Marvel vs. Capcom: Dawn of a New Day
by Metal Harbinger

Author's Note: This is going to be my first attempt at a "Marvel vs. Capcom" story and it is largely inspired by "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3." In fact, I consider this to be my take on how I (and I'm sure quite a few other people) would like Marvel vs. Capcom 4 to be if it is ever released, but obviously I am not calling it "Marvel vs. Capcom 4" because if it ever is released it would suddenly render this story moot, and I definitely don't want that.

My plan is to include all of the in-game characters (sans Galactus) along with plenty of new additions from each side. I got the inspiration for this after going on YouTube and viewing fan videos with listings of their most requested additions for downloadable content.

Doing an MvC fic has been on my personal "to do" list for quite some time so I'm hoping this works out well. I have other projects I am working on and others in mind as well, but I will try to do what I can for this story as well.

Until then read and review. Now on with the story!

Chapter 1: Union of Darkness

Location Unknown

"Lord Bison, there are some individuals here who wish to speak with you," a gnarled old researcher screeched to his employer, a muscular dark-haired man clad in a bright red military uniform with silver shoulder pads, currently covered by a dark cloak, and a matching red cap with a winged skull insignia identical to the one painted on the wall behind him.

"Impossible! How have outsiders managed to locate this base?" the man called Bison shot back in disbelief, his empty white eyes glowing an ethereal shade of purple as he looked down to the two generals flanking his throne, one a beefy African-American male wearing boxing gloves and the other an effeminate masked man wearing a three-pronged claw on his left hand.

The elderly man trembled and clasped his bony hands together as he struggled to compose himself, "Th-They said th-they m-might be able to h-h-help you!"

"Really?" the Shadaloo overlord asked placing a glowing hand to his cleft chin, "Well whoever these 'individuals' are they are either very powerful or very stupid to encroach upon my sanctuary. This could be interesting after all. Very well, send them in Dr. Senoh," he ordered motioning for his generals to be ready in case their visitors should try anything foolish. Aware of a possible intrusion several teenaged girls stepped into view at several strategic positions around the throne room, all of them clad in matching black bodysuits and service caps.

"Yes my lord!" Dr. Senoh called back hurriedly making his exit.

"This had better be worth my time," the mad dictator thought to himself. He was fresh off another crushing defeat at the hands of those meddlesome Street Fighters. Because of their interference he had lost a weapons manufacturing facility in the Caribbean, not to mention an entire fleet of his submarines were destroyed and one of his top manufacturers apprehended. Needless to say his patience was at an all-time low.

A procession of colorful characters, both human and non-human in appearance, marched into the throne room and took their place before the tyrant and without a word he carefully eyed each and every one of them up.

The first individual was a blond-haired man clad entirely in black and wearing mirrored shades that were totally out of place in the dimly-lit throne room. He was followed closely by a shrouded figure of an indeterminate gender, their face obscured by a strange bird-like mask. Whoever this person was they stuck to the nameless man like glue, a bodyguard perhaps.

Next to the duo was a man who stood nearly seven feet tall with short blond hair and clad in a white custom-tailored suit which hugged a beefy form underneath. He too had been wearing a pair of shades, which he removed to reveal a pair of cold blue eyes underneath.

The fourth man was a tall muscular individual with spiked up brown hair, unnaturally pale skin and glowing red eyes who wore the garments of a 15th century nobleman complete with a cape similar to the dictator's. He was seconded by a hideous red-skinned gargoyle with iron bands on its wrists and ankles.

Lastly was a short impish man dressed like a scientist with a bushy mustache that matched the same shade as what little gray hair remained on his head, a rather comical-looking fellow that made Bison want to scratch his head in confusion as to why he were here.

Standing behind the scientist was what appeared to be either a robot or a man in futuristic lavender armor and a matching helmet with a T-shaped visor. A large cannon was attached to the being's right shoulder, making Balrog wince the aforementioned firearm was pointed in his direction.

Whoever these people were, they carried themselves with great confidence and he could sense the powerful auras which they emitted (there was even something extraordinary about the small researcher who could have passed as Dr. Senoh's distant relative). For now he would hear them out and dispose of them if he felt they weren't worth his time.

"Lord Bison, I assume?" the black-clad man asked.

"I am," the dictator nodded, "May I please ask who you are and why have you come to me? It had better be worth my time if you wish to intrude upon my affairs."

"Albert Wesker," the man introduced himself before looking to the others, "We have a strong proposal and you have our assurance it will very much be worth your time," he spoke with a sly grin.

"Very well, I am listening," Bison said reclining in his throne.

"We understand you are a man of plentiful resources," the white-suited man spoke before motioning towards his companions, "as are we."

"And who might you be?" the Shadaloo leader said narrowing his eyes towards the man.

"I am Urien, President of the Illuminati," the towering man spoke, "I would be Emperor if it weren't for my accursed brother," he spat the last sentence with fervent venom.

