Summary: Finnick's POV-Finnick struggles being Annie's mentor for the 70th Hunger Games. This fix will explore how their relationship develops during Annie's preparations for the Games. Don't own anything, obviously! Reviews make me love you even more than I already do! :)

Annie Cresta. I perked up a bit when her name was read at the reaping. It was familiar to me. I had known her for several years. She was the girl from the fish market. Everyone in District 4 probably knew her by that title as she literally was the only girl selling in the fish market-her parents not having any sons.

She somehow always managed to out-sell the boys and people couldn't help but wonder how, considering that she was such a quiet, shy girl. Personally, I never thought it took a genius to figure it out. With that long, wavy, deep brown hair, her light tan, those shocking green eyes, and that perfect petite figure, it was amazing that the guys at the market were able to stop staring long enough to make even one sale-not that she'd ever noticed this.

I watched as the 17 year old slowly, but steadily made her way to the stage, her face betraying no emotion. At first I had started buying her family's fish because I wanted to be supportive of the only girl struggling to make ends meet for her family in a distinctly man's market. That may have been why I came the first few times, but I continued to come back because she intrigued me.

She may not be talkative or outgoing, but there was such a pure warmth about her. When she spoke, it was soft. And she had a habit of tucking her hair behind her ears before she said something. She was also probably the only girl I had ever met not to throw herself at me, or even flirt for that matter! It was probably this quality that made it so easy for us to strike up a sort of business friendship. Needless to say I became a regular customer a couple of years ago. It was during this time that I started taking note of how all the boys looked at her, though I never saw any of them actually pluck up enough courage to talk to her.

Now, as she stood on the stage, head held high, I studied her intently. Her outer beauty was obvious, but there was much more going on underneath. Despite her gentleness, I could tell she was strong, and even knew how to be tough when the occasion called for it. Perhaps if we played all the cards right. . .

As District 4's escort, Trixie, motioned for the tributes to shake hands, I glanced for the first time at the male tribute, Jake. He was well-built and pretty good looking 18 year old with a glint in his eyes that clearly said that if he would have volunteered if his name hadn't been called. I shake my head slightly trying no to judge him. If he survives these Games that glint will be long gone.

As the tributes are ushered towards the justice building, I slip off towards the train with Mags, and taking one last glance over my shoulder I can make out the boys from the fish market gathering at the entrance of the building for last glimpse of the girl from the fish market.