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Chapter 18

Sam stormed down the hall and threw open the bedroom door to find House already in bed. "What, you're going to bed already? It's not even eight."

"I'm tired. You don't have to go to bed just because I am."

Sam went and stretched out on top of the covers next to him and sighed. "I hope you realize that I wasn't planning to live in that house by myself."


"Greg," she groaned as he pulled him onto his back and leaned over him. "Do you really believe I'd move without you?"

"I don't know what to believe. Just the other day you were telling me you like living here and the next you're scoping out new property."

"I just happened to see that house for sale and I liked the look of it. There's no harm in looking at it. Like you said, it might need a lot of work that I'm not prepared to do. But I'm not going anywhere without you. Believe it or not, I do like living with you, Greg. We both knew this wasn't going to be easy, but we obviously think it's worth it, or I wouldn't be here. I do like this apartment but it's all yours. Nothing is mine."

"You can do whatever you want. If you want window treatments then get some. You want plants, fine. But I draw the line at doilies and afghans."

Sam choked back a laugh. "I don't do window treatments or doilies. But I wouldn't mind some flowers or artificial plants. Or some nice sheets."

"What's wrong with these?"

"They're a boring color, and they're not very soft."

"I'm not getting pink sheets."

"I'm not gonna get pink. But I was thinking of some nice sateen sheets with a high thread count."

"Whatever," he yawned and stared up at her. "Call the realtor then. See if you can arrange a viewing."

Her face lit up. "You'll come see it with me?"

"Sure. Now let me sleep."

An hour later, Sam returned to bed and climbed in next to House who was snoring softly, holding the sheets up to his chin. She leaned over and gently kissed his face until he slowly came around and nuzzled her neck. "Mmm...Greg..."

"Wha?" he mumbled as he pulled her against him.

"Horny," she whispered as she licked the shell of his ear, which made him smile.

"When aren't you horny, you little minx?"

"When you're not around. Besides, I believe some make-up sex is in order."

"We didn't really fight."

"You're the one that assumed I was leaving you and stormed off."

"You just want an excuse to have sex," he laughed. "Not like you really need one. All you have to do is ask and I'll be happy to accommodate you." He pulled her over so she was lying on top of him, and his erection pressed against her stomach.

"You are such a horndog!"

"You say that like it's a bad thing. You're the one who wanted sex."

She narrowed her eyes at him. "And you don't?"

"Of course I do. But you woke me up from a dream starring Carmen Electra so if you're going to take up where she left off, be my guest."

"Whatever it was, it must've been good if this is any indication," she grinned as she thrust her hips against his.

"She was demonstrating her lack of a gag reflex."

"I can't say the same for me. But then, that's never really been on my top ten list of things to do." When House looked at her with curiosity, she winced. "It's kind of a long story. Bad experience when I was younger. It kind of made me a bit gunshy."

"With your ex?"

"No, not him. Actually he came to my rescue."

House was definitely interested now. "You were forced to-"

"Not exactly. But the guy wasn't exactly gentle, either." She sighed. "Can we change the subject now, please?"

"Ooo," he chuckled, "you said please. That means it really bothers you, more than you're letting on. Fine, we won't talk about it now. But I still have a very big problem here," he said as he gestured to his full-on erection. The smile on his face melted her in seconds and he knew it.

Sam leaned over and began to kiss and nibble his lower lip as her fingers stroked his chest. As they continued to kiss, a heat spread through her entire body like wildfire and something happened. Something she tried to fight. It was a familiar feeling deep down in her gut and she shut her eyes to block it out.

No, no, no! It's too soon for that! Her mind screamed as she straddled him and began kissing his scruffy jaw, down to his neck. His hands slid up and down her back as he kissed whatever part of her came near his mouth and then he groaned when she positioned herself and rubbed against him.

"I...I want you," she breathed in his ear as she sank down on him. Their groans filled the room and she rode him hard and fast until they both reached their own finish. It was short and sweet, but exactly what they both wanted. A quick fix was sometimes a very good thing. When they lay together, enjoying the afterglow, House nudged her.

"So what did the realtor say?"

"He'll meet us at the house after work tomorrow, even though someone already made an offer, he doesn't think they're serious so if my offer trumps theirs, providing I even make one, I win."


"So you'll come with me?"

"To see your dream house?"