"Ah yes, the Illuminati," Bison chuckled, "I am aware of your existence, although I'd assume this 'Emperor' which you speak of would have come to me himself."

"I have nothing to do with my idealistic brother or his plans for the world's salvation, I simply wish to conquer it," Urien growled, prompting the nobleman to step forth and place a glowing hand to the man's chest to silence him.

"Demitri Maximoff at your service," the man spoke in a thick Romanian accent, delivering a polite bow, "My newfound associate Firebrand and I come to you from Makai, understanding that you possess great power, as do we," he finished, his body emitting an ethereal glow as the gargoyle cackled menacingly behind him.

"Plus a great intelligence that rivals even that of my own," the scientist squawked in a high-pitched tone carrying a European accent which he could not pinpoint, his voice sounding like nails on a chalkboard.

"Much like you, we are also men with enemies that have long been thorns in our sides," Wesker added, "Unfortunately for us; they are slimy cretins that have somehow managed to elude our grasps and we've decided enough is enough."

"Lord Bison, it is our suggestion that we pool our collective resources together and form an alliance," Urien declared.

"An alliance you say?" Bison asked cocking an eyebrow, "Hmmm, come to think of it you do make a valid point. For far too long, those foolish Street Fighters have meddled in my affairs. Perhaps one of you may possess the means for eliminating their nuisance."

"Whatever this alliance of yours is, I want in on it," a youthful, yet sinister voice called out from the shadows, causing the Dolls to dart their eyes around searching for the source, only to find a white-haired man in a blue trench coat with a sword strapped to his side seemingly emerge out of thin air, shocking even the visitors.

"Call me Vergil," the man introduced himself, "I crave great power and although I typically prefer to work alone, for once I may make an exception, especially if it means I can eliminate my foolish brother."

"Very well, that settles it," the dictator said teleporting from his throne over to the octet, "Let us come together to form a mighty alliance, one unlike our enemies have ever seen," he proclaimed.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" the short scientist called out excitedly.

"And who might you be?" Bison asked looking down upon him.

The researcher scowled, offended by the lack of recognition. "I am Dr. Wily, the foremost authority on robotics and electronics! I could help you build an army of powerful robots…as long as you provide me with the necessary resources to get the job done!"

"Consider it done," Bison replied, just as the room began to shake violently.

"What gives?" Urien cried out as monitors began flickering on and off, debris falling from the ceiling (a large piece of which knocked Balrog unconscious), and unnatural lights flashed throughout the massive throne room. From out of nowhere his suit was torn away from his body by unseen forces, leaving him clad in nothing but a white loincloth as his skin turned to bronze and his blond hair to metallic white.

"Some kind of sorcery I am not aware of?" Vergil asked withdrawing his sword as Wesker drew a handgun and his bodyguard threw off their cloak, revealing herself as an attractive blonde-haired woman in a skintight purple and black combat outfit wielding dual submachine guns.

A blue orb materialized from out of nowhere much to the astonishment of all, yet the wonder quickly vanished as the ball of light began growing in diameter and lowering towards the group, prompting them to back up with whatever weapons they had drawn.

"Lord Bison, do something!" Vega called out, his porcelain mask concealing the look of terror crossing his features. The Spaniard was silenced by a glowing hand as Bison stared intently at the lowering sphere, intrigued by the phenomena while simultaneously readying himself for battle.

There was a single crackle of electricity that would soon multiply and once again cause any electronic devices in the throne room to go haywire as three black misshapen blurs materialized within the blue void, moving closer until they began taking on clear human characteristics.

A loud electrical hiss sounded as the first figure stepped through the portal and everybody aside from Bison stepped back as they were approached by a gray-skinned giant wearing cerulean armor with strange blue markings on his head.

Following the brute were two more individuals, the first being a man clad in metal armor from head to toe with a green cloak, and the second what could only be described as gigantic head housed within a floating chair with robotic arms and legs.

"It appears your teleportation device has worked after all Doom," the giant spoke in a deep commanding voice as he turned his attention to the gathered villains.

"And just who might you be?" Bison asked the mysterious new arrival.

The giant did not reply immediately, looking back and forth between his two associates, "It seems we have indeed accomplished our goal of reaching another reality. They would tremble before the might of Apocalypse if we had remained on a world where we are still known."

"Do not forget it was my invention which brought us here," the armored warrior replied before looking around the throne room, "Are we in this world's version of Latveria?"

"Lat-what?" Urien inquired.

"I see," the masked man replied, "Indeed we have," he spoke to Apocalypse as their associate M.O.D.O.K. pointed his built-in guns at the other robotic warrior in the room, who in turn readied the laser cannon mounted to his shoulder, "M.O.D.O.K. stand down at once!"

"He dared to challenge me," the floating head replied with a maniacal cackle, "No one challenges me and lives! Hee hee hee hee hee!"

