Lenny continued on in the Deal or No Deal game, hosted by Ric Flair. $900,

$4,080, $12,000, and $25,000 had all been taken out. The Banker called.

Flair said he was offered $900 to walk away. "NO DEAL!" Lenny was nervous,


determined. $350 is eliminated. Then $698. "Oh Kara, it's you!" Lenny drifted.


was next to go. "It's always been you." Now it was $10,250. And the Banker

phoned. The Banker made a $950 offer along with an autographed helmet of

World War I hero, Lt. Anthony Trevor. He imagined himself with Kara in Gracland

together. "No Deal!" $325, $672, $9,090, and $20,000 have been taken away. Now

it was time to hear from the Banker again. The offer this time was $1,000 and

an autographed helmet of World War II hero, Bentley Trevor. Lenny said, "no deal."

So the game continued. $56,000, $1 million, $9 million, and $4 million were wiped

out. The Banker offered Lenny $3,050 and elsewhere, Vandal Savage and the

Genie, and Garrison Denton were causing a ruckus. Yes, Vandal found his way

back. Garrison Denton was wondering if there was any way he could get rid of

him. It was still season 4. Episode 80. Vandal Savage returned at 1,388 years old.

The Genie was elsewhere in the casino and Savage's henchmen dragged Gar in.

Vandal threw a piece of paper at Denton. "Sign it, or he dies!" Savage demanded.

He hesitated. A bullet was fired which missed him by an inch. Garrison quickly

signed. So now Denton had control of the Genie again. A Genie that was just

attacked by Batman in the very casino he was destroying. But Kara, as the Blur,

arrived to help. The Martian Manhunter showed up. "You've caused enough trouble,"

he said to the Genie. Manhunter zapped him into a black hole, much to the

horror of Savage. Roman, wearing a disguise of his own, hit Denton in the back

with a karate kick. Denton went crashing down. Vandal Savage was now fighting

Batman. Vandal found himself on the losing end. Kara captured the henchmen.

After the crisis was over, Garrison Denton was arrested. Kara and Roman spoke to the Batman. They could see that Batman is a good man, one of the good guys.

"What's next for you, Batman?" asked Kara, as the Blur.

"I'll be returning to my hometown of Gotham City and clean up over there," he responded.

"And I'll do my best in Leesburg."

"I know you will."

Later on, Fred was glad to hear Denton had finally been put behind bars.

Lenny was still testing his luck. The latest cases he chose contained $700 million, $600 million, and $480 million.

The Banker offered him $1000.


The audience cheered.

Ric Flair clapped.


$15, $80,000, $18,000, and $20,025 were knocked out next.

At this point a man in an expensive suit walked in to visit Denton.

"What kept you?" Denton asked.

The man grinned. "Glad to see you too," he said.