A few months have passed since Clark and Oliver went away. Kara got through another school year.

She continued to fight crime. Thing is, The Teen Titans went away on a mission in Nevada and decided to stick around.

As for The Justice League, they have their own assignment in Nevada. Garrison Denton has sent his goons out in droves over there.

"Is he attempting to take over the casino business now?" Kara asked herself.

Her phone rang. Must be Roman. Most people in town know her as Linda.

Kara Zor-El is her real name. She comes from Argo City, neighbor to the planet Krypton.

Here on Earth she is known as Linda Lee Danvers.

On the other end of the phone Roman tells Kara how much she means to him.

Roman Gibson knows her secret. As does her parents who adopted her, but love her as their own.

Roman was questioning his girlfriend about the identity of the man in the bat suit.

"I love you, I did use my x-ray vision to sneak a peak, just like Kal did, but I can't reveal his true identity," she explained.

As last seen, the ultra billionaire Bruce Wayne was seen investigating Denton's Nevada situation.

At this point his costume resembled the one from Batman and Robin ( 1949).

"The man is a real good detective, can't you tell me anything?" Roman pressed.

"Yes! The man is on our side!" Kara responded.

"I suppose that's good enough for me then."

Kara smiled on the other end of the phone.

In her special footlocker, Kara saw that special red cape which was given to her by Clark.

As she went for breakfast at the popular diner in Leesburg, she couldn't help but think of Garrison Denton.

She placed her order and realized Lucas was there.

He is Lex Luthor's half-brother. But unlike Lex, Lucas was actually a good guy.

"What you doing here, young lady?" Lucas joked.

"Haven't you heard? All the cool kids hang out here."

Kara grinned.

"And you are a cool kid, Linda!"

Lucas wasn't one of the few who knew the truth about her.

Her parents, Fred and Sylvia, have said that Lucas is the only member of that family they trust.

( Note: Season four, episode seventy-seven. )

Kara looked around her surroundings. She can't believe she's been on Earth thus far.

Pretty much history for both her and her cousin began too take shape in 1938.

Meanwhile, in Nevada, Vandal was enjoying the new contraption which he wished for.

A way-back machine of sorts where he can look into the past.

Anybody's past. Any planet's past.

And so he chose Krypton.

Our story starts in 1938 on Argo City.

This was before the time the Phantom Zone was created on their main planet of Krypton.

The El family fought off villains for years.

In 1942 a hero found his way into Argo City. It was Green Lantern. He fought

alongside the Els and even trusted them with his secret identity of Alan Scott. By

1945 Scott/Lantern brought an ally called Flash to help matters out. The Els later

found out that the Flash is Jay Garrick. By 1950 Argo City was closer to peace.

1955, a young Zor-El begins his training. In 1960 Zor-El joined his older brother

Jor-El in battle. "Green Lantern" Alan Scott was lost in battle. In 1963 Zor-El met Alura.

In 1965 Flash/Garrick returned to Argo with a new Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. The El brothers fought alongside the superheroes. In 1967 Zor-El and Alura get married.

By 1970 Argo was completely at peace, but Garrick was lost during the battle.

In 1972 Zor-El and Alura had a daughter, they named her Kara. 1975 Zor-El and

Jor-El went to Earth to assist "Green Lantern" Hal Jordan and a new Flash, Barry

Allen. In 1980 the citizens of Argo celebrate ten years of peace. 1982, Kara

celebrates her tenth birthday. 1983 Green Lantern ( Hal Jordan ) and Flash ( Barry

Allen ) were battling Abra Kadabra and his thugs. After they finally defeated them

for good in 1984, they discovered Agamemno had plans for Argo.

"The world will be mine!" vowed Vandal.

"Is that a wish, sir?" asked the Genie.

"Not yet!"

Vandal looked on some more.

Kid Flash ( Wally West ) joins the two heroes on Argo. Zor-El built an escape

shuttle just in case. In 1985 Agony and Ecstacy joined in with Agamemno. 1986

Amazing Grace joined the villain team. In 1987 Amazo was the next villain to join.

In Nevada…

Garrison Denton was speaking to a casino owner.

"I can take your problems off your hands," Denton said.

"I've owned this casino for over twenty years," said the owner.

"Just sell it to me and these problems will disappear," he told him.

"It was you who did this, wasn't it?" the guy demanded.

Denton smirked.

"All I want to do is help."

Back in Leesburg…

Lucas looked at his phone.

"Linda, it says here Denton just bought the Bob Kane Casino!"

Linda almost dropped her orange juice.

"I don't believe this," she said.

Lucas shows her his phone.


"What's he up to?"

"My thoughts exactly."

Roman had discovered the same thing by looking on the Internet.

"I think I just chose my career suggestion vocational day."

After breakfast, Lucas walked Kara to the bus stop.

Of course she'd prefer to use her super-speed, but Lucas was there.

"I would give you a ride, but I have to be in a meeting real soon,"

Lucas explained.

