A/N Hello folks, Due to popular demand by not a few cajoling emails, vaguely threating tweets, and lots of reviews that just seemed seriously annoyed that I had left it the way I did, I have started a sequel. It's called "Still Nothing Wrong With That" and the link is on my profile.

As for that disclaimer everybody seems to think covers their asses from getting sued, well, here goes: My characters are amalgamations of people I have met, known, and even been related to. I steal bits and pieces of personality from people who are dead, live and kicking, and of questionable status. I don't intend to write anyone who resembles any one person, especially of the male persuasion,(hell, I haven't been well acquainted with a man in over 4 years now so that would be…) but thus I digress, getting back to business, this is stuff that comes from my own mind. I get ideas from things I hear, see and experience and even a look between two people can give me ideas. If you were to sue me, you could have my dog, Spencer, he has allergies and he eats like food is free, or you could have my student loan debt, I promise you, it's sizeable. I don't have anything else.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you at the sequel, let me know what you think.

Dedication remains the same.