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After the call ended with the councilors Shepard saw something and turned her head to the right a small light was appearing out of nowhere,

"what the hell?" she got closer with Garrus and Wrex right behind her with their guns out and pointing to the light. It suddenly got bigger and then lights like Garrus' overload it, it exploded and were sent back. After the light left, Shepard rose up slowly trying to regain her vision from the blinding light and she saw them a group of six people passed out on the floor. She got up and looked around and then to Garrus and Wrex who were already getting up and walking forward to the strange people.

"Shepard are those people wearing armor?" he pointed toward them, she walked towards them and she noticed it they were wearing what looked like steel plated armor and wait are those swords and shields?

"Interesting never seen humans wear that commander good thing there unconscious this could have been a small problem and I don't think we need it right now." She turned to him "Garrus I thought they were dead how do you know that they are unconscious." Garrus pointed to his eye piece." Shepard I love this thing it does a lot of useful things never take it off." "Ah Garrus I know it has a kill count and you listen to music but that's all I know any ways I need to bring these people in I'm going to have to call the council again." She made a big sigh she looked at her Omni tool and started to call the council," Garrus can you call c-sec to do a pick up, he nodded and started to make the call,

" commander we are busy so please make haste." The turian councilor said shifting legs.

"Yes councilor it seems that we have some mysterious visitors" she showed them the passed out people on the floor. "I do not think they are from around here they also seem to be caring swords and one that I believe is a staff."

"Are they awake commander?" the asari sounding interested

"No I believe the… transportation seemed to have made them unconscious but I can't count on them cooperating when they wake up."

"So what have you decided to do with them specter."

"I will be bringing them in my companion is speaking to c-sec as we're speaking."

"Very well then we expect a full report after all of the interrogations are done good lucky commander."

"Thank you"

She closed her tool and looked back to Garrus finishing his conversation with c-sec. he turned to look at her." Shepard they are going to send a holding car I sent them our position they'll be here in a few." Alexandria looked at him and smiled and he returned it with what was a turian grin. "Garrus you can call me by my name its fine." He sifted a bit." I….ok Alexandria um can I just call you Alex much shorter is that fine." She smiled again and nodded, "of course you can Garrus." she looked around again holes in the buildings parts of the reaper all over the place people cheering from afar that the citadel was safe from geth and Saren it had taken the power off all the fleets to stop sovereign and still many had fallen all because the council refused to listen she could have left them to die when the Destiny's Ascension was under attack but didn't there was already hatred among the human race and the constant need to have seat on the council and now they do killing the council would have costed unnecessary turmoil between the other aliens all against the humans we were strong but not strong enough to defeat all of them she would have rather taken the chance with sovereign again then have to put up with turian asari and salarian fleets at their heel. And just when Alex thought that everything would be fine here come these people out of nowhere with strange armor and weapons which could only mean her "favorite" thing in the world more paper work great just freaken great. Her palm hit her forehead just thing about it. "Shepard feel like killing something or someone." He pointed to Udina coming over the bridge with some c-sec officers and the car they needed. "you know Wrex if I kill him I will have one of the best days in my life and I will have so much bad luck later on karma's a bitch like that." Wrex just laughed and patted Shepard's back hard enough to push her forward a few steps.

After the car and some of the officers showed up Udina left much to Shepard's liking, they started to take the unconscious people into the back of the vehicle and they got on board the other one and off they went.

They had arrived to c-sec customs well whatever was left of it and the people were escorted to the med bay they had at the academy. They were placed in one of the big rooms that weren't heavily damaged by the attack. She turned on the radio to contact Liara and Dr. Chakwas," Liara can you tell the doctor that when she's done with some on the soldiers to come to the c-sec academy and look at some people and you might want to come as well its… how do I put this it's very strange especially the way they are dressed I'm pretty sure you will be interested in this."

"Ok, Shepard I'll be on my way after i tell her." She sounded a bit excited but that was Liara.

