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Chapter 4: Clash of the Heroes

Asteroid M

Bison watched the monitor silently as the newly-reprogrammed Sentinels piled the last of the Acolytes into the furnace, their bodies quickly reduced to ash. It had not been an easy task as the loyal followers of Magneto fought valiantly to keep the base within their possession, but ultimately it was the combined might of the Shadaloo overlord and his newfound followers that overcame their ranks. There had been no mercy for any who survived the initial onslaught.

He looked towards the large window, where Earth stood before them in the distance like a massive jewel waiting to be plucked from the darkness surrounding it.

"It appears as if things are coming along smoothly," the Shadaloo overlord spoke to the ancient mutant standing next to him.

"Yes, and with this newly-acquired base of operations we will have the resources necessary for a prolonged commitment against those who would oppose us," Apocalypse added looking towards the assembled force of new and old faces who had been pulled from various locations within time and space.

Among them were the mutants Sabretooth, Toad and Omega Red, a mercenary with photographic reflexes known as the Taskmaster, a homicidal psychopath bonded to an alien symbiote known as Carnage, the warrior of the Skrull Empire Kl'rt, better known as the Super Skrull, the other dimensional rulers Dormammu of the Dark Dimension, Shuma Gorath of the Chaos Dimension, Blackheart of 'Hell,' and Jedah Dohma of Majigen, the Titan conqueror known as Thanos, the empowered human Juggernaut, criminal masterminds the Green Goblin and the Mandarin, the brainwashed former Soviet assassin Winter Soldier, the mutated petty criminal the Sandman, the ancient pharaoh Anakaris, a murderous zombie rocker called Lord Raptor, a psychotic Darkhunter called B.B. Hood, the militia leader Rolento Schugerg, and the earth dragon Hauzer, in addition to all of the villains who had assembled at Bison's headquarters.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am deeply honored that you could be here to join us in this endeavor-" Bison spoke before he was rudely cut off.

"Just cut the crap Bison and tell us why we're all here!" Sabretooth growled before he was surrounded by a purple aura and lifted into the air.

"You had best mind your manners if you wish to continue breathing, Mr. Creed," Bison retorted, his eyes glowing as he held his glowing hand in front of him, clenching his fingers and cutting off the savage's breathing, wanting him to suffer as a means of making his point before releasing him. Toad and Lord Raptor snickered at their colleague's predicament, only to be silenced by a death glare from the mad dictator.

"Before I was so rudely interrupted I was going to explain why your presence was requested," Bison said looking back to the Earth behind him, "We are all individuals with powerful adversaries that have thwarted our plans time and time again," he continued, stopping to let his words sink in.

Some of those present regarded him with a hard stare, their egos deflated as they were forced to acknowledge their previous defeats and the bitter aftertaste that came with it.

"It pains me to concede to such failures as well," the dictator nodded looking over to Apocalypse, who remained silent. "Yet it is with such knowledge that we must allow it to be the force which drives us to overcome said nuisances and enable us to finally accomplish the goals which have long eluded our grasps."

Again Bison took the time to survey the faces of the assembled rogues' gallery. Some of them wanted power, some wanted wealth, some wanted revenge, and then there were those who just wanted blood plain and simple.

"I am fully aware there are those of you who harbor your differences with each other, but now we must come together and fight, to squash those bothersome bugs who stand before us…the X-Men, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Street Fighters, the Darkstalkers…we must unite as one to destroy them all."

The gathered miscreants whispered amongst themselves before Taskmaster spoke up, "And just how do you expect this alliance to work out? We're not exactly the well-oiled machine you thought you'd be getting in the mail," he said looking over to B.B. Hood, who grinned evilly with her Uzi clenched tightly in her right hand.

"You dare question our judgment?" Apocalypse boomed, forcing the masked mercenary to slink back down into his chair and mutter a quick "No" before he looked away in shame.

Vega was next to rise to his feet, "With all due respect, just how do you wish to accomplish this 'merger' of the two worlds as you have spoken of?"

"It is far simpler than you could ever hope to imagine," Dormammu said rising to his feet, "There are those of us who possess the magical abilities which could make this occur within minutes as opposed to the 'modern technology' you have spoken of, which would take years for any of you to accomplish without our guidance," he spoke, earning sharp glares from Dr. Doom and M.O.D.O.K.