Sam grinned and placed a kiss on his cheek. "You're my dream house."

House started laughing and it was a real laugh, not his usual snicker, and Sam found it to be quite infectious.

"That was bad, wasn't it?" she said between fits of giggles.

"Very. I liked it, though."


"Dr's House and Jackson?" The man said as House and Sam climbed off of his motorcycle.

"That's us."

"I'm Rob Peters. I'll be showing you the house today. Follow me, won't you?"

The house was much bigger than it looked from the outside. At 2500 square feet, it had three bedrooms, a large, recently updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. The master bedroom had a large ensuite bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub and huge shower. The living room was also big and welcoming with vaulted ceilings and sky lights. As they went through it, even House had to admit it was nice, and since it was a rancher, he liked it even more. There was definitely enough room for his piano. In the backyard was a decent sized pool with an adjoining Jacuzzi. The water from it spilled into the pool and created steam which Sam liked.

"How much?" Sam finally asked, even though she was afraid to hear the number.

"Seven hundred and fifty thousand."

House saw her wince and cleared his throat. "Pretty steep. How old is this house and is there any work that needs to be done within the next year?"

"Not to my knowledge. Of course you'll want to hire an inspector to check it out, but I do know the roof was redone a couple of years ago and a new hot water tank has been installed this past winter so those are two major expenses you won't have to worry about for several years at least. You can make an offer. I'll show it to the owner, let the other interested party know that his offer has been challenged and they'll either step up or back down."

House glanced at Sam. She was doing some serious thinking. He knew she really wanted the house.

"I want to make an offer," she told him.

"Excellent. Let's go to the kitchen. I have some paperwork for you to sign."

The next couple of days had her completely on edge and House kept his distance. He didn't want to be present when the realtor called because he knew it wouldn't be good news.

"Son of a bitch!" he heard Sam shout before slamming the phone down on the counter. House sighed and limped into the kitchen to see her clutching the butcher block with her head down.

"What's wrong?"

"The owner didn't like my offer and came back with a counter offer of ten grand higher. So I countered with one of my own and then the realtor tells me that the guy who put the offer in before was much more generous. So I lose the house. Fucking hell!"

House managed to stop her when she picked up the phone, obviously about to toss it across the room, and took it out of her hand.

"Take it easy. There will be other houses."

"But I liked that one. It was perfect. You even said you liked it."

"I did. It was big."

"Well good luck finding another rancher in these parts. I've looked. There are none."

"So keep looking. In the meantime," he said as he wrapped his arms around her waist, "let's eat. I'm hungry, and whatever it is you're cooking smells good. Is it ready yet?"

"Stop trying to placate me," she snapped as she pulled away from him. "Dinner will be ready in ten minutes. I'm going to take a shower. I'm not hungry anymore."

"You need to eat. You haven't eaten since lunch and then all you had was coffee and a donut."

"I told you I'm not hungry. Why can't you just drop it?"

"Because you're getting upset over something stupid and out of your control. Just move on."

"That's your answer for everything, isn't it?"

"Nine times out of ten it's the right answer. The house is gone. There's nothing more you can do. Why dwell on it?"

He managed to pull her back into his arms again and nuzzled her neck. "Forget about the house for now. Have dinner with me, and then we can take that shower."

She turned her head to look back at him, only to see the sexy grin he wore. "We, huh?"

"Yeah. We."

She sighed and let her shoulders drop as a sign of defeat. "You know," he said between kisses to her neck. "You're very sexy when you're angry."


Their current patient was a mystery. While House had Chase and Taub doing lab tests, he sent Sam to go to the patient's home to find whatever she could.

"You go, I'll meet you there. I have a few calls to make first. Here are the keys, and here's the address," he said as he handed her a slip of paper.

She looked at the address and frowned. "You've gotta be kidding...this address is..."

"Just go," he urged as he sat down at his desk and picked up the phone. "I'll be only a few minutes behind you."

Sam drove to the house that should have been hers and parked in the driveway. "Of all the hospitals in all the towns, the owner of this place has to walk into ours," she mumbled as she put the key in the lock and the door opened smoothly. As she walked through the house, she noticed that there wasn't any furniture, but then realized it hadn't been very long and the guy was probably still moving stuff over, as there were some boxes in the corner of the living room. She went to the kitchen and found a manila envelope sitting on the counter with her name on it.

