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Chapter 5: Heroes Unite

New York City, New York

"Damn it, does this guy ever shut up?" Cody Travers thought to himself with an audible sigh of exasperation as he brought his hands up to rub his throbbing temples, feeling the onset of a migraine brought upon by the strangely animated defense attorney's nonstop rambling.

"Alright, I'm telling you Mr. Travers, we're sitting on top of a mountain of evidence here!" Phoenix Wright triumphantly proclaimed as he excitedly threw a sheaf of papers into the air, his client barely ducking beneath them, before he ran over to a nearby bulletin board with a map pinned down to it.

"We've got witnesses here, here and here…oh and over here too who can say that it was that group of thugs who attacked you first," the high-strung lawyer shouted pointing to different spots on the map where pushpins were placed, jabbing away at it in the same way he had noticed the sumo wrestler Edmond Honda attack before. Eventually the attorney's fingers would poke right through the surface and within seconds the bulletin board was reduced to splinters.

"M-Maya!" Phoenix shouted and on cue, a short dark-haired woman in a purple robe came rushing in carrying an easel with another map displayed on it.

"Now as I was saying-" Mr. Wright attempted to continue, only to slip up on a banana peel and go tumbling to the hardwood floor, "I-I-I'm alright!"

Again Cody sighed irritably and placed his shackled hands behind his head, "If this guy's supposed to be a defense attorney, then I might as well be forgetting what sunlight looks like," the fallen hero of Metro City thought to himself shaking his head.

"Alright, now where was I?" Phoenix Wright asked aloud pulling himself back to his feet and rubbing the back of his neck, "Oh yeah, Mr. Travers I think we've got everything we need for your defense. At this point, I think it's safe to say you'll be back on the streets in no time…as long as you resort to another means of curing your boredom."

A loud crash came from above and both men found themselves falling to the floor and raising their arms above their heads to shield themselves from the falling debris.

"What the hell was that?" Phoenix shouted.

Cody did not reply immediately and looked upward to the fresh hole in the ceiling, "Something that is very bad!"

The duo looked up to see a gigantic robot hovering over them, its glowing yellow eyes in the process of scanning them.

"Hostile targets located," the Sentinel called out in a robotic voice, "Initiating sterilization protocol."

"Okay, I'm really not liking the sound of that!" Wright exclaimed as the large droplets of sweat cascaded freely down his forehead.

"Just shut up and move!" Cody shouted grabbing the blue-clad man by the shoulders and dragging him out of the office, just in time for them to avoid an energy blast which incinerated the defense attorney's headquarters.

The two men bolted out of the waiting room and found themselves racing down the hall, past the gum-chewing police officer in charge of Cody's transportation.

"Hey, come back here with my prisoner!" Edi E. shouted drawing his gun and firing into the ceiling, only to find himself knocked from his feet as the corridor shook violently and he looked up to see the rooftop having disappeared and a giant robot looking down upon him.

"Oh crap!"

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the building David King had been in the middle of repairing one of the office building's many toilets when he overheard the commotion.

"What the hell gives?" he grunted rising to his feet and exiting the bathroom stall, only to look out a nearby window and see a gigantic purple and blue robot staring back at him. The towering monstrosity looked at him wordlessly before raising its hand to reveal an opening in its palm where a laser beam was powering up, meaning nothing good for the plumber.

"Damn it," David hissed to himself before whirling on his heel and bolting through the door, only to find himself nearly colliding with a dark-haired man in a blue suit and a blond-haired man in a blue and white striped prison jumper with his wrists shackled together.

"We've gotta-" was all he managed to get out before a deafening explosion came from behind and he found himself flung through the air, thrown against the nearest wall and having all the air knocked from his lungs.

"Crap!" Phoenix Wright shouted as he watched the beige-clad plumber knocked out cold by the blast. He didn't let it slow him down as the same instincts which drove him in the courtroom soon kicked in and he was rushing over to help the fallen man, "Help me damn it!" he shouted over to Cody.

Seeing there were no other options and hearing the thunderous footfalls of the gigantic robots outside, Cody reluctantly ran over and proceeded to help lift the dazed plumber back to his feet under his arms, only to have the dark-haired man snap awake and shove both of them off.

"I can handle myself!" the man snapped, "Now c'mon, we've gotta move if we wanna survive!"

"What's your name sir?" the suited man demanded, "My name is Phoenix Wright, ace attorney-"

"Save the introductions for later, let's just get moving!" David again snapped instinctively withdrawing his folding knife as he proceeded for the nearest stairwell, followed closely by the prisoner.

Within moments the trio had made their way downstairs and outside only to find nothing but pandemonium surrounding them.

"What the hell is this?" Phoenix asked aloud as he observed the carnage.

"It looks like the end of the world," Cody replied.

"Just how it looked back in Raccoon City," David added.