"Then let it be done. Commence the merging at once," Apocalypse spoke turning to face Earth while Bison smirked behind him.


New York City, New York

Ryu grunted loudly, clutching his head as he collapsed to his knees, feeling like a chain reaction of nuclear explosions had just occurred within his brain.

All he could remember was the blinding flash of lightning, yet he could still feel pain, a sign he had to be alive. He wanted to open his eyes to make sure, yet the intense pain prevented him from doing such, his muscles in his face tensed up and his jaw locked in place.

"Focus," his mind told him, repeating the word over and over again.

Punching his fist against the concrete he grunted loudly and through sheer force of will was able to shoot his dark eyes open…only to find he was no longer in the forest.

It was only when the realization hit him that he was finally able to make out the loud honking of car horns below, the flutter of helicopter blades and the muffled ruckus of loud music in the distance.

The scene wasn't entirely alien to the martial artist as he recognized several of the buildings along the nighttime skyline and in the distance could make out the Statue of Liberty, having traveled here before with his best friend Ken.

"How can this be?" he asked himself looking over the ledge at the flurry of human activity below, a far cry from the tranquility of the forest.

A loud 'snikt' distracted Ryu from his train of thought and he whirled around to find a short man clad in a strange yellow and black spandex outfit with blue boots and gloves, three metallic claws extending from his gloves.

"What the hell?" the short man demanded in a gruff timbre turning to face Ryu, "Hey Karate Kid! Any idea what the hell's happening here?"

"I'm afraid I cannot answer your question. I'm just as confused as you," Ryu replied.

"Well whatever it is, it's pretty damned fishy and so are you just popping up from outta nowhere," Wolverine grunted, clashing his claws together. His tone was all business and the sharpened edge in his words was a telltale sign he was looking for a fight.

Ryu said nothing and went into his fighting stance, his new challenger roaring loudly as he charged towards him with his claws extended.

Unknown to both men, the Dark Ansatsuken master Akuma watched from atop a water tower on a nearby building, having at last found his elusive quarry, yet at the same time he sensed a powerful energy from the new opponent he faced off against, one which greatly intrigued him.

"Perhaps this could be interesting. The worm is mine to finish and then once I'm done with him, I will destroy this new whelp."


Not too far away Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man was flying through the air at Mach speeds, trying to escape the mysterious winged lady chasing after him.

"Mm, I love it when a man plays hard to get," he heard the seductive purr from above, normally something which would have melted his cool playboy persona and left him becoming hornier than your typical red-blooded teenaged male, wanting to get the woman to the nearest bed right away.

There was something different about this woman though, aside from the wings on her back. She possessed an inhuman demonic power he had never before experienced, wondering if she was out to steal his soul.

It wasn't the only dilemma the armored superhero was facing as he was also stuck pondering how he suddenly got from the Mojave Desert to New York City.

The last thing he recalled was that massive thunderstorm fast approaching his group, followed by the others trying to seek shelter in a nearby cave, while he attempted to fly away. Next thing he knew there was a blinding flash and he was on a rooftop along with some attractive green-haired lady coming onto him. Before he could succumb to her wiles, his armor's built-in systems started going haywire, a sign that something wasn't right. It wasn't long before wings were sprouting out of her back and she was attacking him with bunch of spiked protrusions.

Whoever this 'woman' was, she was damned fast and there was no outrunning her. He had to fight back.

Taking an abrupt right, the armored warrior nearly clipped a skyscraper before spinning around to fire a repulsor blast at his opponent, the mystery woman transforming into a cluster of bats which would soon envelop him.

"Damn it," Iron Man muttered, spinning around firing wildly, but there were too many of them.

"Hello handsome," Morrigan giggled appearing through the swarm, "I see you like playing with really dangerous toys. How about you show me the inner workings of this?" she asked and before he knew it, Tony Stark was flying backwards through one of his own company billboards and crashing through a parked city bus.


"Leon, come in!" Chris Redfield shouted into his earpiece, "Regina, Spencer, are you there? Anybody? Somebody talk to me damn it!"

The B.S.A.A. agent sighed in frustration and with all the force he could muster, kicked a discarded crate aside.

