When Percy Jackson woke up, he was naked and sweaty lying in bed with an equally and sweaty goddess of wisdom: The Lady Athena herself! He still could not quite fathom why she slept with him but she was there to comfort him when he needed a shoulder to cry on after Annabeth left him for Luke. It was ironic actually but quite fitting since it was a form of punishment for the Annabeth Chase. She would go ballistic once she found out!

Percy chuckled to himself but those thoughts vanished when he heard a soft groan from beside him. He glanced down and grinned to see that Athena was still asleep from their hot fuck the night before. Becoming a god had made him much stronger and, he found out much to his delight, capable of lasting astonishingly long before reaching orgasm. Percy hummed softly to himself as he disentangled himself from Athena slightly.

He played with her soft golden curls illuminated by the bright glow of early-morning sunshine that filtered through the window of their hotel suite. Percy was mesmerized by Athena's beauty and decide promptly that she was even hotter than Aphrodite herself, and certainly better than her daughter. She was so sexy sleeping like that, that Percy could not stop himself from reaching forward and tweaking her nipple.

He sighed deeply as he rubbed her soft nipple between his thumb and forefinger, causing Athena to whimper in her sleep. Using his godly powers, Percy caused all the sweat and cum and morning breath from last night and waking up to vanish. Careful not to wake her, Percy slid his free hand down the older woman's perfectly flat voluptuous stomach and snaked it in between her thighs, lightly caressing them and moving his hand from one thigh to the other.

Changing tactics, he sat up slightly against the pillow and slid his forefinger tenderly along Athena's pussy-slit, eliciting a moan from the goddess of wisdom. Percy smirked as Athena tossed and turned restlessly in her sleep while he worked his finger gently inside her, stroking softly all the way. Soon he worked a second finger inside her folds and worked them up and down. Athena was writhing now and Percy was mildly surprised that she wasn't awake yet.

Still, he continued and Athena started leaking precum. Feeling extra-daring, he stroked his cock slightly although it was already fairly hard due to morning wood and the intoxicating sight before him. Athena whimpered as Percy dragged his finger out of her slick pussy, most reluctantly. Being extra-careful not to waken her or hurt her, he climbed on top of her and sat up lifting her legs over his so that her bum sat in his lap.

Using this vantage point, he was unable to stifle a groan of pleasure as he slid his cock inside Athena's tight pussy. Athena's body stiffened and Percy froze. He was taking a big risk doing this but something told him that Athena had a secret fantasy for this. Maybe it was his new instincts as a god that gave him the ability to sense people's desires, or maybe it was just a coincidence but Percy somehow felt that he would not get in trouble for doing this.

Throwing caution to the wind, he plunged his cock inside Athena and began to fuck her swiftly. Percy moaned loudly now and lifted her leg up slightly, kissing it fondly and reaching over to fondle her breast. Percy fucked Athena faster and faster and in no time at all, he shot his loud into her womb filling her with his seed. Exhausted and sweaty, Percy slid his limp cock out of Athena's cum-filled pussy and collapsed on top of her burying his face in her luscious breasts.

"Enjoy the ride?" Athena asked huskily, running a hand through Percy's hair.

"You were awake the whole time, weren't you?" Percy smirked, caressing Athena's breast lightly.

"Oh gods, yes," Athena moaned.

"Actually, only one god," Percy said mischievously.

"Really?" Athena asked arching an eyebrow imperiously.

"Yes," Percy affirmed, glancing up at his lover with a shameless grin.

"And who might this deity be?" Athena queried, licking her lips seductively. "Please do tell me so that I might know who to worship."

"He's lying on top of you," Percy revealed. "And wants to get a bite to eat, with maybe some pussy juice for desert."

"Sounds like a plan, oh master," Athena cooed. "Shall we be off then?"

"Yeah," Percy sighed, as Athena wrapped her legs around his waist. "On second thoughts, I dunno. Rather comfortable here."

"Well, you're the god," Athena chuckled. "You make the rules."

"Hmmm, in that case," Percy grinned.

Athena shrieked playfully, giggling, as Percy slid out from her and flipped her over so that she lay on her belly. Stroking his cock, he pushed it in her arse-hole and began to ravage her arse mercilessly while Athena mewled in delight.


Meanwhile at Camp Half-Blood in a cave by the beach, Annabeth Chase lay naked and sweaty in Luke Castellan's arms. The Son of Hermes was equally naked and watching Annabeth gaze thoughtfully into the distance.

"What's on your mind, my sweet?" He asked in a sickeningly sweet voice.

But to Annabeth, it was music to her ears.

"Not much," Annabeth mumbled. "Just wondering what that spoiled brat, Jackson's doing."

"Ah, him," Luke chuckled. "He's probably in some bar drowning his sorrows away in beer or watching porn while jerking off."

Annabeth giggled.

Little did the two wayward demigods know that Percy was currently fucking Athena, the goddess of wisdom, in the palace of the gods on Athena's throne and having the time of his life! Little did he know that he had a big punishment in store for her, since becoming a god made him in charge of Camp Half-Blood as one of his duties as a god.

Annabeth would soon find out what a mistake she made, but for now she gave Luke a blow-job while the traitor thought of that girl Drew from the Aphrodite cabin and how hot a fuck she had been just the night before. He also had a date with an Ares girl in a day or two, but for now; he would enjoy his "girlfriend."

To Be Continued?

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