Civilians ran in all different directions and automobiles crashed into each other as their drivers tried to find shelter wherever they could. The wail of police sirens and the rattle of gunfire filled the air, only to be cut off by a cluster of explosions, followed by the screams of agony. To the three men it literally looked like Hell on Earth.

"Look out!" David cried and his newfound companions looked up to see a police helicopter spiraling out of control towards them, its engine ablaze. Without further prompting the trio ran through a nearby alleyway and found themselves on another war torn street.

"C'mon, we have to-" the plumber shouted just before he was cut off by a deafening inhuman roar.

"What the hell is that thing?" Phoenix Wright shouted pointing down the street towards the behemoth blocking their path.

"Beats the hell outta me, but it might be enough to cure my boredom," Cody replied cracking his knuckles.

The abomination before them stood roughly eight feet tall and was clad from head to toe in black leather. Two large rock-like formations were at the end of its upper appendages serving as its hands. What appeared to be the creature's 'head' was a lump of ashen, leathery-looking strips that appeared to be sewn together. Where its mouth should have been there were no lips present, flashing a permanent demonic grin. A single orb looked down upon the motley trio, showing no signs of color.

In its right hand was a massive rocket launcher that looked so tiny in its massive hands, the creature wielding it with great ease as if it were a simple handgun…and it was pointing it straight at them.

"RUN!" David screamed.

The trio again found themselves forced to bolt as fast as their feet could take them, the loud hiss of the rocket behind them, but instead striking a city bus that had swerved to a halt in front of a bistro.

"Okay, we should be-" Phoenix was in the middle of blurting out when a bright red convertible suddenly screeched to a halt in front of him, "-hey, watch where you're going you idiot!"

The roar of the one-eyed monster again came from behind and the trio whirled around to see the beast leaping over the flaming wreckage with superhuman leg strength and landing right before them.

"S.T.A.R.S.," the monster bellowed in a throaty roar.

"Looks like we've got ourselves another joker wanting to play," a voice came from the car and the trio turned to see the convertible's two inhabitants stepping out, the driver being a brown-haired man wearing a suit jacket and green slacks with a camera hanging around his neck, and the passenger a blond-haired man wearing a black and yellow motocross jacket and blue jeans.

"Well I say, why keep him waiting?" the passenger spoke, pulling out a moose head and pulling it on like a mask. The driver said nothing and drew a weapon of his own, a combination weapon consisting of a wooden paddle and chainsaw taped together.

"Wait, where are you guys going?" Phoenix shouted, "That thing is dangerous!"

"Relax, I've covered wars y'know," the driver casually smirked before joining his comrade.

"I recognize that guy," David King told Cody, "That's Frank West, he survived that zombie incident over in Willamette, and that other guy, that's Chuck Greene."

"Oh yeah, he's been on that 'Terror is Reality' show," the ex-con replied as the blond-haired man charged head on into the one-eyed brute, temporarily stunning the monster before he was forced to duck low to avoid being whipped by its rocket launcher.

"Yeah, he's also an outbreak survivor himself," David replied pulling out his toolkit, grabbing both a lighter, can of pesticide spray and some vinyl tape.

"Okay, now really isn't the time for arts and crafts," Cody remarked.

"Relax, I'm gonna help them out," the plumber replied, having crafted a makeshift flamethrower.

"Well I'm not letting you hog all the fun," Cody spoke reaching down to gather a handful of rocks before following after his companion, while Phoenix Wright stood in the background nervously chomping away at his fingernails.

Frank took a swipe at Nemesis with his paddlesaw, delivering a sick blow to the brute's side, but the monster shrugged it off and drew its arm back, a powerful blow which he was barely able to roll beneath. Before he rose back to his feet, the monster was turning around with unexpected speed and shooting a tentacle out of its wrist catching the photojournalist by the ankle and pulling him backward.

"Say goodnight!" Chuck Greene shouted as he again charged head on into the B.O.W. with his moose head, causing it to stagger forward a few steps, but failing to break the monster's grip.

There was a loud 'whoosh' and the Nemesis found itself doused in flames compliments of David's makeshift flamethrower before being stuck in the side of its head by a cluster of large rocks.

"Hey, ain't cha' gonna play with us too Mr. Ugly?" Cody shouted before swiping a survival knife off the ground and twirling it mischievously.

The Nemesis B.O.W. now turned its attention towards the convict while still dragging Frank along by the ankle, yet creating an opening for Chuck to pull out a combo weapon he called the 'Defiler' and using it to sever the monster's tentacle, finally freeing up the overzealous journalist.

"Oh, there's so going to be payback for that!" Frank declared as he pulled out one of his tools of survival, a mighty fire axe and leaping high into the air to strike the brute from behind, which would soon turn into a team combo as Cody charged for with his 'Ruffian Kick' and then followed up with a series of stabs from his knife before David leapt in to strike the monster with a crude hammer he fashioned from an iron pipe, a piece of concrete and some vinyl tape, finally knocking their attacker from his feet.

