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"Who could that be?" Madam Red looked towards the door where a knock had resonated out moments before.

"They're finally here…." Lau smirked slyly. Madam Red looked at him expectantly.

"So, who is it?" Lau turned to the young earl who stared at the chess board.

"Answer the door, Sebastian." Ciel said off handedly to the groomed butler. Sebastian gave a small bow before exiting the room to the main door. Mey-Rin had already reached the door and opened it, peering outside.

"I'm sorry to interrupt at this time of day, but I came to inquire about your household's demon butler." A girl's voice drifted to Sebastian's ears, and in an instant, he slipped in front on Mey-Rin, grabbed the girl while slapping his hand over her mouth and yanking her into a dark room. Mey-Rin's confused murmurs echoed to them from behind the door and Sebastian felt the girl smile beneath his hands.

The only thing I felt was wind and hands before I realized I was standing in a dark room. Someone had their hand over my mouth and was standing neutrally behind me, but I could tell if I tried anything, it was likely that he would kill me. I instinctively bit the gloved hand, to his surprise before slowly moving my hand up to remove his.

Oh no. I still haven't gotten rid of those habits?

"What, here I thought that at least your fellow employees knew of your true nature." I turned to face him, laughing inside at the look on his face. It was dark inside the room, but anyone could see that he was undoubtedly at the epitome of 'human' beauty and grace. It was a mixture of dark amusement and annoyance that filled his surprisingly bright red eyes. The feel he emitted boasted about his confidence that he could kill me and I felt a strange urge clip his fringe back with ribbons.

"Who are you? What business do you have at the Phantomhive mansion?" It was a soft yet authoritative voice that cut through the air like a sword made of velvet. It had a menacing undertone that would have normally sent someone's knees shaking, but it only made me giggle in joy.

"I don't have any business with the little Phantomhive. My business is with you, Mr. Demon." I grinned, bowing formally in greeting.

Sebastian stared at the girl mocking him, long black hair cascading over her shoulders in the deep bow. He resisted the urge to end her life right there, but his master would have something to say about that. He had just cleaned this room. He would have to use quicker methods to extract information out of her. Just as he was about to step forward and choose which of her fingers to break, her eyes darted upwards and met his. Perhaps it was because of the room that he had not noticed the extreme brown black colour and depth of her eyes, but in the instant their eyes met, he knew that she was first, not a normal human, and second, that he wanted to eat her soul. It was like a gnawing inside him, the hunger only satiable by delicious souls, and the presence of her alluring soul only served to aggravate it. In that moment, he almost forgot of his own contract that already promised him a soul, until a voice rang out through the mansion.

"Sebastian!" the voice that commanded him was louder and always more important than anything.

"Stay here." He turned to the door, sending one more threatening look behind him, feeling extreme annoyance when she grinned, licking her lips tauntingly, like she knew his thoughts.

I chuckled to myself as he left huffily with a flick of his extravagant coat tails. Listening to his footsteps leading away, I opened the door quietly, impressed with the lack of squeaking of the hinges. Well, that's what you would expect from a demon. I'm counting on his hunger for souls.

I glided around the mansion quietly, avoiding the main room where they appeared to be eating.

I still have some time before they finish. Might as well take a look at this little earl's lifestyle.

A loud boom completely frazzled me out of my thoughts. I skipped to the source of the boom, peering around the door into the room, or apparently, a small kitchen. If that's what you could call it anymore. Burn marks covered the room, with all but the ceiling light destroyed.

"Hello!" I chirped to the coughing man. His hair was or always had been, comically puffed out into a large afro with smoke wafting off his body. He was wearing a chef's uniform, and after his coughing fit, he pulled out a cigarette and proceeded to calmly light it.

"Whoa! Who are you?" He jumped back, blond hair still smoking dangerously.

"Who am I? That's a hard question to answer." I stepped into the room, careful to avoid precarious objects.

"What? Ah, whatever, did Sebastian hire you?" He waved his hand in front of his face to clear the air, and he seemed to grow sly when he took a good look at me. Oh right! I keep forgetting my current self is quite attractive….much better than my last one. Though some would beg to differ. I smirked a little to myself, resisting the urge to purr.

"I guess you could say that. Do you need help cleaning this up? I have some time on my hands…"

"Bard! What happened?" A young energetic looking teen boy ran through the door. He had a straw hat hanging around his neck and clips to keep his slightly darker orange brown hair up. The maid who greeted me at the door followed him, almost running into the door.

"Ah! It's you!" The maid pointed at me and I smiled.

"I thought you were a ghost! After all, I opened the door, and you were there with your long black hair and then you were gone! You really gave me a shock!" She said it almost gleefully and I jumped to sit on a burnt counter.

