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Oh my.

I gasped as I surfaced from the murky waters, heavy clothes dragging me down and making it outrageously hard to stay afloat. Apologising to Nina quietly in my head, I grabbed my knife and promptly cut off the heavy skirt, not going as far as to leave myself completely bare. It would be troublesome once I was out on the streets.

"Ah, what do we have here?" Sebastian's amused voice cut through the sounds of waves as I stood on the pier edge, squeezing dry my clothes.

"A waterlogged rat, wouldn't you agree?" I replied in the same tone, now getting a good look at the scars left over from the fire. "Tsk, tsk, you let the young master get wet. What kind of butler are you?" I tutted good naturedly, stepping into the small boat containing a sleeping and sodden earl, carefully manoeuvring myself so eventually his head lay in my lap. Sebastian smiled at my question, peering innocently at the sunrise.

"One hell of a butler."

"Miss. Phia, this is where you must disembark." Sebastian stopped the small boat against the pier, somewhere nearer to the centre of the city. I frowned, glancing down at the innocent sleeping face of the little earl.

"Really, do you really have to eat his soul? He's so young." I sighed, gently brushing aside strands of slowly drying hair from his pale face.

"Death cares little for age," Sebastian said smoothly, "however, I needn't tell you that, Miss. Old Soul."

I stood up gently, placing his head back onto the cool boards of the ship. It rocked as I stepped onto dry land, contemplating where to go from here.

"No, I suppose not." A wry smile made its way onto my face and I turned. "Well, I'm guessing that you'll be back for this 'Miss. Old Soul' soon enough. Do be gentle, Sebassy. Please."

Sebastian merely smiled, eyes glowing a darker red for only a moment before pushing away from the pier.

"Until next time." Sebastian tilted his head in farewell and I mockingly curtseyed with my short, tattered dress, pulling a face at him as he turned.

"Ah…amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus* indeed," I murmured, blowing a strand of hair out of my face. "What a beautiful sunrise…"

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*Latin for 'love is rich with both honey and venom' ~open to interpretation~ nyehehehehe