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This was written for the TARDIS' Christmas Challenge! :) The prompt snowman. Hope you enjoy!

The Doctor was completely unprepared for what had just happened. Totally unprepared. He'd been attacked. Attacked at Christmas of all times! There really was no sense of peace left in the world. The only reason he was even on Earth in the first place was Rose had insisted on seeing her Mum and then building a snowman. He had told her that they could build a snowman on almost any other planet in the universe, but she had told him it wouldn't be the same as building it on Earth.

He had objected of course, telling her that snow is fundamentally made of the same things, excluding a few things that made it change colour in some places, and on one planet even make it rainbow colours, so of course it actually would be exactly the same. Rose had rolled her eyes and told him that he didn't understand.

But he did.

He knew exactly what she meant. She wanted to make a snowman at home, on Earth. There was nothing he wouldn't do to be able to make one on Gallifrey. It would be frowned upon of course, but what did he care?

And it was in the middle of this particularly un-Christmas-y train of thought that the previously mentioned attack took place. He turned around slowly to look the responsible party in the eye. And the Doctor couldn't believe it, his attacker laughed! Well that just was not good enough. He eyed the weapon her gloved hand carefully. It was quite a formidable little thing. He had to fix this. He would not let himself be taken by surprise by her. While his back was turned no less!

So with snowball in hand his own hand, he set out to get revenge on Rose Tyler for the snow that had somehow managed to get under all his layers and was slowly melting.

As the Doctor laid with Roses head over his right heart infront of the fire, he recalled they never did finish that snowman. But that was ok, because he would much rather this any day. And especially on Christmas.

The end! The next one should be up soon... ish. :)