"No problem, I understand," Kara says, with a smile.

When Lucas was out of range, Kara removed herself from sight, and used her super-speed.

She quickly arrived at Roman's place.

Roman smiled when he saw her.

"How's my beautiful super-powered girlfriend doing?" he asked.

"She's fine," smiled Kara.

They kissed.

"What did I do to earn such a terrific girl like yourself?" asked Roman.

They continued to kiss and fell into the couch. But with Kara's power the couch tipped over.

Elsewhere in the community, we see the return of Lenny. It had been a long road for him.

It had been a while since he'd seen Leslie Willis or even spoken to her.

He had just about finishing getting over Kara because of Leslie.

She was back on the radio, the thing she most loves.

Lenny still longed for her.

But which girl did he truly long for?

"During the final battle an explosive device was set off. Barry Allen went MIA.

Zor-El put Kara into a deep sleep and then into the ship. Green Lantern followed

the ship but got lost when an explosion went off. Kid Flash searched for him but couldn't locate him.

Moments later Argo blew up."

That's what she had told him.

Lenny sat down on a park bench and a tear fell down his eye.

The shuttle was frozen in time. In suspended animation. 1988 Wally West became

the Flash and Guy Gardner became the Green Lantern.

In 1989 it was Krypton that was destroyed.

Lenny hadn't even been aware of the Green Lantern Corps until Linda, or Kara, as

he came to know her, had explained to him. John Stewart had become the new

Lantern around that time.

2006 Kyle Rayner becomes the Green Lantern and decides to spend some time in

Leesburg. 2007 while fighting Angle Man, the shuttle crashed in an empty field, but

of course did a lot of damage. After Angle Man was defeated, Lantern checked what

the ruckus was all about. He opened it up and found Kara.

Lenny decided to go see her. He needed to try. He loves her. Lenny had loved her.

And he knew he needed to tell her.

At this point we see Vandal Savage with his genie.

"I automatically want to be shaved, showered, dressed, and I don't want to bother

using the bathroom, if you know what I mean," he ordered.

"Done!" the Genie replied.

Immediately, Vandal was all cleaned up.

"I want Garrison Denton here, now!"

Suddenly, he appeared.

"What the…?" Denton was shocked, confused.

"Hello, old friend."


"None other."

"But… how did I get here?"

"Meet my very own personal genie."

"But how?"

Denton grinned.

"Sit and I'll explain."

As he sat down, Garrison was looking very nervous.

At this point Lenny was at the Danvers home.

"Lenny! Long time no see," exclaimed Fred.

"Good to see you again, Mr. Danvers," Lenny responded.

Lenny felt this was a good sign.

"So… Where's my friend? That daughter of yours?" asked Lenny.

Fortunately for Lenny, Roman had karate class, so she was on her way back.

And when she did come back home she was sure surprised to see Lenny.

"Hi, Kara," he said. "I missed you."

"Lenny?" she said, shocked.

They hugged.

"Good to see you, Lenny."

"It's better seeing you," he responded.

They went to the Danvers living room where they discussed Denton and the casinos.

"Whatever it is that you're going to do I want to help," said Lenny.

"You don't have to, Lenny," Kara said.

Lenny smiles at her.

"But I want to," he says, "I want to make things right between us."

Kara gave an understanding look.

"We're good, Lenny," she said. "Really."

"I still have strong feelings for you," added Lenny.

Kara was afraid of this.

"But Lenny-"

And he leaned in and he kissed her.

Kara, not thinking straight, stepped toward him.

She stepped on his foot.

"AAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Lenny screamed in pain.

"My foot! It's broken."

Kara checked on him.

"Oh Lenny, I'm so sorry!"

Meanwhile, Roman checked his phone.

"Oh no!" he said. "I've got to see Kara right away."

Of course when he arrived, he was informed she had taken Lenny to the Emergency Room.

Roman told Fred that Garrison Denton was once again partnered up with Vandal Savage.

And they had collected another casino.

Once Roman arrived at the ER he told Kara the news.

Roman checked up on Lenny.

"Hi Lenny," he said.

He was surprised to see Roman.

"Oh, hey."

"Listen Lenny, I want to put things behind us," he said.

Lenny looked over at Kara. He saw that look in her face, in her eyes.

He saw how much it would mean to her. So Lenny agreed.

They shook hands. Lenny felt bad for himself. Not because of his foot.

The doctor said even though it was crushed, eventually it would be fine.

Of course he couldn't say that Kara did it. Not that he'd believe it anyway.

Still, it would be a while before he'd be using both his feet again.

"Lenny, I am so sorry," Kara said. She meant a number of things by that.

"You've apologized enough times. We're good."

She smiled.

Roman gave him books and magazines to read.

"Hmmmm… The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas," Lenny said. "Always meant to read this."

"You'll love it," Roman said.

"I'll be alright, go get Savage and Denton," said Lenny.