The monster didn't stay down for long, shooting a tentacle out and lifting Cody from his feet, sending the former hero flying backwards into an open dumpster. David would attempt to avenge his companion's attack with another swipe of his crude hammer, but the Nemesis could hear him coming and delivered a vicious backhand which sent the plumber skidding backwards across the pavement.

"Hey Smiley, why don't you suck on this?" Chuck called out withdrawing a gas tank covered in nails, which he called an 'I.E.D.,' and tossing it high into the air before withdrawing a pump-action shotgun and pulling the trigger, sending a cluster of nails flying into the monster's face. With his enemy stunned, the former motocross champion then pulled on a pair of flaming boxing gloves and ran over to deliver a combo of scorching punches before finishing with a 'Dragon Punch.'

Yet somehow, the monster once again recovered quickly and snatched Chuck out of the air before he could land, tossing him into the oncoming Frank West.

With the four puny humans dealt with the Nemesis turned its attention to the quivering defense attorney, who now looked to be on the verge of wetting himself.

"Hey, you just stay right where you are!" Phoenix shouted to the B.O.W., who ignored his demands and slowly stalked towards him with long confident strides, the earth shaking beneath every footfall.

"S.T.A.R.S." the mutant again muttered, its fingers flexing in anticipation of crushing yet another human's skull.

"I'm warning you! Don't come any closer!" Phoenix shouted defiantly pointing his finger towards the approaching abomination.

"Alright, you're really asking for it now!" the ace attorney shouted before taking a deep breath and summoning all of his strength.

"OBJECTION!" he hollered, his powerful vocal cords producing a shockwave which managed to knock the brute back a few steps, but again the monster continued forth undeterred, a fresh tentacle sprouting from its hand.

"Okay, this seriously is not good!" Phoenix yelped as the giant enveloped him within its shadow.

"HADOKEN!" a new voice called out and the Nemesis was knocked forward by a blue basketball-sized projectile fired into its back, forcing Phoenix to leap out of the way before he could be flattened.

"TATSUMAKI SENPUKYAKU!" the voice announced and Phoenix watched as a scarlet whirlwind flew towards the one-eyed behemoth, striking it repeatedly in the face.

The blur lowered itself to the ground, revealed to be a young man with shaggy blond hair that fell to the bottom of his neck.

"You wanna play with somebody? Play with me!" the warrior shouted before he was forced to roll beneath an attempted swipe from the brute's rocket launcher.

"HADOKEN!" the man repeated as he launched another fireball into the B.O.W.'s backside, "That's right, it's playtime freak!"

"Oh my god, thank you so much," Phoenix shouted to his savior.

"Hey, don't thank me yet!" the red-clad man shouted as the brute raised its rocket launcher and prepared to fire, only to be knocked off course as a miniature cyclone struck it from behind.

"I ain't dead yet freakazoid!" Cody shouted his striped jumper covered from top to bottom in filth. The fallen hero cracked his neck back into place before looking over to the new challenger, "Well I'll be damned! Ken Masters, what brings you to these parts?"

"I would be asking you the same thing Cody…if there wasn't some eight foot tall freak trying to kill us!" Ken shouted before leaping backward to dodge and downward punch aimed at his noggin.

"Right on it," Cody shouted back before powering himself up and charging towards the Nemesis with a flurry of punches before exclaiming "Jackpot!" and delivering a final uppercut which launched a much larger cyclone which took the monstrosity from its feet, a super combo he called the 'Final Destruction.'

"My turn," Ken shouted before charging up his energy and propelling himself into the air with his extended fist ablaze.

"SHORYUU-REPPA!" he echoed through the war torn streets, netting three Dragon Punches in succession upon the brute, launching it even higher.

The massive monster fell back to earth in a massive explosion of dirt and concrete, a crater left where it had landed.

Cody and Ken looked over to see Phoenix Wright wiping a sheen of sweat away from his brow and then over to see Frank, Chuck and David had all risen back to their feet and were cautiously approaching the new opening leading to the sewers below.

"Do you think it's dead?" Phoenix nervously asked staring down into the darkness.

"I don't know, but I'm not hanging around to find out," Ken replied.

"Heh, me neither," Frank added.

"We should find a safer place…if there are left," Chuck said motioning towards a nearby alley.

With a collective nod the six men began their search.


"Damn it! Not again!" Mike Haggar groaned as yet another one of his campaign billboards had been set on fire by vandals, "That's the third one this week!"

"There's always going to be meanies out there up to no good," the catwoman riding on his shoulders called Felicia spoke up as he pulled out his sport coat and attempted to fan the flames.

"Don't I know that already? I've already been mayor of one of the toughest cities on the earth," the former wrestler grunted as he whipped his sport coat towards the burning billboard, while the catwoman tried blowing the flames out. He knew deep down it was a lost cause.