"What the..."

She opened it and took the papers out of it. It was a deed to the house.

"Surprise," House said from behind her as he stood in the kitchen doorway, tapping his cane on the floor.

Sam whirled around. "What...what's going on?"

"What does it look like?"

She looked at the papers in her hand. "What did you do, Greg?"

He shrugged and took a step closer. "I couldn't get the look on your face when you saw this house out of my mind. Then when you found out you were outbid, it killed me that I couldn't say anything."

Her eyes widened and it was like a light bulb went off over her head. "You? You were the guy who made the first offer?"

"I couldn't let it get away now could I? But I know how you like the thrill of the chase so I played your little game. I didn't think it would work out as well as it did. But here we are."

"You...bought me this? How?"

He chuckled and took a few more steps closer. "I am a department head, remember? And my apartment was fully paid for. I merely sold it and used some of the money to put a very nice down payment on this place. Now, if you insist on paying for it, we can make it a loan, or come to some arrangement." He pulled her into his arms and tossed his cane aside. "I'm not cheap, but I can be had."

Her eyes stung with tears and she blinked as they fell and rolled down her cheeks. "You hardly know me. And you bought me a house?"

"Correction, I bought us a house. I assume you still want to live in it. With me?"

She threw her arms around his neck and buried her face against his chest with a giggle that sounded more like a cry.

"You are the most amazing man, Greg House."

He smiled down at her and wiped away her tears with his thumb. "Stop it. You're gonna turn me into a sap."

"You? Never." She looked up at him, eyes red-rimmed and he smiled at her. She had that look in her eye that he was beginning to recognize as wanting to say something, but holding back.

"You want to tell me something?"

Sam bit her lip. "Yeah, but I can't. Not now."

"Why not? Now's a good a time as any."

"I don't know about that."

"Well, while you think about it, take a look in the fridge."

Sam opened the large fridge and found a bottle of champagne with a large bow on it. "There are glasses in the freezer."

"You planned ahead, didn't you?" she grinned as he took the bottle and popped the cork.

"You know me," he said as he poured the champagne into two glasses. "And what you don't know yet, you'll learn."

Sam nodded as she picked up her glass. "So are you going to propose a toast? Or am I?"

"You do it. I'm not a toast kinda guy."

"Okay." She lifted her glass and he did the same. "To meeting in the most interesting way possible. To our careers in Diagnostics, and to our future. Whatever it may be."

"Do you see me in your future?" he asked as he clinked his glass against hers and took a sip.

"Most definitely. You know I...I've always admired you, Greg. I kept up on what you'd been doing over the years. Always hoping that one day we'd cross paths and I'd get to meet the famous Dr. Gregory House."

"Infamous," he corrected as he smiled at her. His blue eyes looked even brighter than usual and she couldn't take her eyes off them.

"You're not as badass as you want people to think. I know the truth, and I'm more than happy to keep it to myself."

"You better."

Sam arched an eyebrow at him. "Or what?"

House put down his champagne and pulled her into his arms. "I'll show you or what."

She giggled as he kissed and nuzzled her neck, being extra rough as he rubbed his whiskers against her cheek.

"I never thought I'd say this, but you've made me the happiest woman alive."

He stopped kissing her neck and looked at her. "Really?"

She placed her hands on his chest and looked deep into his eyes. "Believe it or not, but it's the truth. I can't remember when I've been this happy."

"Good," he grinned, "because I'm not buying you another house."

"I don't want another house, Greg. I've got this one, and I've got you. That's more than enough for me."

He tilted his head to the side and his lips turned up into a wicked grin. "If I didn't know any better, and I do, I'd think you were in love with me."

Sam swallowed the lump that suddenly appeared in her throat. "And if I am? Are you going to run away screaming?"

"You're not, so why should I?"

"I don't wear my heart on my sleeve, Greg. If I fall in love with someone it's the real deal. I understand if you don't feel the same way. We still don't know each other all that well and..."

House stopped her talking by pressing his lips against hers in a kiss that left her breathless, and speechless as well. "Come on," he said as he took her hands. "Let's go christen the Jacuzzi."

"Now?" she laughed as they walked together outside.

"Why not? We can make our way through the rest of the house later."

"Mmm...I like this house even more now," Sam laughed again as she closed the sliding door behind them.

The End.

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