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Chapter 2

Victoria's POV:

I sat in the tree outside of Isabella's window, too high up for her to notice me. Her scent of chocolate and cherries swirled around me and it took everything in my power not to jump down and claim her blood.

Bella, Bella, Bella….

She'll come to her senses soon enough. As soon as she stepped from the window, retreating back into the "safety" of her room, I figured I would make myself known.

I jumped down the tree with ease and stopped at her window sill. I easily pushed my light weight up and through the opened window silently.

She lay on her bed, trying and failing to get some sleep. I held back a chuckle at how fitful she looked.

She faced away from the window, toward her door. I took a subconscious step closer and had to restrain myself from tucking her hair behind her ear. My eyes narrowed at the thoughts a human was pulling from me.

I growled in frustration, a bit too loud, for she turned around and shot up in her bed, terrified. Her pale hands clutched at the sheets and she looked like she wanted to bolt out of the room. I stood completely still, watching her much like a tiger would watch its prey.

The color drained from her face and my name spilled clumsily off of her lips. A sly grin made its way to my face and I sat on the bed beside her and chuckled.

"You look like you're about to faint." I said, amused.

My head turned to look down at her and I noticed that her hands had stopped shaking once she realized I wasn't going to kill her. Yet. She cleared her throat and made a visible effort to relax.

"Good girl." I murmured and crossed my legs with my hands on my lap.

"So Isabella." I said simply, my voice like velvet.

She looked up at me with her large chocolate colored doe eyes and froze.

"Yeah?" She responded hoarsely. I smirked.

"Is there any reason you cannot fall asleep?" I asked her, not caring if I was intruding on her personal life, though I was pretty sure I knew why.

Her eyes narrowed defiantly and she glared. "You know why!"

I chuckled and stroked her cheek, pleased when she did not pull away. "If that is the case, then I believe you shouldn't be here alone. You should know as good as any what terrible creatures lurk around after dark." I said with my sultry voice, loving how she knew she physically could not deny me. She'd promised. I took her hand and pulled her out of her bed.

She was mine, though I can only claim her, as her late Edward had killed my James. Now I am claiming Isabella.

If someone had told me two months ago that I'd be buying a permanent residence in Seattle just to keep an eye on Isabella, well, I would've most likely killed them then shoved their foot up their own ass.

My pet was human, which made me take extra precautions seeing that she was extremely accident prone.

Not to mention that she was an extremely special human. She can see ghosts. I often wonder how, but I secretly like that it adds to the never ending mystery of Isabella Swan. She started to struggle but then realized that it wasn't worth it. That she cound not deny me.

I jumped out of her window lithely with her in my arms. She automatically laid her head on my shoulder, odd that she was not opposed to my cold skin. I would have been weirded out if she had not had a vampire boyfriend before this.

I ran unseen through the forests until we arrived in Seattle. I made my way to the small, inconspicuous house I had bought and walked inside. It lacked most things a house should, but damn, its not like I'd use them. And I actually hadn't planned to take Isabella back with me this time so I probably should go and pick up a few key things from the store.

I placed her down on the futon that was laid out unceremoniously on the living room floor. The hardwood was scratched up and dingy, the windows were so dirty that, if I had not been a vampire, I wouldn't be able to see out of them.

The only things working in the house were the stove, refrigerator, and bathroom. Isabella plopped down on the futon and sulked, picking at her sweat pants.

"You're leaving?" She asked me hesitantly. I could understand the underlying panic in her voice. I was the only one she had left.

"Only for a little while. Don't worry Isabella." I said softly, pulling her up and looking right at her.

"Unless you'd like to join me?" I added quirking an eyebrow. She nodded quickly, glancing around the room nervously.

"How many?" I asked her, knowing she'd understand. She pointed into the kitchen and somewhere by the front door. "Two." She responded. I could sense that she was terrified of her gift, not that ghosts bothered me. As long as they didn't harm Isabella, or interrupt my meal time, then I didn't give a fuck what they did.

She'd turned pale by now, and I grudgingly admitted to myself that I missed the blood that usually dominated her cheeks. I wrapped my arm around her and walked back out of the front door.

"Where do you want to go first?" I asked, hoping to cheer her up. I could tell that she wasn't comfortable being in this close of a proximity to me, but she struggled against herself, debating over whether she should give into me since I was all she had left, or if she should continue fighting because I took everything from her.

Her face was like an open book, and so far it was one of my favorite novels.

"Can we go get more clothes last?" She said and I couldn't help but chuckle at how much she hated shopping.

"Of course. So you'd like to get the basics first?" I assumed/asked. I had no idea about what humans found appealing or not and I figured she must've been hungry if the growling of her stomach was any indication. She nodded and leaned into my cold and stone-like body.

I stiffened for a split second, not used to the contact, but soon relaxed before she could notice.

"Alright Bella." I said softly, not expecting her reactions to me to change so quickly. It seemed that she's made her decision and I smiled. We walked into the grocery store and I let her pick out the foods and snacks that she liked while I glanced disgustedly at the bags of garbage that humans loved to indulge in.

I didn't like them when I was human and I sure as hell hated them now. Twinkies, Pop tarts, Cheetos, Lays, Jays…. What the hell was the difference? I rolled my eyes and looked back at Bella who was pushing the squeaky wheeled cart over to me.

I glanced just once into the cart and grimaced, taking it from her and going to the register to pay for it with my new debit card. We walked out with me carrying several bags of groceries and Bella walking by my side. We went to get basic things for her to stay clean and healthy and then went to buy her new clothes.

I smirked as she groaned. I pulled her inside and let her sit this one out while I picked out the clothes for her. I smirked as I realized the advantage I had at the moment. I got to pick the clothes that my pet wore. I shook my head and chuckled at the realization. I headed to the lingerie section first.