The last one! :D All done and up to date. Enjoy.

The Doctor looked at the presents that were stacked up under the Christmas tree. He stood for a second, then looked over his shoulder, checking for anyone (anyone meaning Amy) who might be coming to look for him. To be fair, it wasn't very likely, it was two in the morning, but still… Never could be too careful when doing these things.

He sat down and pulled out the sonic to scan his presents. It was Christmas morning, it was fair enough. Just because Amy said not before eleven o'clock… Well. He was sure it was eleven o'clock somewhere.

He picked up the first present, wrapped in pink wrapping paper with a red ribbon and swiped the sonic over it. "Oooh thank you Pond." He said after he read what the readings on the sonic said. He had specially fitted the sonic just for this. It had taken a bit of work, but totally worth it. He smiled.

He picked up a blue wrapped one and scanned it. "Wood…" the Doctor sighed. "We really should get that fixed... "

By four thirty, he had gone through all the presents, including Amy's. He was planning on making a bet that he could guess her presents with her later. Just to show off a bit. And make a little money. That never hurt.

Amy woke up at eight o'clock on Christmas day, only to find the Doctor asleep and surrounded by the presents, the same presents that were neatly stacked under the tree the night before when she went to bed. "Doctor?"

The Doctor shot up. "Good morning Pond!"

Amy shook her head, "I'm not even goin' to ask."

"Can we open the presents?" the Doctor asked like a little kid.

"Sure." Amy said as if she was speaking to a five year old.

"Yes!" The Doctor said going straight for the one present he couldn't scan. He shook it. "Amy, what would you possibly get me that's made of wood?"

Amy laughed. "Nothing. I just put it in a wood box so you wouldn't be able to scan it." She said as she walked towards the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.