"Wait, do you hear that Mr. Haggar?" Felicia asked, her feline ears wagging.

The ex-mayor stopped what he was doing and looked over his shoulder, hearing what he swore could have been a jet motor, and it was heading straight in their direction.

Squinting his eyes he saw what almost looked like a person, a very large person flying towards them, accompanied by two more of its kind.

"This doesn't look very good sir," Felicia blurted out as the trio of figures landed before them, revealing themselves to be three large robots.

"Surrender at once, or we will be forced to use lethal force," spoke the lead Sentinel.

"Ha! Fat chance of that you walking tin can!" Haggar chuckled and in an amazing show of strength, ripped the billboard from its supports, "I can always have another one put up," he spoke of his advertisement before chucking it towards the lead robot, which raised its hand and fired a laser beam from its palm which incinerated the incoming projectile.

"Okay, I don't think that worked very well," Felicia said going into a fighting stance.

"Then we go to Plan B!" Haggar replied reaching down to pick up a discarded steel pipe that was hidden beneath an overturned trashcan.

"Loading battle protocols. Engaging hostile targets," the Sentinel said before launching its fist towards Felicia, who managed to leap onto the projectile while it was still airborne and propelled herself from it to execute her 'Delta Kick' straight to the robotic hunter's head.

"Heh, this isn't the first handicapped match I've been involved in," Haggar spoke as the two other Sentinels stood tall over him, "and from the looks of things it sure won't be the last."

The former world champion managed to duck underneath a chainsaw built into the robot's arm and swung away with his steel pipe, sending the whirring blade into its 'colleague' and slicing off the other robot's leg beneath its kneecap.

As the damaged robot fell, the muscular wrestler began spinning his body with his arms extended for his trademark 'Double Lariat' attack, his fists chipping away at the robot's armor until he had completely obliterated its face.

"You're next!" Haggar proclaimed launching himself towards the other robot for a picture perfect dropkick that sent machine stumbling backwards before delivering an axe handle blow and finishing with a head butt that left the mechanized hunter collapsing into the building behind it.

"Ow…that's going to be the last time I do that," the ex-mayor said rubbing his sore head as he looked up to see Felicia using her claws to tear away at the exposed wires inside the last Sentinel's head, slashing away until the robot's yellow eyes dimmed and it fell forward into a nearby movie theater.

"Okay, that's not exactly what I meant to do," the catwoman nervously laughed as she noted the property damage caused by her efforts.

"Wasn't much of a challenge, I didn't even break a sweat!" Haggar laughed, only to find himself eating his words a second later as more Sentinels hovered above them and one landed right before the former mayor.

"Get down!" a voice called out from behind.

Doing as he was told, the former wrestler hit the deck and listened as a loud roar came from above. Tilting his head upward he watched as a ruby red laser beam tore through the robot standing before him.

Haggar and Felicia turned to see a brown-haired man in a blue and gold bodysuit with a ruby quartz visor over his eyes standing before them, flanked from both sides by several individuals, one who looked to be a man made entirely of ice, another a towering steel-skinned brute in a red and gold uniform, a brown-haired man in a trench coat with a staff in one hand and deck of playing cards in the other, an ape-like figure covered in blue fur, a shapely purple-haired woman in a black one-piece suit whose right fist was surrounded by a pink dagger-shaped aura, another shapely woman in a green and gold form hugging bodysuit and leather jacket whose featured brunette hair had a prominent white streak in it, a strawberry blond-haired man in a green and yellow bodysuit with a harness beneath his arms and lastly, a blue-skinned man with metallic eagle-like wings.

"Wow nice costumes, is there some kind of Broadway production going on that I wasn't told about?" Felicia asked sizing up the diverse group of individuals.

"Thanks for the help kid," Haggar spoke, only to be cut off as another Sentinel flew overhead.

"Don't be thanking me yet," Cyclops shouted back before motioning to his colleagues, "X-Men move out!"

"Never thought you'd say," the steel-skinned brute known as Colossus chuckled, in a thick accent that reminded Haggar much of his famed Russian rival 'The Red Cyclone' Zangief, before delivering a charging shoulder tackle that would bowl over three of the Sentinels like they were oversized bowling pins.

"Time for a workout," the purple-haired woman Psylocke said channeling her chi so the psychic dagger grew even larger and she charged towards one of the Sentinels, taking out its leg beneath the kneecap before she leapt towards a nearby wall and propelled herself off of it, executing another 'Psy-Blade' attack that took out its left arm beneath the elbow joint, cutting through it like a buzz saw, before leaping in front of its face and drawing her katana, thrusting the blade through the robotic hunter's left eye.

"Man, they make you things dumber and dumber," the man of ice, aptly codenamed Iceman, laughed as one of the metallic behemoths trudged towards him, right into the trail of ice he had created beneath its feet, causing it to lose balance and land hard on its back, leaving it open for the ape-like man, Beast, to leap high into the air and then come crashing down into its face.