His agitation quickly gave way to fear as he thought of his missing colleagues and wondered if they were even alive following that flash. He had thought it to be some kind of self-destruct sequence going off, but yet here he was still very much alive…and no longer in that hidden facility.

Spotting the Statue of Liberty in the distance he now knew he was in New York and somehow ended up on a rooftop, where he could hear a low rumble from nearby.

Chris drew his sidearm and crept along a nearby billboard, the sounds of another battle in the distance drawing his attention. "What the hell is going on here? It's like I just wandered into the middle of another warzone," he thought to himself hearing a loud crash coming from below as he crept along.

And then everything went dark.

"What the?" Chris asked himself looking down, barely able to see anything. When he looked up his eyes widened, finding himself within the shadow of a giant that made your average Tyrant look miniscule.

The green-skinned colossus let out a loud roar as it drew its arm back, the agent barely having enough time to duck underneath as its meaty fist struck the billboard behind him and sent it flying below.

Chris' finger clamped down on the trigger and he fired a barrage into the brute's chest and face, yet his rounds seemed to have no effect.

"Small gun cannot hurt Hulk! HULK SMASH PUNY MAN!" the giant roared leaping into the air with its fists raised above its head, striking the concrete as Chris barely leapt out of the way. Unknown to the field agent, the Hulk had driven its hands through the roof and with a mighty 'oomph' sent a tremor of broken concrete flying towards him, again forcing him from his feet and sending him landing hard on his stomach, gun still in hand.


In a nearby bar Dante Sparda raised his gun just in time to block his face from being stricken by a katana, raising his other gun he shot the blade away.

"Eh, I was getting bored with all this swordplay anyway," the man in the red and black spandex laughed withdrawing his submachine guns and firing away, sending the devil hunter leaping for cover behind the bar.

"Way to give away your strategy pal," Dante thought to himself as he withdrew his sword Rebellion and laid it upon the bar's counter and sent it sliding along, cutting through anything in its way as he moved along dodging the bullets, broken glass flying behind him.

"Ha, you're not the Flash buddy, you can't run forever!" Deadpool laughed as he continued firing away like the madman he was until Dante caught his sword at the end of the counter and leapt towards him, forcing him to draw his own katana.

"Who says I wanted to run?" Dante asked as his sword clashed against the mercenary's, executing a flurry of back and forth blows until their swords again locked, both of them leaping backwards and drawing their guns.

"Well go ahead punk, make my day!" Deadpool spoke in a gravelly tone.

"Gladly," Dante smirked while they simultaneously pulled their triggers.


The roar of a motorcycle's engine cut through the silence of a back alley as the Ghost Rider sped through, wondering to himself how he had suddenly wound up here.

"Could this be Mephisto's doing?" he grunted quietly as a few homeless people scampered for the safety of the nearest alleyway.

"FORMATION B!" a voice called out from above, followed by a fireball being launched in his direction and striking his motorcycle, sending the dark vigilante flying off and hitting the tarmac with a loud thud.

Without a word, the demonic biker pushed himself back to his feet and withdrew his enchanted chain, looking upward to a streetlight where he saw the likely perpetrator standing on the narrow surface, a young man in a blue sleeveless suit with a red scarf obscuring his mouth. In his hand he held a tonfa-sword of pure plasma energy and had a small satellite-like device hovering next to him.

"I would pray now. A lot," the Ghost Rider said twirling his enchanted chain.


"What kind of sorcery is this?" Samanosuke Akechi demanded, finding himself in a strange new world that had to be some kind of nightmare come to life.

There were no open fields, forests or wooden buildings he was used to seeing, only strange new kinds of 'castles' so tall they reached into the heavens, some of them covered by strange flashing signs that could show people moving, like they had been captured by some form of magic and trapped inside those boxes. Beneath him there were people of a whole different race, dressed in kinds of clothing he had never before seen and wielding small handheld devices that made all sorts of weird noises. Not only that, he saw what must have been a kind of 'mechanical carriage,' moving faster than any horse he had ever seen and making loud noises that forced him to cover his ears.

"How could I have ended up here?" he asked aloud, distracted from his thoughts as he was blinded by a light from above.

