Epilogue – Back To Normal

Alice woke with a start, wondering where she was. She sat up slowly, looking around her. It seemed that she was in the garden, and there was a party going on out the front. Her engagement party, she remembered. She stood up slowly, as bits and pieces of a dream came back to her.

She had chased a rabbit and fell down a rabbit hole, had met a strange coloured cat, and met two queens. Alex had been there too, and he had fallen in love with the cat. She gasped. Alex!

She looked around the garden frantically, wanting to find her brother. But the only thing in the garden besides her was a canvas filled with a purple sky, flowers with faces, vibrant green grass, and two boys, one blonde-haired, and the other magenta.

It wasn't a dream, she thought, staring at the painting. It really happened. Alex stayed with the cat in Wonderland. She sighed before picking up the canvas and taking it inside and finding a place on the wall to put it. Alice stood on a chair and put the painting up, thinking about her brother, and how the title was rather fitting to not just the painting, but to everything that had happened. She sighed, wishing her brother the best before getting off the chair and walking out the front to join her family and the rest of the guests there for her engagement party, and tell them all a decision that will change her life forever.

Authors Note: This story is now complete. Hope you enjoyed and please tell us what you think of it so that if need be, we can change any major problems. Also it would be nice just to know if people liked our work or not and what we can do to improve our skills. Thank you for reading. ^^