"It would still not be wise to underestimate an old adversary Bobby," Beast replied before leaping high into the air to avoid a laser beam directed at his chest and performing a forward flip that took him back to the ground. As the Sentinel raised one of its feet in an attempt to stomp him into a mud puddle, the blue-furred man brought both of his fists down onto the ground and created a shockwave which caused it to lose its balance and into the waiting hands of Colossus, who tore its head from its shoulders with little to no effort.

"Aw c'mon Hank, you gotta lighten up every now and then," Iceman chuckled as another Sentinel approached him and extended its fist downward, only to find itself shattering a perfect duplicate the cryokinetic hero had crafted of himself.

"Hey! I'm over here!" Iceman called out to the Sentinel before crafting another life-sized ice sculpture of himself, which was shattered by a punch from the robot's wrecking ball-like fist. "No, over here silly!" he shouted before forming another duplicate, which would befall the same fate as the one before it. "Man, you sure are slow today!" he taunted forming a third sculpture, and then another and so forth until the Sentinel was surrounding and firing its lasers wildly in a desperate attempt to take out its mutant challenger before Iceman finally grew bored and assailed the hunter with a flurry of razor sharp icicles.

Utilizing his superior agility, Beast leapt into the air and gripped onto the nearest streetlight, spinning his entire body around and launching himself forward to plant a dropkick square into the chest of a Sentinel he saw closing in on the catwoman Felicia. With no time to rest, he tucked his body into a ball and launched himself towards another Sentinel, striking it head on where its arm connected to the rest of its body and throwing off its aim as it attempted to incinerate its intended target.

"Wow that totally looks like something Blanka would do!" Felicia cried out excitedly.

"I'm afraid I do not know what a 'Blanka' is, but I do say it sounds quite intriguing," Beast replied in the well-cultured tone of an intellectual, a stark contrast to his bestial appearance, before he and Felicia were forced to leap out of the way to avoid an explosive fist launched in their direction.

Breathing deeply, Mike Haggar leapt high into the air, only to come crashing back down with the force of a meteorite and landing chest first on top of a Sentinel's head, flattening it like a car in a compactor.

"You're all a bunch of amateurs!" the former professional wrestler taunted to the fallen robot before landing on his feet and finding himself stuck between both Cyclops and the trench coat wearing thief known as Gambit.

"OPTIC BLAST" Cyclops cried launching a red laser beam from his eyes towards another approaching Sentinel, decapitating it and following up with another blast that obliterated its head, saving the fleeing mother and child that would have been crushed by it.

"That's a nice gimmick you got yourself there kid. You could really do some good in the ring with those fancy tricks," Haggar complimented with a hearty chuckle.

"I'm afraid it's not a gimmick sir," Cyclops replied before launching another optic blast towards a Sentinel that was about to sneak up on his airborne colleague Banshee.

Gambit meanwhile was chucking kinetically charged playing cards towards the oncoming robots at a manic pace while simultaneously deflecting projectiles and debris with his staff. When there was an opening he looked over and saw the steel pipe in Haggar's hands.

"Pardon me mon ami, but I'm gonna need to be borrowing that for a second," the thief said snatching the pipe from the former mayor's grasp and before he could say anything, was already charging it full of kinetic energy and launched it like a javelin towards another incoming Sentinel, destroying both it and another robot about to land behind it in one huge explosion.

"Normally I would've pile driven your ass into the ground for that, but for once I'll let it slide," Haggar replied with a sharp glare towards the Cajun, who seemed unaware and was reaching into his pocket for another deck of playing cards.

An ear-piercing scream shattered an airborne Sentinel into a million pieces compliments of the Irish-born X-Man known as Banshee.

"How are you holding up over there?" he shouted to his fellow airborne colleagues Rogue and Angel.

"Well aside from the fact that there are a bunch of giant robots out to kill us, I'd say just fine," Angel shouted back, flapping his wings and launching a volley of razor sharp projectiles towards one of the incoming robot hunters, striking it in several vital areas that sent it crashing back to earth.

"Target in sight, preparing to strike," a Sentinel called out as it targeted the airborne woman before it.

"Now, now suga' ain't cha' mama ever taught ya' that ain't no way to be treatin' a lady?" Rogue called out in her thick Southern accent before charging straight towards the robot, narrowly avoiding its grasp, and then getting behind it to grab it by one of its ankles and begin spinning herself and the robot along with her.

"Now I'm gonna show ya' a move Colossus taught me!" the southern belle grunted under exertion as she now spun her body with near tornado force speed, "Boys, ya' might wanna look out!"

Doing as they were told, Angel and Banshee quickly got out of the way and with a mighty 'oomph,' Rogue released the bot from her grasp and sent it flying, only to be cut down by a carefully timed optic blast from Cyclops down below.

