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No Djinn May Roam

Chapter One - Disaster

Purple and black each played its part in illuminating the sky, the thing they both created swirling and seemingly increasing in size with every second that passed. It pulsated and begged for more to swallow and an old man stared at it, wide-eyed with disbelief. Was this truly happening?

It took almost two years to resurface, but he'd had no way of knowing if there were others like it out there while he was trapped in his cottage. He took his best guess and assumed it would take some time before he came in contact with another one, and in the meantime he didn't want to needlessly worry any of his fellow researchers, Isaac and Ivan, so he didn't write any letters to them despite what he thought.

The man at last brought his eyes away, pacing around in his one-room house. Of course he was ecstatic that another one of his predictions had come true due to his restless studying, but this was a disaster! Was this really correct, though?

This phenomenon suddenly made much more sense to him; he remembered receiving the letter from Isaac last year explaining in detail the Vortex they had seen near the cabin. He should have paid much more attention to it then! He could have been more prepared, not to mention make sure that the others were prepared.

He pushed those thoughts away, though, unwilling to waste any more precious time which he had been foolish enough to throw away in the first place. The old man trekked over to his bookshelf, tossing unimportant papers and torn, dog-eared books into a massive heap on the wooden floor. He had to make sure he was right about this. His heart jumped as he finally found what he was looking for - the book that had been given to him so many years ago by his caretaker, Babi. Taking no time to reminisce on that subject, he flipped open to the page that had been torn so many times, the page he didn't dare to let any other man read.

After a few moments of scowling and glaring down at the text on paper, mixed with his messy scrawl, he snapped the book shut and sighed, shaking his head with his fingers on the bridge of his nose.

He was right.

He had to do something.

But a man such as himself would have difficulty getting around, especially after his latest adventure with the young warriors, he reminded himself. Even though he absorbed some of the Golden Sun's energy, he long ago admitted to himself that he was becoming quite frail and needed to start taking it easy. He would have to find another way. It was his mistake for not realizing it sooner, but it wasn't a problem he could fix so easily on his own.

He wouldn't be able to do much this time around, especially if this meant what he thought it meant.

He had to consult Isaac. He and Ivan were the ones who understood it best under himself, the old man concluded.

Kraden made his way over to a table, seating himself, and grabbed a pen and a piece of paper. Once he finished, he creaked open the door to outside and hurried over to his pigeon's cage.

"Take this to Isaac, friend," he told the bird, slipping the letter into the case on its back. He patted its head and the pigeon squawked before flying away to a destination many miles away.

"Matthew, hurry up!" a green-haired girl called from inside a cabin. It rested on the top of the Goma Plateau, overlooking Mt. Aleph and what was left of Sol Sanctum. The girl shut the door behind her as she exited the house and glanced around her, searching for her blond friend.

A twig snapped behind her and the girl turned around, excited to practice with Matthew. But when she saw him she couldn't help but laugh. She looked him up and down.

"What are you wearing?" she asked, eyes fixated on his attire. Her friend was wearing black shorts and a white t-shirt, completely abandoning his jacket for the first time in years. He did, however, wear the same boots, which in her mind looked very tacky, especially when it clashed with the yellow scarf that was wrapped around his neck as always. She giggled again but attempted to cover it with her hand.

The blonde grimaced. "You told me to dress comfortably."

"Yes, comfortably! Not like this!" she gestured to his outfit with her hand, which she again put to her mouth to stifle part two of her giggling fit.

Matthew sighed, looking away and rubbing his left arm. "Look, can we just get this over with?"

Karis nodded. "I'll be right back." And with that, she left him to run back inside the cabin.

He exhaled and seated himself on the ground, his boredom getting the better of him. He cast Growth a few times and picked at the newly formed grass. It provided little entertainment, however, so he laid his head back, heaving a sigh and placing his arms underneath his head, lying on his back.

These clothes really were uncomfortable; he realized this as he tugged at his shorts, disappointed that they didn't cover his legs like his oh-so-comfortable jeans did. How was he supposed to know what Karis's view of "comfortable clothes" was?

He scowled. He really didn't want to learn how to shoot a bow but Karis insisted ever since they returned from their quest. "Just incase," she always told him. He wondered to himself if he would "accidentally" fire a shot at her, but he shook his head - she was his best friend and he shouldn't have been thinking that way. That didn't stop him from letting loose an unwarranted chuckle at his slightly sadistic self, though.

The cabin door's slam sent realization through his body and he sat up, glancing in its direction. The green-haired girl stepped out, two green and brown bows in her hand. She smiled at him and Matthew knew, even though it was a sincere smile, that he was in for a long day.

The two Adepts found the perfect spot to practice - it was just inside Tanglewood. The bushes weren't too overgrown, partly because Matthew got a little Fireball-happy during their first quest, and the trees were perfect targets. And if nothing else, maybe they could run into a few Rat Soldiers or Slimes and shoot some arrows through them.

"No, Matthew, not like that!" Karis scolded, running over to Matthew, setting her own bow down in the process, and grabbing his bow and situating it correctly into his hands. She leaned down a little bit to look at the angle he was pointing it in. Satisfied, she smiled and walked away, leaving her student to try it without her help now.

He managed to pull the arrow back swiftly without moving the bow itself too much, and when he released, the arrow shot through the air past the vines and hedges and missed the target tree by a foot. He groaned, lowering the bow and smacking his head.

