Yes, this is the sequel to Just Another Day in Hawaii. I am not sure how often I can update, I want to get a few chapters done before I put up another, so please don't get mad if updates are sporadic. Thanks :D

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Five Days Ago…

Halawa Correctional Facility...

He stood in line, tray in hand, standing behind a tall, blond man. This plan wasn't great, didn't have a high success rate, but he needed to get out. They hadn't learned their lessons, he had to teach them. If it was the last thing he did, he'd teach them.

The cafeteria worker, Gibson, slapped a pile of goop onto his tray. He smiled slightly, gave Gibson a pleasant, "Thank you," and turned to head to a table. He caught the eye of another inmate, nodding his way. He nodded back, slowly looking down at his lunch.

He continued toward his table, sitting across from someone who had made it quite clear he didn't like him. He readied himself for what was about to happen, never having been in a fight before (unless he counted the reason he ended up in jail), and stood up.

He received a cautious look from his lunch mate, seconds before he collected his tray and slammed it into the other man's face. The tray probably didn't hurt him, it was made of plastic, but the act did surprise the man, but only for a few seconds.

The fist that connected with his face felt like a brick… connecting with his face. He was stunned for a total of six seconds, enough time for his accomplice to take a swing at another guy. That guy's friend took offense to that, dishing out his own hit. The single hit led to an all out brawl.

He rolled away from his opponent's swinging leg, barely avoiding a foot to the face. As the guy took another swing, he was grabbed from behind and thrown into a close by table. On the ground, the other man was offered a hand, taking it, and both guys started maneuvering around guards and inmates.

It was a close call, a few times they were nearly attacked, but both managed to get away. In a matter of minutes they were running outside, sirens wailing, and were halfway down the street before either one stopped to take catch their breath.

"I…I can't believe that worked," his accomplice said with his hands on his knees.

"I-it should g-give us a h-head start," he responded wiping his forehead, gasping for breath. He wasn't used to doing stuff like this.

"I'm Patrick O'Riley by the way," the other man said holding out his hand.

"Nicolas," he replied, "Nicolas Bates…

5-0 5-0 5-0

Present Day...

Ringing woke him. Shrill ringing that only made him want to throw his phone across the room. He knew who it was, the same person who had called him three dozen times since he took off a week ago. The same person who left the same message: 'Just come home Steve.You know how much I hate Hawaii and having to chase you around this whole, frigging pineapple invested state is pissing me off." It wasn't always the exact words, but Steve got the gist.

He didn't even know why he was keeping his phone on, other than a small part of him just wanted to know it was there. Just in case he needed it. Or needed someone else…

He rolled over onto his side as his phone stopped ringing, checking the clock on the motel's nightstand. It was a quarter to four; he had gotten a full two hours sleep. It was an improvement; at least he wasn't awoken by the nightmares this time.

He picked his phone up, scrolling through his missed calls, and sure enough Danny's face popped up. He didn't bother listening to the message, just put his phone back on the nightstand and got out of bed.

He did some quick stretches before pulling on a pair of running shoes. He headed out of his room, double checking that he locked the door and had the key, before he started jogging away from the motel.

It had been his morning routine for so long, either jogging or surfing first thing in the morning, that it had become habit. Plus, running helped him clear his head after a rough night. And he had some rough ones since the incident with Bates.

He tried not to think about it, to shove it down with everything else that had been bothering him, but after the things he experienced, the things he saw, he couldn't let it go. Bates had left him broken. He hated to admit it but it was true. So broken he left his team, his family behind.

It hurt, knowing what he did to them, but he was too screwed up to be around them. Hell, he could barely trust half of them. And the one he could trust, the one he asked not to follow him, had given up time with his little girl to try and track him down. He didn't deserve to be found.

Steve turned the corner, a block and a half from his motel, slamming into someone. He fell to the ground; scraping his bare leg on the sidewalk, hearing someone swear as they, too, fell.

"Sorry," he muttered pushing himself to his feet.

"You better be frigging sorry," a familiar voice responded. Steve looked up, or down, at who was talking, feeling his stomach clench in surprise. He had done it, Danny had found him…

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Danny looked up at his partner in shock. After almost five days of searching, he was delayed two days waiting for Rachel to get home, he had finally found Steve by literally running into him. Now that he found Steve, all he wanted to do was punch the SEAL in the face.

"Do you have any idea how long have I been looking for you?" Danny snapped throwing his hands out.

"Nice to see you, too, Danno," Steve muttered letting out a breath.

"I mean you don't call, you don't write," Danny continued to rant. "It was almost like you were trying to avoid us."

"I didn't want you…"

"…finding you?" Williams finished for his partner. "Well, guess what, I did." Steve flashed him a look of annoyance. "Don't give me that look, Steven. Instead of asking for help you take off. Who the hell does that? No, I'll tell you who does that, stubborn bastard SEALs such as yourself. Too proud to get help from their friends…" Danny was cut off by his phone ringing.

"What?" he snapped barely registering the squealing of tires somewhere down the road.

"Danny, he escaped," Kono said quickly getting his attention.

"Who?" he asked seconds before Steve shouted, "Danny, look out!" Danny turned, eyes widening at the car heading towards him…

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P.S. For those who don't remember Patrick O'Riley was from my first ever 5-0 story Confined. He was the brother of the dude who kidnapped Danny... Yep, I have come full circle :)