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The maze was dark, towering walls of thick brush and vines casting eerie shadows on everything outside of the light of his wand. He smirked, letting the light go out and striding forward confidently, red eyes gleaming in the darkness.

The boy had done well in the first two tasks, utilizing his skill in flight against the dragon, and foolishly waiting to save everyone in the lake. Now it was just the Four, pitted against each other in a battle of skill, attention to detail, and memory. Nasty traps and creatures waylaid the various paths, spells, curses and beasts alike set against them to test their knowledge and courage.

Already he had dispatched a Skrewt, hitting it with a Permenant Freezing Charm and then shattering it with a conjured hammer. Before that was one of the smaller Acromantula's, and a couple of Boggarts. Now he was face to face with a Sphinx, and couldn't decide whether to kill it, or answer the riddle and leave it alone.

"Give me the riddle." He finally said, taping his foot and swallowing a snort of amusement at his small pun.

"An eye in a blue face, Saw an eye in a green face. 'That eye is like to this eye,' Said the first eye, 'But in low place, Not in high place." She recited carefully, watching him through almond shaped green eyes. He considered it a moment before snorting.

"Rediculously easy. The Sun on the Daisies." She bowed her head, moving aside and settling against the wall.

"Correct. You may pass." He shook his head, muttering to himself, and stalked on, smirking as he caught sight of the gleam of silver in front of him. Keeping his pace, he listened, waiting.

Sure enough, another of the Champions hurtled onto the path, freezing in place as soon as they spoted him. It was the Hogwarts boy, Jiggery, or some such thing. Swiftly, almost casually, he flicked his wand, stunning the boy before he could do more than gape at the sight of such red eyes in a familiar face.

"Such a pity." He tsked, crouching next to the teen's inert form. He pulled a scroll of parchment from his pocket, along with a small vial. Wrapping the vial in the short note, he set it on the boy's chest and stuck it there with a charm. Then, flicking his wand, he levitated the boy to the cup. Using a fairly complex bit of magic, he set the boy's hand to hover over the cup and then turned his wand on himself, uttering a short, curse and hissing as he was blasted across the clearing, impacting on a wall at the same moment the boy's hand fell. The cup glowed, and both it and it's bearer disappeared in a swirl of light and a soft popping sound. Smirking, he allowed himself to fall back, drifting back into his mind.

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