She walked to stand in front on the window to see there passed out guest Garrus walked behind her, "commander is there something wrong?" she looked over to Garrus and then back to the people.

"Yeah there is Garrus these people the way they are dressed." She looked down and then she turned to Garrus," the human race hasn't dressed like that in centuries but here they are wearing armor with swords and shields and one of them has a bow and the other has a... I think it's a staff or something."

"Wait commander are you telling me that the humans used to wear that for what decoration? "His mandibles moved to look like a turian grin. She just looked at him and laughed." No Garrus it was for protection from swords, and arrows but there were different types of armor heavy armor light armor leather armor, robes and such. But from what I used to read and learned was that there were different types of soldiers it was the king with the best made armor then it was knights, commanders, captains, and then regular soldiers or if it was a spy or and archer they couldn't use the bow with the heavy armor they were given so they made them wear lighter armor."

"Interesting but wouldn't the arcers."

"Its archers Garrus."

"Uh archers would they be the most vulnerable."

" yeah that's way they were mostly kept in the back on the highest view point for the most damage since from what I read that if an army gets a lot of archers they are the first to attack and they make it rain arrows."

"So in other words commander it's a kill zone for the enemy that's walking or I guess marching in for battle."

"Yeah pretty much."

"Sounds like fun I would much rather go through that than this." He pointed to the outside. "Garrus I second that." They both laughed and Garrus quickly turned to the window one of them was getting up it was one of the females she was wearing dark blue armor with some weird creature in the breast plate." Shepard she's getting up." Shepard looked back at the window and saw she was on her knees trying to get up." Ok let's get her out then." The two c-sec officers that wear standing guard went inside to get her out.

She stared to blink trying to get the blurry vision to go away but with no such luck she started to groan her entire body was hurting like if the stupid archdemon had been playing with her body like some rag doll." By the…ahh maker" she was breathing heavily and that was just trying to get to her hands and knees. She was still seeing blurry but could see well enough that the people around her were her people. She heard a noise and looked up she couldn't see well but they were big enough that she could tell they were qunari,' had they finally attacked Sten said they would but I don't think they would attack right after the blight was over.' The two mysterious people came in and lifted her up and started to take her away." Where are you taking me qunari." She would have fought back if she wasn't so tired. The people didn't respond back.

They put her in a room with a shiny table. Her vision was cleared she could see well much to her liking she looked around and it seemed that everything was made of silver light loghain's river Dane armor. The door open to a woman in strange clothing and a, she screamed." By the maker what sort of creature is that." She pointed the thing that was behind her. Garrus scoffed. "I'm not a thing human I'm a turian have you never seen one?" he crossed his arms looking at the terrified human she had flinched a little but that only made her mad but kept it from showing. "A turian I have never seen or heard of a creature such as you I have seen werewolves, golems, dragons, darkspawn, elves, dwarfs, deep stalkers, giant spiders but I have never seen a creature such as yourself."

"Quit calling me a creature human I have a name its Garrus Vakarian."

"Hey Garrus I think I'll talk to her alone I don't think she likes you." The woman in strange armor said

"Look I'm not afraid of that, him if you're going to interrogate me at least have the courtesy of telling me your name." she was annoyed now as she had crossed her armors.

Shepard looked at Garrus and he nodded. "I'm Alexandria y. Shepard commander of the sr1 Normandy and this is detective Garrus Vakarian he is part of my crew so If I would refrain from being disrespectful if I were you." They looked at each other intently.

"Shepard's enemies have a way of dying or getting severally hurt." Garrus had shifted his weight to his left leg.

"As do my enemies commander." She had grinned still challenging Shepard.

''We have told you ours now tell me yours." Shepard took the seat in front of her.

"Very well we had a deal I'm Maysi Cousland commander of the grey wardens in Ferelden and I want to know where is the rest of my team and if they are well." She had looked worried

"They're fine now what I want to know is where you came from and how did you get here?"