Hovering in the air above him was something unlike anything he had ever before seen, like it was some kind of 'demonic bird' made entirely of metal with a light coming out of its 'belly.'

"This is all too much," the samurai muttered to himself before turning on his heel and running along the rooftop, using his great agility to leap to shorter building and then to yet another. All he knew was he had to get out of there and fast.

Where he would go he had no idea, until his progress was cut off by another one of those 'demon birds,' but now he could see other human beings inside this beast, all of them wearing strange battle armor.

"The soldiers of a rival daimyo?" he asked while staring at the strangely dressed man pointing a large light at him, just as he felt something brush against his foot.

The samurai looked down to see a strange object lying next to him, one that almost resembled a ball, yet had some strange designs that left him staring in confusion.

Then there was a powerful blast of light that blinded him, almost like sunlight had been captured and placed into that tiny ball.

Samanosuke cried out in pain as the light stung his eyes and he swung his sword around wildly thinking he was about to be ambushed by the Genma. Indeed he had heard the footsteps rushing towards him from behind and shot his sword out, only to have it clash with more steel and find him struggling against an unseen opponent.

It took several moments for the samurai to be able to focus again after being blinded, but as his vision slowly returned he found himself face to face with a dark-skinned man who had dark hair cropped closely to his head and wore a pair of shades along with a dark trench coat.

"I don't know what the hell you are, but I saw you suddenly appear from out of nowhere like that. You can't be of this world," the man spoke in a dark, brooding tone over the metallic shrieks of their swords grinding against each other.

"And neither can you," Samanosuke replied noticing the man's fangs.

The dark-skinned man shot his foot out kicking the samurai in the gut and sending him staggering backwards, barely able to keep a grip on his katana. He would be knocked to the ground a second later as the man delivered a roundhouse kick to his face.

With a mighty roar Blade brought his sword down, but his opponent quickly rolled out of the way and went to trip him, forcing the half-vampire warrior to leap backward and toss a teakwood dagger at the prostrate man, who also somehow managed to avoid it and rolled back to his feet. He raised his sword and prepared to deliver another attack, but came to a halt as he noticed a strange 'gauntlet' suddenly materialized upon his opponent's wrist.

The gauntlet began to glow an eerie purple color and before long, Blade could feel himself gradually weakening, his own life force being sucked out of his body.

"No…not like this…" he muttered to himself as he struggled to keep himself conscious, unable to reach for any of his other weapons the magical hold was so strong, until there was a loud 'whoosh' from above and both competitors found themselves knocked from their feet.

Samanosuke was knocked from his feet as a red and gold blur soared above him, just inches away from clipping his head, followed by a winged figure surrounded by greenish flames.

The samurai warrior had completely forgotten about his opponent and stood on a knee with his sword raised as he watched the figures battling back and forth above him, one a figure clad in armor that somehow allowed him to fly like a bird, perhaps another samurai, and the other a green-haired, fair-skinned woman with large wings protruding from her back.

"Damn it, I'm getting low on power," Tony Stark thought to himself as he raced around the skyscrapers, now finding himself on the run as that mysterious woman, if she could be considered such, flew after him at speeds rivaling his built-in jet boots.

"Damn," he grunted loudly as he barely dodged a sharpened appendage thrust in his direction. He spun around to see the woman's wings had suddenly transformed into hundreds of little snake-like spears shooting their way towards him, sending him through another obstacle course as he maneuvered his way around to dodge whatever entered his path. The tentacles flew at him from all directions until he came to a sudden halt before a skyscraper where he saw several flashes of light coming from within, kicking his boosters into overdrive before several barbed tips could impale him, instead finding their way into the backside of a certain "merc with a mouth."

"GYAAAAA! Knives in the ass! Not cool!" Deadpool cried out.

"He's sure not the 'up close and personal' type," Morrigan said to herself as she searched around for her armored target, who had somehow managed to elude her grasp, "Maybe that little toy of his has some more tricks I don't know about.

Unknown to Morrigan, Iron Man was closer than she thought and was preparing for one of his more powerful attacks.

"I'm sorry darling, but you're asking for it…UNI-BEAM!" the armored Avenger called out before firing the concentrated beam from his chest plate, striking the succubus head on and knocking her out of the sky, watching as she fell to Earth.