"You think that's the last of them?" Iceman shouted after freezing a Sentinel whole and letting it fall to the ground to shatter into a million pieces.

Cyclops looked around and was about to reply when his eyes were suddenly diverted towards the sky.

"I think not…"


"Get back here ya' little pipsqueak!" Rhino called out charging after his much smaller prey, who used his amazing speed to scale a brick wall which he would soon find himself plowing through.

"BUSHIN SENPUKYAKU!" the red-clad ninja cried out, catching him by surprise with a multi-hit tornado kick, yet it had done little damage and only served to further anger the heavily-armored villain.

Guy exhaled deeply and collapsed to a knee, heavily winded from his battle with the rhino-like deviant, one who had been tougher than any of the Mad Gear bosses he had ever faced, yet probably not as tough as Bison.

Still, the Bushin-ryu master could only ask himself the same question over and over again.

"How did I get here?"

The last thing he recalled was being challenged to a fight by his future sister-in-law Maki beneath an overpass in Metro City, the young woman challenging him for the title of Bushin Master, and then there was a flash of light.

Next thing he knew, he was in New York City (judging by him spotting the iconic Statue of Liberty from a distance), yet at the same time it seemed totally different from what he remembered from previous ventures.

He had found the entire city enveloped in chaos, where the villain called 'Rhino' was using the ensuing anarchy to take advantage of the lack of police presence and carry out a bank robbery, only to be halted by the attempts of the red-clad ninja. Needless to say he wasn't very thrilled by Guy's vigilantism and had pursued him in a deadly game of cat and mouse which had already stretched more than a block and had now taken them to the rooftop of a nearby skyscraper.

"Come out, come out wherever you are!" Rhino shouted stalking along the rooftop, where his adversary currently hid in the shadows.

"This…man isn't going to stop unless I do something, but what?" Guy asked himself as he heard the brute's thunderous footfalls drawing nearer.

"Oh little pig, little pig, come let me in or I'm gonna huff, I'm gonna puff and I'm gonna gore your sorry ass!" Rhino shouted brushing his foot against the ground in anticipation of the charge to follow as he walked down an area lined with generators, "Ya' can't hide forever chump! I'm gonna find ya' one way or another!"

The ninja was left with few options and made himself known, "Then why should I keep you any longer? HOZANTO!" Guy called out delivering a charging turning elbow strike that caught the man beast by surprise, but didn't take him from his feet.

"Heh, that tickles!" Rhino laughed before drawing his head back and charging forward with his horn extended.

Having faced off against a hardheaded British street punk in the past who was known for using a similar maneuver, Guy leapt over the attack and propelled himself off of the empowered human's shoulders, sending the man flying into a nearby wall and getting his horn stuck.

Seeing his opponent stuck in the wall, Guy decided to make his next move and charged towards the 'man,' only to find himself suddenly grabbed by the scruff with his feet moving on thin air.

"And people say that I'm stupid, well look who's laughing now!" Rhino laughed harshly before twirling his arm and sending the ninja flying off the side of the building.

"No! Not like this! Not like this damn it!" Guy thought to himself as he plummeted to his doom, his life flashing before his eyes…scrapping on the streets as an orphan, training under Master Zeku, his first meeting with his soon-to-be best friend Cody Travers, fighting alongside Cody and Haggar to clean up the streets of Metro City…and then his first meeting with the love of his life…Rena.

"Rena," he thought to himself, a solitary tear creeping from the corner of his eye as he awaited the sweet embrace of nothingness, his fate sealed.

And then all sensation returned to his body as he felt an arm wrapping around him.

"You don't fit the description of a typical damsel-in-distress, but nice to meet you anyway!" a voice called out from next to him.

Guy shot his eyes open to see himself clenched by a figure in a strange red and blue costume, a spider web-like design covering the red portions of his garments, a man underneath the outfit judging by the voice he heard. His eyes widened as he noticed a thin line was all that held them up, no harnesses or anything.

Whoever this figure was he had just saved his life.

"Thank you friend," the ninja muttered as they swung along the skyscraper.

"'Friend?' You mean to tell me you don't know who I am?" the masked man asked in a mock hurt tone.

"Should I?" Guy asked.

"Yeah," the man replied as they landed atop a water tower, "I'm your friendly neighborhood Spiderman!"

There was a loud crash from below and the water tower was rocked from its foundations, sending both men leaping into the air.

"Hey, you pipsqueaks forgot about me!" Rhino shouted, having just gored his way through the tower's wooden support beams, "Aw, well looky, looky! It's the Spider Twerp, long time no see ol' buddy, ol' pal!" the behemoth called out in a mock jovial tone.

"Yeah, I'm happy to see you too big guy," Spiderman sarcastically called out as he clung to the side of a transmission tower, "Then again, this wouldn't be my first time whooping your ass!"

The man beast growled and charged towards the tower, his masked adversary flipping gracefully over his attempted charge and catching himself against the side of a building, clinging to its side as a spider would.

