Authors Notes: Hey this is our first official collab so we are very happy to start posting it here. Rhi(dot)Destiny(dot)Fighter was the one to come up with the idea and storyline, while May (with her super fast and awesome writing skills) actually wrote the story, with Rhi checking it over once before it is uploaded. ^^

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Painting Flowers

Prologue - Down The Rabbit Hole

Alice was having her engagement party tonight, and instead of being there, her twin Alex was out in the backyard painting. Her twin didn't like the man she was engaged to, and she was not going to force him to be there for her. What right did she have?

Alex was painting a garden in another world. The sky was a beautiful shade of purple that went well with the vibrant green of the garden and grass. There were flowers too, of all different shapes, sizes and colours, and when you looked at the closely, they had smiling faces. The title of the painting was "A Beautiful Mystery" and it suited what the artist had drawn.

Alex looked up from the careful strokes of the brush in time to see his twin laughingly chase after a white rabbit. He carefully put the brush and the paint down before running after them. He had never actually seen a full white rabbit before, he thought as he started to run faster.

Suddenly, he heard his sister scream. He stopped just in time to see her falling down a rather large hole. Without thinking he jumped in after her. He felt the sensation of falling, and fell in love with it, and let out a squeal of joy. Soon, everything went black.