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Author's Note: I have no idea where I got this odd one-shot from but it's really short and has no plot. The characters are somewhat OOC and the pairing is not Percabeth. I have no issues with canon couples and actually like most of them, but I just wrote this Perthena (Percy/Athena) lemon on the spur of the moment. It was a rather impulsive and impromptu decision.

Do keep in mind that this is solid PercyXAthena and pure smut. There is vulgar, crude language (not too much swearing if any) and very graphic, explicit stuff. It's rated "M" for a reason and not for minors or those who like non-graphic stuff. I might write more Percy/Athena or even other pairings but I dunno. Basically, this is a simple one-shot.

You can assume for now that Luke somehow survived killing Kronos and was welcomed back into the fold. Annabeth got together with him so Percy chose to accept the Olympians' gift and become a god. This is the night afterwards and Athena is rewarding the son of the sea in her own special way. Beyond that, who knows? But enough rambling, I'll let you read this fanfic and decide if I should continue it. So without any further ado, I present you with my latest contribution to the Fandom!


Percy Jackson was having the time of his life.

He was fucking Lady Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom. His hard cock was pounding viciously into her tight raw pussy, her wet hot walls clamped around his stiff penis. Athena was stark naked and her creamy white skin was covered in a glistening shine of sweat. Her usually-stormy grey eyes were glazed with lust and her full red lips were parted as a scream of pleasure was torn from them.

Her back was arched and her blond curls bobbed up and down as she Percy thrust his cock into her cut line an animal. Even though she was way older than him and he was only sixteen (technically immortal since he was a god of quests and heroes), they were fucking like bunny rabbits in heat. Percy licked his parch lips and feasted his eyes on Athena's glorious, pert breasts as they bounced up and down.

They were nowhere near as large as Aphrodite's or as tiny and almost non-existent as Artemis' breasts. They were just right. He reached out a shaking hand and latched onto them as if for dear life. Athena moaned feverishly and clamped his hand hard on her breast. Percy smirked and pinched her nipple sharply making Athena cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Her lithe and stunning body writhed before Percy as she straddled his waist. Percy was lying back lazily as he watched Athena get knocked up. Athena whimpered, wanting to cum and Percy just smirked. His lips curled into a feral grin and he shoved the forefinger of his right hand almost brutally into Athena's throat.

The goddess of wisdom didn't seem to mind though for her tongue swirled around it and her lips captured it as if it was a miniature cock. Moaning, her head bobbed up and down as she sucked on his finger, grabbing his hand and holding it to her mouth. Percy groaned as he flicked his finger around Athena's slick mouth.

Athena pouted cutely as Percy pulled his finger out of her mouth and dragged his saliva-coated finger on her lips, down her neck, and in between the valley of her breasts. Those pouting lips turned him on way too much though and so he attacked them with his own, pulling himself into a sitting position.

He pulled Athena into a tight embrace and the golden-haired goddess wrapped her arms around him almost desperately. Percy ravaged her lips with her own, enjoying the pleasurable sensations as her firm breasts smashed against his chest. When they pulled back for air, Athena's lips were swollen and bruised but the look in her eyes did not suggest pain. Quite the opposite actually!

Percy's breath hitched as he neared climax. His breath quickened and he pushed Athena over so that she lay on her back and Percy on top of her. Athena winced as his strong body fell none too lightly on hers but she made no protest. Instead, she merely hooked her legs around Percy's waist pulling him tighter into her. Percy buried his face in her breasts and ran a hand through her soft golden curls.

He was about to cum any second now but gave no warning. None was needed, for Athena was the goddess of wisdom and knew in advance what he was about to do. In fact, she welcomed his climax raging suddenly through her and Percy was not one to disappoint a lady! Indeed, he threw his head back and cried out as his cock burst flooding Athena's pussy with his seed.

His cum filled Athena entirely and would have made her pregnant if she was not the goddess of wisdom. Athena came shortly after that, her pussy juice drenching Percy's groin and lower thighs. Exhausted, sweaty, and panting for breath, Percy just collapsed onto Athena. The son of the sea god promptly fell asleep with his now limp cock still tucked inside Athena's sopping wet pussy.

But the goddess of wisdom was pretty worn out herself. Kissing her young, demigod lover softly on the forehead, she sank back in the pillows of her four poster bed. The lights dimmed around her in her luxury suite and Athena breathed a contented sigh. In a matter of minutes, she caved to exhaustion. Her eyelids fluttered closed and she, along with Percy Jackson, sank into a deep, deep sleep.