer to me, moving stealthily and calmly. It disappeared into a black slime on the floor and made its way up my feet and around my legs.

I fell hard to the ground and moaned in pain. My ankle twisted from the angle I fell and a yelp escaped my lips.

"No! Please!" I screamed, knowing that my screams would not be heard, nor would I be saved.

A deep, yet feminine chuckle came from my right and I turned my head quickly, my eyes locking on the murderous, red-haired beauty.

"Come back my pets. I would like to speak with our dear Bella." Victoria crouched down before me, the black slithering things crawling back into a huge mass and disappearing into the shadows, never to be seen again.

I turned slowly, trying to get to my feet, rather clumsily I might add.

"Why did you follow me here? You've already taken my friends from me, and the love of my life, and my dad, what else do you want Victoria?" I shouted, desperately wanting to get as far away from her as possible.

I felt the sweat on my brow freeze and leave an icy trail down my face once she stepped closer, face to face even though she was a few inches taller. She brought her hand up to my neck and just stared at it as I stood, too frightened to make a single move.

She inhaled deeply and brought her nose to my neck, appreciating the bouquet before sampling the wine.

I shuddered, scared as hell, and she tightened her grip, determined to make my death as painful and horrible as possible. She grazed her teeth across my neck, which I could feel thumping with every heart beat. She bit easily into me and I screamed in agony. Her sharp, cold, venom covered teeth entered my skin and I thrashed, begging her to let me go or kill me. Forever.

A strangled, gurgling sound escaped my now pale lips as I screamed.

After I realized that Rosalie was right, that it did no good to scream, I winced and kept my jaw clenched through the pain. She kept me locked in my room as she paced at the foot of my bed, glancing at me every so often.

When the change was finished she handed me several blood bags and I quickly drained them, feeling the intense burning in the back of my throat subside to a dull ache. I looked up with crimson eyes to my creator, feeling an odd loyalty to her because it was her venom that changed me.

I sat and waited for further instruction as she kept her gaze right above my head.

Suddenly she yanked me off of the bed and to the window, shoving me out of it. I yelped and landed gracefully on my bare feet. I took off running, afraid of what she was going to do. She grabbed me by the back of my shirt and I was violently yanked backwards into a huge tree.

I winced as the tree basically shattered into shards of wood. She abruptly picked me up and slammed me into another, holding me there. Her face was a foot from mine, and I could smell the alluring scent of blood that lingered on her.

"Why would my Pet run from her Creator? The fun has only started." She laughed as she slowly broke every bone in my frozen body. A spine chilling scream echoed off of the trees and mountains.


I jerked awake from the horrible dream, panting. Glancing around my almost bare room, I notice that nothing was out of place and I use this information to calm my nerves. It was just a dream. I chanted in my mind over and over, a mantra that has saved my life countless times. But too many things were true.

Edward, Jasper, Alice, Esme, Mike, Angela, Jessica, Lauren, Charlie, mom, Phil... they're all dead because of my stupidity.

I let Victoria get to me... use me as bait to lure the Cullen's into her trap. And almost everyone was killed because of it. I looked at the empty place in my bed that used to be Edwards. A tear escaped my eye as I got up and went to the window, looking outside. The moon light shone down and reflected off of my pale face as I sighed and cursed the day I made a deal with the devil. The only devil with a frozen heart.

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