"that's what I want to know the last thing I remember was giving that blighted dragon the final blow which should have killed me but didn't a bright light came out of nowhere the team that was up there with me was surrounded in this light and then here I am which by the way I don't know."

"Interesting you are on the citadel a space station on the serpent nebula."

"Wait a dragon as in flying lizards breathing fire?"

The door opened it was lieutenant Alenko." Commander the rest of the people are waking up should we keep them there or bring them here after you're done with her?"

"Wait my team there waking up I demand you let me see them at once!" the armor she was wearing was heavier than what she was used too she must still be tired and she was starving damn grey warden appetite.

"Do you want a changer of clothing commander?" Shepard had asked her

Alenko looked at Shepard," wait why did you call her commander, Shepard?"

"I'll explain it later."

"Shepard i... uh yes that would fine I don't want to walk around with ripped bloodied clothes." Shepard nodded and motioned kaiden to fetch the clothes.

After a few minutes kaiden came back with alliance blues which is what they all wore if it wasn't for the armor. He handed it to Shepard and left. "Here you go." May started to undue the straps and buckles form the heavy armor. As soon as the heavy plates hit the floor she took a big sigh of relief Shepard and Garrus were still in the room with her they noticed the dry blood and ripped and patch up and dirty shirt she had on. Alenko came back in." hey commander Liara and Chakwas are here what do you want them to do?" she looked over at her and then at Garrus." Garrus you stay here with her I need to go and talk to Liara and the doctor so keep an eye on her Alenko wait outside and then follow them to her team Garrus see what they can say I still need to figure out how they ended up here and how much more paper work I need to do ok."

"Yes commander." They said in unison and she left.

"The clothes that you have given me they are strange I have not seen this type of fabric." Garrus just remain quit and nodded. She lifted her shirt over her head threw on the floor and did the same to her ripped bra and started to remove her pants as well.

"Cousland you are not embarrassed of changing in front of me?" she had her back to him

"should I be I have changed in the wilds, stripped of everything in fort drakon after they arrested me, been forced to take all of my clothes in front of my friends so that Wyne and Morrigan can heal me after sword and arrow pierced through me not the most fun but I do not shy away I'm not embarrassed by the scars I have gain throughout my travels trying to save a country from themselves or the world from the blight." She sighed she put on the new underwear they gave her and put the pants on first and then the shirt.

"Hey Vakarian can I tell you something? " She turned to him," just call me Garrus. "she nodded,

"ok Garrus I feel like I can tell you anything and I apologize for my previous comments I meant no disrespect." He chuckled a little." You're just like Shepard and its ok you were just caught off guard which I can tell that doesn't happen often."

"Yes it doesn't but back to what I was saying oh yes when I struck the dragon I was supposed to die."

"What do you mean supposed to die if you killed it that would mean you would have lived?"

"a grey warden is the only person that can kill the arch demon the soul goes into the nearest grey warden and possesses it but both the souls are fighting for control of the body and."

"The person dies and the soul perish."

"yes, I was ready to die I didn't have any other reason to live my family had been kill by a treacherous bastard and vowed to kill him along with becoming a grey warden and their duty was to defeat the blight and kill the arch demon, but in order to do that I had to stop a civil war before it got out of hand which I did, I kill the man that betrayed my father stopped the blight stopped the civil war solved everybody's problems while trying to save the world from being taken over by darkness and the one thing I ask in return was my death and that was denied to me and I end up here in a strange place and for the first time ever I don't know what to do honestly all I really know what to do save things before they get out of hand stopped the darkspawn from…. Darkspawn I do not sense them I what in the makers name."

"What are darkspawn?"

"You are joking right surely you must but I cannot hear them speak this I find strange."

"Uh do you want to go and see your team now?" it was the only thing he could think of to distract her, 'she really is like Shepard.'

"I yes, yes of course let's be off then." She tried to smile but the idea that she couldn't hear the darkspawns constant whispering and hissing disturbed her though at least maybe she could sleep in peace.

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