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Mikey wasn't going to write back at first. He didn't want to bring up those feelings that he'd worked so hard to push away. But after receiving the letter he spent that day being a bit more observant about Leo. He looked so tired no more than tired…sad. How have I not noticed this before? He thought. Mikey realised that subconsciously he may have been pulling away from Leo a bit. He didn't follow him into the dojo like he used to before. He didn't prank him or joke with him or bug him to play video games. He didn't mean it. He didn't think he did anyway. Is that the wall Leo means? He thought.

By night fall Mikey had decided he would reply Leo; and that he would try to explain a little bit. He didn't like to see Leo hurting and today he'd finally realised that Leo had been. So if talking about this stuff was what Leo wanted Mikey would try.

Dear Leo,

I don't want you to feel that way. Like there is a wall between us…is there something I'm doing that makes you feel like that. Because I'm not meaning for it to happen.

I…the reason I don't want to talk about you being away and any feelings that come along with that is because…well I just don't wanna feel them. It's over now…I can tell that it must be bothering you a lot though.


Okay I did feel angry. Not that you went but because you didn't come back. And you stopped writing. For all we knew you were dead. You just left us. And things were hard. Splinter wouldn't barley come out of his room and Raph was just so angry (not Raph angry worse) and he slept all day and was out all night (and we didn't know why then) and he was barking at Donny all the time. Donny and I had to work…I mainly did it just to get out of here for a while. Everything felt wrong and sad. I missed you and I was so worried. I was so angry that you did this and…then I'd feel bad because maybe something had happened and I was here mad at you. Splinter said he'd know if you were hurt or worse…so that just hurt more it meant this was a choice you made.

But when I woke up that night and you were here. I didn't care anymore. You were ok. You came back to us.

I decided to write back because you seem so desperate to know this…I just hope I haven't made you feel worse. I guess I feel a little better getting that off my chest. I'm really not angry anymore, I'm sure you had your reasons.