"You're always too slow! When will you learn some new tricks? Seriously man, you're boring me here!" Spiderman shouted before gesturing towards his old enemy and launching a web ball straight into his face and blinding him.

"I'll get you for this Spiderman! I'll get you!" Rhino roared as he clawed away at the webbing blinding him, until a sharp kick to the back of the head sent him staggering forth into an electrical box and sending thousands of volts of energy through his armored body.

"Wow, pretty sharp move you've got there buddy!" Spiderman said leaping in front of him and pulling out a camera, using a strand of webbing to hang it from a portion of the warped tower, "Hold that pose Rhino!" he said getting in front of the camera and giving the 'thumbs up' gesture, "Aren't you going to join me? I mean, you did do a majority of the work there!"

Before Guy could shout "Look out," Spiderman felt the tingle of his 'spider sense' and was flipping out of the way as the rejuvenated Rhino had pushed himself back to his feet and attempted to gore him from behind.

"Don't worry about our tall, dark and ugly friend here," Spiderman shouted to Guy, "He can be quite stubborn sometimes," the web-slinging hero added before shooting a line of webbing towards the man beast before he could switch his attention to Guy.

"WEB THROW!" he called out before hefting a seemingly immovable mountain of muscle into the air and spinning him several times before letting him go and sending him flying into the side of a nearby building, sending brick and mortar raining down onto him.

"Gah! This ain't over yet!" Rhino said pushing himself back to his feet, only to stumble right into another one of the web head hero's attacks.

"SPIDER STING!" he announced, executing a flying uppercut attack that reminded Guy of Ryu and Ken's famed 'Dragon Punch.'

The attack did little to slow Rhino and he merely grimaced as it struck his chin. He attempted a clubbing blow directed at his smaller opponent's face, but Spiderman utilized his superior speed and agility to slide through the armored man beast's legs and delivered a graceful dropkick to the back of his head, straight into another Bushin Senpu-Kyaku compliments of Guy.

"I don't exactly do that fancy spinning thing you do, but I can do this," Spiderman spoke executing an airborne spinning kick of his own before following up with a move he called the 'Spider Bite.'

"Gah! You can't do this forever!" Rhino growled as he went for another charging punch directed at Guy, who would flip over the attack and then launch himself off a nearby wall to deliver a hard flying kick to the back of his opponent's head, "As soon as I get you and your boyfriend you're both gonna be history and they'll be making action figures of me!"

"Really?" Spiderman mockingly asked before back flipping to avoid another charging punch, "When do they come out? I've always wanted one of my own! Then I can get a dog and that can be his new chew toy!" he laughed.

The wisecracks only served to make Rhino angrier and angrier to the point where he was picking up speed with his charging attacks. Despite the predictability of his pattern of attack, he was still becoming a greater threat to his two much smaller opponents and both men knew they would have to stop him fast before he could risk bringing the entire building down around them.

Spiderman used his 'spider sense' to avoid another attack from the charging man beast and then shot a web line into the air and swung towards him, delivering a hard kick that caught the brute in the face, followed up by Guy charging towards him and then rolling along the ground with his leg extended for a move he called 'Kage Sukui' (Shadow Sweep), which took out the behemoth's leg and left him on one knee. Sensing the man beast's vulnerability Spiderman decided to go for one of his more powerful attacks.

"MAXIMUM SPIDER!" he cried out delivering several flying kicks before ensnaring them in a series of webs and then finishing with one final powerful foot stomp to send the man crashing down.

Unfortunately for Rhino, the super attack would leave him open to receive an even more powerful attack.

"BUSHIN MUSO RENGE!" the ninja called out and there was a blinding flash of light as Guy charged the altered human, delivering a pummeling barrage of punches and kicks that left Spiderman only able to see his silhouette in between flashes before there was a final deafening explosion as everything went black and Rhino's final screams of pain were heard.

"Nothing personal," Guy muttered as he stood over the fallen man beast.

"Wow…just wow…" was all Spiderman could say before pulling out his camera and attaching it to a string of webbing, "Hold that pose!" he shouted, thinking of how the red-clad ninja looked so badass standing over the fallen Rhino and looking away in the distance giving some kind of weird salute.

"Hold up, gotta get one more for J.J.!" the web-headed hero said leaping in front of the camera and delivering a 'thumbs up' while his mysterious new ally continued looking away, "Okay, perfect!"

A thunderous explosion diverted both men's attention and they turned to see a massive fire in the western sky along with the massive portal forming over it.

"Okay, now that definitely is not good!" Spiderman said wide-eyed beneath his mask.

"Whatever it is, we must stop it at once," Guy said before bolting off in the nearest direction, leaping high into the air and running along a steel girder still hanging from a nearby crane.