"Forgive our intrusion, I am the one called Apocalypse," the giant said introducing himself, "and with me are Victor von Doom, ruler of Latveria, and M.O.D.O.K. of Advanced Idea Mechanics," the mention of the alternate universe terrorist group's name drawing looks of confusion.

"I see there is much we have yet to explain to these…fellows," M.O.D.O.K. said looking the others up and down.

"Another world? Fascinating!" Wesker said looking to his bodyguard Jill Valentine, who only stared blankly towards the three new visitors.

"Yes, plenty of new territory to conquer," Demitri spoke, a wicked grin exposing his fangs for all to see.

"And likely more after that," Urien added almost drooling in anticipation, "Plenty of new untapped resources to help me bring down my brother once and for all."

"And new lands to rule over as a king," Bison grinned evilly.

"Better than kings…Gods," Wesker added.

"Yes, the possibilities could be endless…" Bison said looking to Apocalypse, who nodded sinisterly in return.

"There is much planning to be done," Apocalypse replied, "Many still stand in our way and they must be dealt with immediately."

"Then let us be gone," Dr. Doom said activating the teleportation device and within a flash of blue light, all occupants of the room were gone, leaving a stirring Balrog all alone.

"Ugh…ow my freakin' head…" the boxer grumbled as he pushed himself to his knees and clutched his throbbing cranium with his gloved hands.

"What just happened here boss?" he asked the imaginary stars finally disappeared and he looked around, "Uh…Boss?"

The former world heavyweight champion slowly rose to his feet to find everybody else had vanished, leaving him all alone.

"Ah damn it! Where the hell did everybody go?" he groaned before his confusion turned to full blown panic, "Oh crap! I'm still gonna get paid ain't I?"


Author's Note: And so ends the first installment of "Dawn of a New Day!" I know this might seem brief, especially for me as I typically like to crank out the really epic chapters, but this is basically my way of introducing a majority of the main villains. There might be some diehard comic aficionados who might be looking to call me out over possible 'out of character' behavior being carried out by some of their all-time favorite villains, but then again this is a fic based around Marvel vs. Capcom, where you're likely to see a slew of villains coming together that would probably more than likely try killing one another before they would form an alliance, but hey this is supposed to be a fun fic anyway.

As for the new villains introduced in this chapter, it was beyond me why Bison was never featured in either installment of "Marvel vs. Capcom 3" due to the fact that he is one of the all-time renowned villains of the Street Fighter universe and personally I could have seen him trying to hook up with Dr. Doom before Wesker would, I'm not knocking Wesker when I say that as I too think he's good at being a manipulative son of a bitch and do think he could definitely be a believable main antagonist for the Capcom side when placed alongside some of the other villains who were featured. I can definitely see him fighting as he did in "Super Street Fighter 4."

I always thought Demitri was a cool-looking villain and always wondered why he was overlooked compared to some of the other Capcom villains, so I'm attempting to right a wrong by including him. Personally I think he would fight the exact same way he did in "Darkstalkers 3" if this were to be an actual video game.

Urien I wanted to include so that Street Fighter 3 would have some form of representation in the story. I think "Tatsunoko vs. Capcom" did the right thing in incorporating (at the time) a representative from each SF installment in the form of Ryu (SF1), Chun-Li (SF2) and Alex (SF3) and it seriously shocked me when they didn't include one in MvC3, so again I'm attempting to right another wrong.

Vega I wanted to have on hand to provide a not-so-typical-looking psychotic character to have onboard and thought he could really go toe to toe with some of the Marvel superheroes given his amazing speed and claw.

Apocalypse I wanted to include so that the heroes would have a mega-sized boss to combat at the end of the game. Even though he's not as big as Galactus, he would still do a damn good job of irking the hell out of me when I had to fight against him in "X-Men vs. Street Fighter" and "Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter."

And now onto the Mega Man characters, Vile I decided to add because I always thought he looked cool. I've honestly never played any of the "Mega Man X" games where he was present, so I might have to browse YouTube for inspiration regarding him, unless there is a kind soul who can tell me what some of his special powers are.

Lastly, Dr. Wily has always been the original Mega Man's primary antagonist so I figured he would make a cool addition too. Personally I could see him fighting in some kind of battle mech suit where he incorporates the powers of his creations, such as Gyro Man's spinning rotor, Guts Man's superhuman strength, Cut Man's blades, Elec Man's electricity and so forth! He would definitely be a fun character to play if I had my way.

Sorry to piss off any Balrog fans, but this will probably mark his only appearance in the story. I plan on having a few characters make cameos in this story, as they would make a minor cameo in a fighter's ending. Yes, I am treating this story as if it were an actual video game.

Well that does it for the first installment so as always read and review!

This is Metal Harbinger saying SPREAD THE SICKNESS, ONE MIND AT A TIME! \m/