"Sebastian hired her! What's your name?" The smoking chef eyed my casual and probably improper way of sitting.

"Won't you tell me yours first? You're all much more interesting." I leaned forward, propping my chin on my hands, smiling at the blushing straw hat boy.

"M-my name is Finnian! But you can call me Finny! I'm the gardener!"

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Finny." I hopped off the counter, curtseying formally. I hoped the mixture of formal and informal behavior didn't confuse them.

"My name is Mey-Rin! It's nice to meet you!" I curtseyed again and she hurriedly did the same.

"Judging by your cute dress, can I assume you're a maid?" I gestured to her dress and she turned an alarming red.

"Y-yes! Um, will you be a maid as well?"

"Wait! I haven't introduced myself yet! I'm Baldroy, but you can call me Bard!"

"Nice to meet you too, Bard. I like your goggles." I pointed at his neck where they hung.


I didn't quite listen to what he said after that as I began to tidy the room.

"Finny, do you mind helping me pick this table up? Well, what's left of this table." I smiled, and he jumped to the opposite end of the table, picking it up enthusiastically. Way too enthusiastically. My edge of the table flew out of my hands to flip up into the air, coming dangerously close to the light. It smashed brilliantly against the wall and I stared for a while before clapping my hands.

"Your strength is most impressive! That was very cool….though the table's now completely unfixable."

"Ah! Finny! Be more careful! What if you had injured….wait, we don't know your name yet…" Bard turned to me.

"Names are a source of attachment….just knowing someone else's name forms a bond between two people, and it is upon that bond that the attachment grows stronger. My name is Zylphia. Zylphia Knight. I look forward to making your acquaintance." A very short acquaintance.

"Wow….your name is so pretty! It sounds like the name of a countess!"

"It is nothing of the sort. All your names are just as, if not more pleasant than mine." Over so many years, charisma was embedded into my very soul, and I could see it take effect on the workers. It was pleasant to hang around them too, the atmosphere was enjoyable and casual.

"Zyl….zel…zelf…Zylph…" Finny struggled to pronounce the name, and I laughed.

"I don't have a nickname, so I'm afraid there isn't an easier way to call me."

"Well, if you're going to work here from now on, it's going to be a pain to call you that! We'll give you a nickname!" They all started to think intently, and I laughed at their serious expressions.

"You don't really have to-"

"I have it! Phia! Instead of having to say the first few letters we can just say the simpler last bit!" Bard yelled triumphantly.

"Bard…why are you sitting around giving an intruder a nickname?"

Sebastian walked into the room, sighing inside by the state of the room. The hunger immediately started when he saw the girl smiling at the staff. It was the twisting of his insides that he loved to satisfy with souls, and he remembered in his desperation to stop the starvation, he would eat whatever he could come by. He had long stopped that, knowing it was much better to wait for the delicious souls. What stood before him was one of the most tempting souls he had ever come in contact with, it was almost enough to make him snap.

"Intruder?" The three jumped back from 'Phia', looking incredibly betrayed for a person they had just met.

"Oh dear. Intruder? That's such a harsh way of calling your benefactor, or rather….your next willing victim." She smiled slyly, eyeing him. For the second time that night, he snatched her, running to another room. At the back of his mind, he could hear the frantic assumptions Mey-Rin and Bard were coming up with, mostly obscene compared with Finny's.

"I'm getting a little tired of your antics. If you don't tell me why you're here, I will be forced to take drastic measures." Sebastian narrowed his eyes, staring at the girl. Weak candlelight filled the room, but that was more than enough for him. She had a slender figure, but it was not weak. Long black hair reached down to her waist, which she left loose, strange for a young blooming woman not to have her hair done in the latest fashion, especially one that seemed to be able to afford it. Her dress was plain but was intricate and quietly graceful. It was a dark purple satiny colour that reached to the ground and had black roses adorning the neck line and waist. Her face was as it should be, young, bold, beautiful, but her eyes held a spiraling depth that he had never seen on any human. The dark brown black colour was a void of age and watchfulness. Her eyes alone had told him that she wasn't a normal person.

"Drastic measures? That would be delightful. I did come all the way here to listen to you say that."She laughed softly, tilting her head.

I think I might be acting a little cryptic. But it is so entertaining. With so much time, I can only rely on the little things to make me happy.