"Hey, hold up Shinobi!" Spiderman shouted launching one of his web lines out and swinging in pursuit of the red-clad ninja, "Man, I need to learn a few pointers from this fella, save myself a fortune in web cartridges."


In another flash of blinding light, Mega Man X found himself again falling from the sky and striking a steel surface with a loud thud.

"Ah! What gives?" the maverick hunter grunted as he slowly pushed himself back to his feet and adjusted his helmet, "Not exactly five star travel arrangements," he muttered looking around, finding himself to be somewhere in the nighttime sky judging by all the clouds surrounding him and the closeness of the moon…and the pillars of smoke told him there was a fire in the distance!

"I've gotta get off here," he blurted out just as his foot brushed against something metallic and when he looked down his eyes grew as wide as saucers.

"Zero!" he shouted kneeling down to inspect his long lost friend, whose red and white armor was heavily dented and his long blond ponytail heavily streaked with traces of grease, his Z Saber lying at his side.

"Ugh…what gives…" the android groggily slurred until his blue eyes caught sight of his best friend, "X! Boy am I glad to see you!' he said eagerly accepting his longtime partner's hand and allowing himself to be pulled back to his feet, "Where are we?"

"I have no clue," Mega Man X said returning his attention to their surroundings, "but whatever's going on here it's nothing good!"

"What's not good is you running off on me like that again!" a girlish voice called out from behind and the Maverick Hunters turned to find a big-faced young woman with large green eyes and dark brown hair behind them who was piloting a green bipedal robotic tank.

"Wait a minute; you're not Mega Man Volnutt!" Tron Bonne shouted in disbelief.

"Who?" both androids asked in unison already, feeling uncomfortable in the strangely animated young woman's presence, "Is she a Maverick?" X asked.

"I've seen her before, but I don't know," Zero whispered back, just as there was another crash of lightning.

"What the-" the trio called out in unison as two more characters familiar to Mega Man X suddenly appeared, Captain Commando and Hayato Kanzaki.

"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore," Captain Commando said trying to shake the cobwebs out of his head, while Hayato looked at him in confusion.

"Gah! Where am I?" a new voice called out.

The group looked to find a small man struggling back to his feet, clad in strange red uniform with a white scarf wrapped around his neck and a helmet crafted specifically for his enlarged head with a visor over his eyes and a strange v-shaped decoration on the front.

"Viewtiful Joe?" Zero asked.

"At your service," the wisecracking teenaged hero replied with a proud salute before taking in his surroundings, "Uh, wait where am I again?"

"Your death!" a gravelly voice called out.

"Incoming!" Captain Commando shouted as a wrecked helicopter was tossed in their direction, both him and X standing side by side to ready their blasters when a large hand reached out and caught the copter in midair and crushed it to pieces.

"Hey guys thought you could use a hand! Heh heh!" a familiar voice called out before laughing at its own joke.

The group of six turned to find a large red and white robot flying alongside the helicarrier which they stood, holding the wrecked chopper in its massive hand before crushing it like a tin can.

"Well I'll be!" Captain Commando said throwing a thumbs up when he could see the pilot in the cockpit, who happened to be none other than his longtime ally Jin Saotome.

"You got lucky that time, but lightning doesn't strike twice!' a voice called out, belonging to that of the Kl'rt the Super-Skrull, forming his fist into a rock-like appendage similar to that of Benjamin Grimm's.

"Foolish whelps, prepare to fall!" Dr. Doom said suddenly materializing on his throne and rising to his feet ready for combat, joined by the symbiote Carnage and the demonic swordsman Vergil.

"Get ready!" Captain Commando ordered his allies getting into his combative stance until an authoritative voice called out.


"Blast, them again!" Dr. Doom growled turning to face the new group arriving on the scene via their Quinjet.

"You've gone far enough Doom," called out a tall, muscular masked man in a red, white and blue outfit patterned after the American flag with his iconic shield in hand, "Surrender is your only option!"

"Captain America, what a pleasant surprise!" the Latverian dictator called out in mock enthusiasm.

"You must be blind Victor my boy, because he didn't come alone!" Hawkeye shouted emerging from behind Cap with his trademark bow and arrow in hand.

The duo would soon be joined by She-Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Luke Cage, Black Knight and Daredevil.

"Great! Now we have more than one flavor to choose from!" Carnage laughed maniacally forming his left hand into an axe and the other into a sickle.

"Heh, you're gonna have to work for this meal freak show!" Hawkeye said readying an arrow just as his longtime ally Ant Man perched on his shoulder.

"Looks like I'll at least get some decent competition for once," Vergil said sizing up the Black Knight, who stood undeterred with his Ebony Blade in hand.

"That's fine, I could use the exercise. Bring it on you Gothic reject!" the Black Knight shot back.

"Well Cap, we're waiting for your cue!" Luke Cage said cracking his knuckles, "You gonna give it to us, or not?"

Captain America looked over to his subordinate and nodded before raising his iconic shield into the air.



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