They were off.

"I am so glad you've convinced me to our renewed partnership," Denton said.

In the background was a packed house at the casino that was just gained by them.

Vandal Savage and his genie just grinned.

"It wasn't exactly without kicking and screaming," Savage reminded him.

"Master is correct," added the Genie.

"Why look at the past?" asked Denton.

Footsteps are heard.

"Because that'll explain how you'll be spending your future," Fred said.

"Well copper, how'd you get to Nevada so quickly?" asked Denton.

This brought a flashback to Fred's first meeting with The Bat Man.

Or, just Batman as he got to know him. To think he was about to arrest him.

Fred got to see Batman in action against petty criminals and saw he was on the side of good.

Batman had earned Fred's respect. And in the process, brought Fred to Nevada.

"You're all under arrest!" Fred stated.

"Arrested? For what?" asked Vandal.

"Let's start with your shady business deals, tough guy!" responded Fred.

"What shady business deals?" asked Denton.

"Ponzi schemes!" shouted Fred.

The Genie looked confused.

"What kind of scheme?" he asked.

The sirens were heard in the background.

"Good! Back up arriving," Fred told them.

"I wish the officer of the law had a toy gun instead," Vandal wished.

"Shut up!" shouted Fred.

The Genie granted the wish.

Fred noticed the change with his gun.

"What the?"

"I wish I was a thousand miles away from here," said Vandal.

"No wait, take me with you!" begged Denton.

Fred saw Savage and his pal, the Genie, disappear.

Fred threw a right hook on Denton's chin.

Denton fell down.

"You're not going anywhere!" said Fred.

"What kind of evidence have you got?" asked a groggy Denton.

Fred smiled. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Fred lifted Denton up. Denton saw that Fred had turned his attention towards the door.

Denton quickly went to his pocket and pulled out a gun.

"Mine's real, yours isn't," Denton said.

He pointed it right at Fred.

"Your time is up, Denton," Fred told him.

Denton panicked.

"I won't be stopped! Not like this!"


Fred fell down.

Denton made a run for it.

While Denton escaped, he thought of a way to steal the Genie away from Vandal Savage.

The police charged in and found Fred down.

"Officer down!"

At this point, Kara and Roman targeted Vandal Savage and the Genie.

She dodged several surprises that Vandal wished for.

Suddenly, Kara used her super-breath to freeze him.

The Genie did nothing.

"Remember, I can't do anything unless master makes a wish."

Roman placed an anonymous call to the police.

Her super-hearing picked up a distress call.

Tears rolled from her eyes, down her face.

"Kara, what's wrong?" asked Roman.

"Dad?" she said.

She used her super-speed and arrived at the scene.

Fred was unconscious on a stretcher.

"Daddy!" screamed Kara.

Vandal Savage was taken into custody. Fred is in a coma.

Kara and Roman went to see Vandal to confront him.

"Who shot my father?" demanded Kara.

"Answer her!" commanded Roman.

"Listen, I know your secret, young lady," Savage responded.

"I could've spilled the beans at any time."

"And what's your point?" asked Kara.

"I would've surely held your parents captive verses attempted murder," he spoke.

"That way you'd be forced to obey me!"

"So who's done this to him?" she demanded.

"I have an idea," responded Vandal.


"Why should I tell you?"

"You idiot, you're being accused."

"And with what proof?"

"It's him, gotta be!" said Roman.

"No, it isn't," she said.

"You heard my heart beat didn't you?"


Kara went back home to see her mom.

Vandal went through a long interrogation process and was fatigued.

Denton came to see him with papers to sign.

"My entire fleet of lawyers will be at your disposal, partner."

Vandal signed them.

Denton smiled.

"I'll help you, my friend," he said.

Kara woke up and was still heart-broken about her father, Fred, being knocked into a coma.

Both her and Sylvia visited him at the hospital.

The Genie went to see Vandal.

"Okay, I've had enough, time to zap me out of this mess," said Vandal.

"I can't," he responded.

"And why not?"

"You're not my master anymore."

"What do you mean?"

"You signed me away."

"I did no such thing."

Garrison Denton stepped into scene.

"Afraid you did, friend."

"What are you talking about?"

"You signed over your remaining wishes to me."


Denton heckled Savage.

"You will not get away with this."

Denton whispered to the Genie.

"Time for a wish!"


"You're going far, far away!"

And Vandal Savage was gone.

"Good riddance," Denton said.

Play time is over. I am a powerful man. People will continue to fear and respect me.

No super-powered person will stand in my way.

Today Leesburg, tomorrow? Who knows?

I am Garrison Denton!

Later on Lucas shared his theory with the Blur (Kara) that Denton didn't escape.

"Genie, tell me about Krypton."

"Since I don't know myself I can only zap you up information."

A computer disk appeared.

"Excellent!" grinned Denton.

Garrison Denton quickly went to his computer.



Current status: Extinct. Destroyed.