Karis laughed. "Relax. It's your first try." And she couldn't help thinking back to when she was learning how to use a bow. Her father, Ivan, was teaching her. She was having the same problems Matthew was - not holding the bow correctly, pulling the arrow back too far, releasing too abruptly. However, she mused, I still managed to hit the target on the first try. She grinned to herself - she knew it was more than just a natural-born talent - and walked over to steady Matthew's bow once more.

Once it was in the correct position and Matthew was ready to fire, Karis told him to wait and hurried over to her own bow, picking it up and quickly adjusting to the correct position. She brought it up to her shoulder, pulled back the arrow ever-so-slightly, and glanced towards him.

"Just like this," she said, finally releasing the arrow and following its movement with her eye as it glided through the air, arcing just a bit, and hit the target tree in the dead center. She smiled and lowered her bow, glancing towards her friend once more.

He stood still, in his now awkward position, a determined look in his eyes. His serious stature was broken, however, when he had to adjust his shorts, causing him to have to lower the bow. The Jupiter Adept laughed again, once again walking over and, once he was done adjusting himself, steadying his bow for him, being sure to position it correctly.

She only stepped back a few feet to the right, watching him as he pulled back the arrow - slower this time, she noted - and released it in a swift movement. Still too fast. They both watched the arrow slide past the same vines and hedges, arcing slightly less than Karis's shot, until it collided with the tree. Matthew brought his bow down, almost grinning, until the arrow fell to the ground, seemingly not being stuck in the bark at all. He huffed.

Karis stifled a snicker.

She made her way back to the left to where she could pick up his bow. "One more time," she coaxed, "and I'll help you perfect it."

He glanced at her and nodded. Karis grabbed the bow and brought it up to his shoulder again, guiding his hand through the bowstring and taking the arrow with it. She allowed their hands to rest at the back of the bow for just one second, hinting that Matthew needed to be more patient with things like this.

"Ready?" she whispered.

Matthew nodded but thought better - that maybe she couldn't see his gesture. "Yeah."

And they let go of the arrow at almost exactly the same time, both pairs of eyes watching it sail through the air past the same obstacles yet again until it sank into the middle of the tree. Matthew watched it for a few seconds to make sure it didn't fall like the last one did, and when it didn't, he grinned.

"Thanks, Karis," he said, bringing the bow down. Suddenly his grin fell when he realized her hand was still clasped over his. "Uh.."

She retracted it quickly. "Sorry!"

Awkward moments passed before the Jupiter Adept cleared her throat.

"So, um…I think that's enough practicing for today."

He silently agreed with a nod.

"And the sun is starting to set, so let's head back before all the monsters come out."

He nodded again and began making his way over to the target tree to retrieve the bent arrows. Karis stopped him with a call of his name, though.

"Don't worry about those; we have plenty more at home."

As they made their way across the bridge to the cabin, Karis stopped behind Matthew to stare at the setting sun. It was truly beautiful, she realized as her eyes reflected the warmth and intensity. It made her think of the previous journey - it was funny, actually, that it hadn't even been a year after yet. But as beautiful as the sun was, it didn't stop her mind from wandering to the dark days of the Grave Eclipse. If they hadn't stopped it, that sun wouldn't be shining right now, and instead it would be a never-ending sight of the gray Lady Luna.

Her stomach growled, bringing her out of her thoughts, and she shook her head, turning away from the sunset.

When she started across the bridge again, she almost ran into Matthew's back and shrieked a little, clasping her hands over her mouth, hoping he didn't hear her.

Matthew didn't seem to hear her - or if he did he simply didn't acknowledge it - and turned around to meet her gaze with an intense one of his own. Is something wrong?

She peeked around him curiously and gasped as she saw Isaac standing in front of the cabin door, a letter in his right hand, knapsack in his left. He didn't look all too thrilled.

A/N: RAAAGE title sucks. But I am SO happy to finally be writing this! I was working for the last two weeks or so on some stupid little 3-shot or something that was totally AU, focusing on Karis and Amiti. Basically, Amiti's a foreign-exchange student from Ayuthay (duh) who moves to Kalay to get an education. And, umm...anyone who's ever seen The Prince and Me with Julia Stiles will know how it ends up. I'm such a sap. Anyway. Since I can't force myself to publish that sappy of a story, I'm going to try writing the pairing in a different way. I'm not expecting it to be full-fledged romance - gonna try to add as much adventure/mystery/PLOT as I can before relying on sappy dialog to save the story.

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I'm aiming to have this story revolve around the Psynergy Vortexes and the Mourning Moon (my summary sucks, deal with it) and what's so bad about the third one. Note that if there was some history lesson about the MM in the game I'm completely ignoring that and just going along with the idea that THIS is the third Mourning Moon and it's more dangerous than the first two, despite whether or not they happened before in the game.

But...I'm happy to finally post this after so many months of "no this goes here" and "no just trash it you stupid author." I really want to believe I've improved since Feb when I started posting my multichaps (and gods are they awful when I look at them) and I hope you guys can agree. SO, this is my newest installment. Not gonna post update schedules because honestly I'll never stick to them (like HM's). I just need to proofread and edit a little bit of the next chapter, though, so it'll at least be up by the end of the week, depending on how lazy I am.

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