"Gotcha," Chris Redfield called out as the succubus fell near the rooftop he presently occupied, catching her by the wrist, "Hold on tight!" he grunted, able to hear the thunderous footfalls of the green giant nearby.

Morrigan was about to thank him when something far beyond caught her attention.

In a nearby back alley, Strider Hiryu back flipped to avoid a spire of magma shooting out from the ground before him, catching himself a brick wall and then launching himself towards the Ghost Rider followed by an energy trail.

The flame-headed antihero dashed backwards to avoid the attack and then whipped his enchanted chain upward to strike his attacker, who would catch himself in midair and then roll beneath it.

"You are either very brave or very stupid to challenge the Ghost Rider," the dark vigilante remarked, his opponent narrowing his dark eyes towards him.

"HELLFIRE!" Ghost Rider called out, breathing a plume of fire the ninja assassin would teleport to avoid, copies of the man suddenly appearing and kicking away at the demonic biker's flaming head, managing to stun him long enough for his opponent to follow up with another slam of his sword accompanied by a shockwave that served to only stun the antihero.

Hiryu attempted to continue the assault, but Ghost Rider had recovered and went for his 'Chaos Bringer' attack, which failed to catch the ninja, but did manage to steal his sword away from him.

"Heh, you're not so tough without your little toy," the antihero taunted.

"FORMATION A1," the ninja called out and Ghost Rider looked over his shoulder to see a robotic panther charging towards him, which he would shoot his flaming 'Chain of Rebuttal' outward to deflect.

"FORMATION B," Strider again shouted and his opponent was struck from behind as his miniature satellite launched a fireball into the demon's upper back, once again serving to stun him temporarily. He again launched himself through the air and struck the flame-headed warrior from behind.

"JUDGMENT STRIKE!" Ghost Rider shouted whipping his chain outward and striking the ninja with numerous smaller fireballs, sending the young man flying through a nearby window.

"It is only a matter of time before your soul is cleansed…I smell the filth emanating from you," the Spirit of Vengeance spoke slowly approaching the abandoned building, until he was distracted by a phenomena occurring in the nighttime sky above.

Meanwhile on a nearby rooftop, it had been an intense back and forth struggle between the wandering warrior Ryu and the violent hero Wolverine, both men leaping with acrobatic grace along the rooftop and pulling off impressive displays of athleticism as they did whatever they could to avoid the attacks they threw at each other.

With a loud grunt, Wolverine performed a leaping slash directed at his opponent's chest, which the man would leap backwards to avoid and then another directed at the same location, which Ryu would similarly leap backwards to avoid before attempting to counter with a roundhouse kick directed at his yellow-clad assailant's face, who would bring his claws up to block.

"Too slow kid," the X-Man taunted as he caught Ryu's foot and pulled him close, delivering a hard head butt that sent him rolling backwards.

"Damn it, that felt like steel," the martial artist thought to himself as he slowly rose to his feet, only to find the berserk savage charging towards him, bringing his wrist up to deflect the man's attempted swipe and then launching himself upward.

"SHORYUKEN," he cried, a metallic clank following as his fist connected with the man's exposed jaw and sent him flying high into the air before he hit the ground with a thud.

A loud explosion rang out from above and the martial artist found his eyes drawn to the sky, an ominous light emerged from the clouds and from that light a tornado-like spire of fire was born, and it was heading towards the earth!

Unknown to the two warriors, they weren't the only ones mesmerized by the ungodly sight.

Iron Man and Morrigan Aensland, Chris Redfield and the Incredible Hulk, Dante Sparda and Deadpool, Strider Hiryu and Ghost Rider, Samanosuke Akechi and Blade, all of them stopped in the middle of their respective battles to observe the atmospheric spectacle occurring before them, some of them wondering if this sudden event could have any connection to the appearances and disappearances, as well as what had brought them to New York…

…and then the spire slowed in midair and began taking a humanoid shape, causing all of the Marvel heroes to gasp in terror.

"This…is…bad…" Wolverine muttered.

"Dormammu!" Iron Man shouted, "What the hell is he doing here?"

The inter-dimensional conqueror laughed maniacally as the vortex swirled above him and meteorites began falling to the earth.

"Welcome to the end!"


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