"Perhaps I should explain. I think you might have noticed, but I know you are a demon. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a demon's sole purpose is to eat souls, right? Feelings, emotions, the pleasures and delights in life, none of those matter. They're all secondary to eating souls. It's quite unfortunate, but I see you have a contract with the young earl out there. To prey on someone so young….is his soul exceptionally tasty? The hardships he must have gone through for you to so eagerly and obediently obey his every command so that you might get a meal. It sounds so simple…." I pulled a fake rose off my dress, pulling each petal off. I have to give it to the makers for making the rose so real. As I grabbed each petal, I held it to the flame of the candle, watching it burn away. I glanced playfully at him, burning the bud and feeling the flame lightly scorch my fingers.

"Tell me, Mr. Demon, does the pain add to the flavor?" I retrieved my hand from the fire, watching his expression turn…well, demonic. He remained silent, and I shrugged.

"Well, if it does, aren't you in for a treat? Today, I have come to you, Mr. Demon, to offer you my soul."I smiled as I watched his eyes turn animalistic.

"Do you know what you are saying?" His voice seemed hungry and barely contained.

"I'm very sorry to say that I can't give it to you now. I'm not quite sure I want to live much longer, but I had a little fun today, and I think I want to keep on living for now. Until I'm sick of living, you'll have to wait. But you are getting it for free, no strings attached, so beggars can't be choosers. I'm not even making you make a contract. For now, I think I'm going to see if I can find a job here. That way, I can give you my soul at any moment's notice. Shall I make a personal plea to the little earl?" I reached for the door knob when a gloved hand grabbed my wrist and pushed backwards, pinning it to the wall. The demon did the same with the other hand, and I found myself quite uncomfortably stuck to the wall.

"Unfortunately, since you have so kindly offered such a delicious snack, or feast, I should say, I don't think I can stop myself from helping myself. It was foolish of you to think I would not eat it, simply because you have not told me to yet. I have no contract, no obligations towards you. Perhaps my initial thought of your intelligence was higher than it actually is."He murmured and I saw his sharp teeth glinting in the light. His grip tightened on my hands, and his jaw came dangerously close to my neck, his fringe tickling my nose. I chuckled lightly, making him hesitate.

"Do you really think another demon hasn't already tried? I'm quite clear of how delectable my soul is to demons. Near irresistible if the amount of demons that have tried to attack me counts for anything."

"Sometimes, when people are too eager to begin eating, they forget that the food might be poisoned. I can tell you right now, if you try eating my soul, you will get nothing out of it. Unless I give you permission, I'm afraid my soul would be deadly to you." I could feel his long lashed blinking against my neck. It was still for a long moment as his breathing became more even.

"I would be tempted to call your bluff, but your heartbeat seems to back your story. I don't think I have ever come across a soul that would be poisonous to eat without permission. In fact, to my knowledge, it has never existed." I expected him to move, but he remained unnervingly close to my neck, arms still pinned around me in a vice grip. Every word he said sent warm breaths onto the nape of my neck, and I shivered uncomfortably, surprised to feel myself flustered. Goose bumps rose on my arms and down my neck.

"Well, if you don't let me go, I won't ever be able to ask the earl for a job, and be able to tell you immediately when I want to take my soul." His grip on me loosened, and I started to struggle out of his hands. Before I could fully escape, he leant down even further until his lips touched my neck in a spine tingling, intimate kiss. He stepped back calmly as I slipped out the knife I had in my sleeve, slashing for where his face had just been. I smiled sweetly, letting the sharp knife slip back into the small pocket I made in there.

"Oh dear, is that what all maidens do when they are approached by a suitor? No wonder the amount of murders has increased lately." He adjusted a sleeve cuff charmingly, sending me a look from under his lashes.

"Unfortunately, your tactics for getting me to fall in love with you, the dark, mysterious, handsome, evil butler and give you my soul as soon as possible will not work as well on me as it would on other 'maidens'. Although you are infinitely charming and handsome, I have seen all the tricks men can play, and I can resist your devilish charm." I smiled equally mysteriously back, running a hand through my now knotted hair.

"Is that so…."He smiled slyly, opening the door for me. As I walked out, I felt his eyes burning into the back of my head.

"You may have seen all the tricks men can play, but I am not a man. I am one hell of a butler." I felt his smile on the back of my head, and I wondered how long it would take him to ask me about what I was.

"Your wordplay doesn't impress me, Mr. Demon, no, perhaps I should start calling you by name? After all, we're going to be working together." I turned to him.

"I am Sebastian Michaelis." He formally placed a hand on his heart, looking all too sincere. I nodded, turning away.

"And you would be…."

"You did not hear my name? I thought you caught the nickname…"

"Yes, but that is a nickname. I did not hear your full name." I hesitated a moment, back still turned to him. Names are a source of attachment….just knowing someone else's name forms a bond between two people, and it is upon that bond that the attachment grows stronger.

"Zylphia Knight. But you can call me Phia."

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